Meine Freunde, i couldn't believe it when it came up for sale on facebook. There is an original crazy, joe trailer, the only car hauler trailer he ever did. This is handmade all metal. Framing it's got the front uh the grille on the front. There let's get a good above shot here, the only one he ever made because it was so challenging to make. As far as i understand, but when i saw it come up for sale on facebook, i had to gobble it up right away. I bet crazy. Joe will be happy to see that i have this, because this is something i can use now. Many people might remember. I actually had the second crazy joe trailer ever made. It was a wooden deck and i actually used it on a very famous film. I used with overkill and rescues pinky, and i ended up giving that away to a super fan. Who'S still a huge supporter of the show today in sweden, now it's here to stay it's at its final resting place, let's load it up and get on the on the on the muddy trail. So here comes my 6×6. I love this mercedes. It is an absolute beast: it can side trail so well, just because of its uh center of gravity and the triple axels give it a huge amount of twist in that frame. Now here is the trailer. This is the beauty thing about this trailer watch this here.

I'Ll get in nice and close, so you can see just get right up on the trailer itself: loading kings, so cool, Okay. So now i can basically turn that off and use those top straps to strap the truck in. I should have taken the straps off first, but you guys get what's going on here. The bronco, with huge 2.2 Größe, tires on there stock engine in there or stock motor. I should say for all the people that are sticklers about all those semantics but uh, even though it's a stock pinion, those huge tires are still going to pull this thing in low gear. Look at the ride: Höhe, hey it's, almost perfect, i'd say: Okay, everything is secured. We'Ll start up. The bronco i've got an s dual uh sound kit in here from sense innovations i'll leave a link to one on amazon. If you want to check it out in the video description box down below same with links to these trucks, if you want to look at them, their pricing pricing's always different, Natürlich, because of currency and where you're from the broncos on its way tons of mosquitoes Out today it has been raining like crazy. Oh look at this, even the gully that basically the roads washed away, we can even straddle it with the trailer uh. Oh, look at that i'm, not in lock, so i got one wheel. Just spinning, let's, lock it up in low gear, get the front to start pulling.

Oh, i took a bad angle, but i might be able to pull this off as long as i keep it on the high spot right here, hard to see in the grass. The grass makes it slippery. Oh freaking, carburetor. Okay, here we go dude that motor shaft doing tons of work wanting to pull right here. Leider, we are sunk down deep in the grass Music yeah right there, i'm wedged okay, we'll, just back it off nice and slow. Diese 6×6 can basically handle anything it's, exceptionally capable. Now the bronco should be able to pull out of here. Even though it's idling a little high yeah, i got myself wedged pretty good come on. We got way less weight now there it is there. It is that's. What i get for trying to straddle with the trailer it has been done, aber, Music right right there, Okay, let's reload the 6×6 right through. Oh, is this going to be too high on this side? Ich frage mich: is there such a thing when loading a trailer? Ja, but not today, good ready to rock and roll let's tie it down Music. Hopefully we can get over this hunch here, hump here, everything's, getting pretty soft that's too bad i'm gon na have to kick it into high gear. Oh, come on now that's. What i'm talking about when, im Zweifel, throttle out, looks like the road got washed out, no matter as long as i can turn it around.

Oh look at those trailer tires. They'Re like mud, meatballs, that's, Okay, i just need to get the trailer turned around. We can launch the 6×6 properly so slick since the ring came in and so rages on the debate, sound kit or no sound kit and i think, it's kind of a personal choice. Whatever you want to do in the hobby is up to you and if you find a sound kit that suits your truck, i think that's. The way to go geez would have been lazy here. It'S, like a jungle around here, ah it's, just been so much rain. That'S all brushed stock motor that was ripping it on a 3 Zelle, but they don't call it a crawler. So it goes fast exceptionally capable you guys have maybe seen this on my channel when i take it on to my rock pile and uh it just totally. Annihilates it to go anywhere kind of truck, even though it's electric, you still want to maintain the bearings when you do water runs like this get in there, try to rinse it out as best as possible before you put it away or else next time you come Back to a truck that's waterproof, you may come back to a truck that's kind of seized or rusted because of the bearings weren't maintained, or the motor wasn't rinsed out properly. Let'S take this in and around here where it's all kinda i've been ripping it up. In here i was gon na tear this up for a monster truck course, and then the rain started and, Natürlich, you can't get a big heavy 8 000 pound skid steer in here beautiful.

If you want guys want to see the the bronco muddyand i did that with a project overkill 2020. i'll link that in the info bubble, you can check it out if you want to look at that that's another sound versus no sound video. Schau dir das an. This is what i mean about side hilling, like with the extra axle it just gives you so much more ability where the normal truck would roll over in a one tenth scale electric this one you're able just to totally manipulate how you drive go Music in low Gear, Oh, i saw a puff of smoke, those stock trends or those stock motors. They always put out so much on these let's gear up let's see if we can get a proper smoke show, because i got ta upgrade this motor anyway. There we go let's, get it over the jump, let's see if we got this here, yeah slow mo that would look killer, almost rolling it good two wheel driving all right. I should say three wheel: oh brego, can i get out of it. I would have to have a lot more power to get oh there. It is she's smoking, foreign it's hot, if only flipping over a 6×6 were that easy let's get her in the water that motor's working hard now technically hanging over the front like that, i don't think would be legal, but since i'm on private property, anything goes let's. Go Music my dog would love to eat the truck if she had an opportunity.

Oh come on even with mud pack tires good girl, raven and if the motor is kaput, i've put it through a ton of uh runs before this. I wouldn't be surprised. Kostete mich 20 dollars to fix it still made for an awesome, rc Abenteuer, the bronco powering through Music. Oh oh, did we smoke two motors yeah. I see a fire, oh so close that's. What you get with big gears, aber, Wenn überhaupt, you can chop chalk. This up to an experienced run where you can see that ultra sticky clay mud will pack up on your tires, the more weight you put onto a stock motor like this, the more chances you're going to have blowing the motor out or having to replace it in The in the future, which which really isn't a big deal, if you're in the hobby, you know that already let's go get these rinsed out water on just have it. What do you see raven? Is it your favorite thing ever i gave her a bath yesterday. She'Ll need another one today, every day, Alles klar, let's start rinsing these babies off that truck weighs twice as much as it should. When i picked it up that clay i have here is just so sticky, but when it's dry it just turns to powder it's a killer on two speed transmissions of any kind and with huge tires. Unless you have a super small pinion gear, you're gon na expect heat in the motor on today's lesson of the hobby.

If you're playing in mud expect these problems to happen. If you don't gear properly yeah all that mud that's crazy on the back tire, Okay, the big moment, let's, lift it off there beautiful now, let's leave it plugged in actually same with this fella get all the dirt on there completely soaked, but once the mud's off You can dry it and that's the damage all right. When all is said and done, i wanted to make sure to give the new crazy, joe trailer a proper christening, and if i can use my imagination properly, i can hear a fuck yeah buddy in the background. So i know i did it right. A couple of blown motors is not a big deal. These motors only cost about twenty dollars. Each plus i have a hobby wing uh, foc the axe, 2700 censored uh brushless, waterproof motor and esc combo. I want to put into the 6×6 und natürlich, i'll just put another 540 can uh into the bronco, because this thing has a lot of grunt that's, my own fault, but i love to put on a good smoke show for our audience. Hoffentlich, you've enjoyed the show today. My friends here is a good look at the combo for one last time until our next episodeand we will see you next time on rc adventuresdrop me a like click. If you like the video and uh.