We'Re here at the Outkast, Rome works loud systems and we've got two of my favorite things. You may know me for my 3d flying so three knee is the ability for the drone to reverse the stress. So generally, the thrust is going downwards. The motor will stop midair and actually reverse thrust in the opposite direction. You may know me from my ex class rigs max class. Is a community based organization that's really focused on driving drone racing forward? We like big drones, but today we're doing something you've all wanted we're, combining the two and we're going to do 3d X class for the very first time to show you if this is even freaking possible. We have several people to help us get this done as quickly as possible, so we're gon na build out the arms first, but the motors on the arms get everything ready. Once we have the arms together, we will attach them to the mainframe of the machine and from their slaughter everything else together. So these are prototype. Gen 10 Probleme, so they're now in production, but these are actually from the original prototype. Ouch there's a big difference: the regular process they use in master air screws. These are the original 13 inch x class prop house near a symmetrical airfoil, which makes it great for 3d, whereas the JEM fan props here have an airfoil that's more suited for regular racing flight. These ones that we're using on the other rig, are lighter.

These are heavier and the more mass you have, the slower it's going to be a spin and the more stress is gon na put on the motor and ESC. So we might not have as much thrust with the other propellers but should strain the machine less. When we do spin it up and sit back down with 3d mouse, we are currently strapping ass piece down to the table. So we're gon na do some 3d prompt tasks to make sure that the motors can actually handle propellers in 3d mode. Before you go out and fly, my big concern is that we're gon na have desync issues as where the motor will quickly stutter for a second in the transitions which would cost to flail out of the sky if they're flying doom, our concern is the exploding props. You talked about so I think we need safety gear, but these not gon na be just as safe as I am yeah. We good deal with it. Okay – and that is a proper test of these motors, their coolest notch, was bedeutet, dass, Ich denke, we've got ourselves a 3d flying s. Possibly not one thing I will say there is a delay, so I was going full stick back and forth and it was like taking its time to go from one to the other, which is probably for the best meaning it's, not gon na try to force the Motor to go faster than I can actually spin, and hopefully it will mean in the field.

This will not fail. Midair sorry cliff takeoff over, I think we're gon na take off let's, get out to the flank Music I've, never flown an x class in 3d, and I don't know how the machines gon na react. We don't even have proper 3d props, but that's kind of how I started out back when I got into 3d. We didn't have machinery for it: it's kinda like relearning how to fly 3d all over again a little bit it's a little loose yeah. This is like a very tame setup. It looks really locked in you said the two needed work. It looks amazing to me, so that's never done before right, never done before ever. Ich wollte. I wanted you to roll. Ach, was that it doesn't roll does not like blowing. Soch is definitely a little bit off. Do you want to fix it Landon we can tune it positive, Landung, yeah side, let's, try doubling up the P, wo. Why would you want to raise it? No it's very loose so what she did her role it did kind of like as it was trying to settle down, but why would you have so much higher peas on this larger drug than a the response? Is a lot slower? The motors you need more P to kind of compensate for that before I do. A flip I'm gon na try to do some hard to see if it can hold it, because I noticed that when I did a hard left ended up just kind of like wobbling out a little bit rates feel good, like it was doing the roll quickly, but It was just coming out of the role like movable.

The mood is just so different right now: cuz we're dealing with serious machines like normal flowers. This is some serious business right here, Oh God how's it feel worse, worse, yeah we'll bring it back. Think we went too high on P: Oh Gott, what's it doing it's just it's very wobbly, Wow interessant, oh wow yeah! It looks like that's a P shake right there. Gut, it was fine before I'm gon na hear it yeah get it down. So the P term. In the tune, that's, what defines how responsive the drone is to error? What that error is from external movement or input from your sticks. You want the P to be high enough that you get good response, not so hard that it overshoots and then has to compensate for error in the other way, and you get that wobble yeah. I lowered keys by about 50 full in between, where they virtually were. Where they are now so it's like 70 im Vergleich zu 100, Music it's, like whatever y'all like freaks out, Oh Gott, every time I let off the yacht kind of like dips down it's cut terrifying mean it feels good. When you keep on the throttles as soon as you. Let go of it now. Try it roll Wilfred that wasn't, you bad better! That was possible if I'd stay on the throttle. It'S good, I guess the real question is Gary. Would you feel confident, 3 being I'm feeling pretty confident I think I'm gon na send it? I am nervous, but let's do this in a very remote area.

We'Ve done all the safety checks. We could possibly do. We'Ve mitigated risk to the full extent. So at this point you know the only thing you're risking is the drone you're gon na you're gon na fly away from us. You know just comes down to when you're, when you're ready to go upside down, and you have to be at your comfort level right. So I mean if you want to take some more practice laps. Nein. This is all about risk mitigation. No I'm going to in 3d mode fly it around a little bit in 3d mode, see if it feels good, just a regular flight and then once they line up a good line where I feel comfortable and converted I'm. Just gon na go invert and see how this thing does so let's. Do this 3d mode engaged so far, So gut, Music Music has very little inverted thrust. I will say if I like, I was almost losing altitude if they didn't even speed up the motors didn't. Even get to speak, then you got ta. Remember that though, oh that was, I think you got ta, remember that the motors are gon na. Take so much longer to spool up. You got ta give him time to get there because we didn't it's, not like it made a noise even up Music, Was ist passiert? Ach, the motors full time was a little bit Louis trying to do something pull over the trees. I think it's a one piece: I'd, though school rates with the motors are very slow.

You have to be very aware of them. I was trying to go in for this. Oh, I know it and then I realized. Oh, I have like no thrust. Inverted like I've got no full stick negative just to get a little bit of thrust out of it. So I have to be very aware of the Machine when I'm doing things – Musik, it's, not gon na gotten, better but now I'm itching Forex class 3d, and now that I know the motors can handle that the hardware can handle it. I want Xbox 3d to become a thing. I did not think the hardware is even going to be capable of doing 3d to the point it has and so now we're taking the props off my handy dandy rig. These ones are more symmetrical and we're gon na put them on the other rig, which should give us more inverted thrust and allowed us to potentially fly upside down even better than those right now. I wish we had more time to tune it with the the daylight we've got today but like when it went in vert it it was. It was smooth that was seamless, so denke ich, with a little bit more planning on where the inversion is happening. I think it's gon na be good Music. Gut, she just went for it house way. More trust – Inverted, Oh Gott. That'S tuning, Wolf, never scary, a little scary when we head Music, Oh Music, so I was tuning.

It was just not happy with it as soon as I what inverted and tried to give it a lot of throttle. It was just having a hard time trying to catch itself and because of that kind of wobble out of the sky. It'S like doing the thing tiny whoops do that they get into this shake and they don't stop. So I hit the ground and bounced back up yeah. I think it's kind of like the same theory I mean it's cool. It definitely can do 3d with other props. It has way more thrust, but it doesn't have the tune. Ich denke, to actually build su kyong over trying to do it right now. Musik, then just break yard options pop up top plate bottom plate and a pad off an ESC. Samus is the frame. So the phrase 180 bucks I'd call it pretty well totaled horses, the ESC. You can see like four yeah, Okay, so now we're 200 Böcke – all in all said that still was a very gentle crowd to jordan dollar crash. This is one of the first builds on this frame ever yeah cool it needs. Some improvement needs some pretty much very there's, a lot of clever things about this design, but it didn't didn't hold on, do not hold on so that happened. We actually got to treaty for a little bit, then a couple little things, obviously not super impressive and obviously Tory sorry. That was very impressive.

You should be I'm very proud. You know you did something that hasn't been done before, like it's like so downplaying it I mean okay. So the thing is like this feels like the first 3d drag ever put together, which has very similar results. We didn't have proper equipment for it and at the time I didn't know what proper equipment was not started me down a lifelong journey. It took years before a proper 5 enchilada slime to the ability enable to be tic TOCs, all the maneuvers. I currently do yeah. So the first time you went in flew 3d, did you do tic TOCs, you don't do any of that? 7. 1. I didn't. Basically what we did today a new year and the advancement only came good people like you pushed it yeah. This is your new white whale. This is my new white whale. It might take me a couple years, but I'm gon na make this work, because I see some applications for giant 3d drones, not just for freestyle, but I want to see happiness world and, ganz ehrlich, I like pushing the boundaries of technology. This is another boundary for me to push and I'm excited to go along this journey, to figure out how it's gon na work and what I can do to make it happen, let's just straight up. No one else crazy! Tu es. If you guys love seeing Zoey push things like this hit that, wie Button, show her some love show her some support, because this is awesome.

No one else is trying things like this I'm killing it keep killing.