What kind of truck is relic an scx 10 what's that what's that ladder chassis uh trail truck? Yes from a company called axial, das Original? Sorry i'm suffering from uh old carburetor issues. Here no worries: this is my dodge power wagon. I just unboxed the body. It is a hydro dipped from pit dog hydro in a chameleon type paint. Look at that hard to see in the snow relic no problem at all a classic truck. Everybody loves the cage work on here. I think my favorite story about relic is that the back part right here is from an office in an in and out tray for papers. genie, Musik. Oh, it looks deep over here and not very thick ice. Wahre Geschichte, can't believe it's ice already. I love the underglow. Lyle looks killer dude such a great ride. Gut, trying to go for a swampy exit. Well done relic very good. I need to find some clean water. Ja, let's go back to the river nasty, as i saunter my way in there up and over Music there, Music suspension working overtime, Musik, already that's, the deep part be extra, vorsichtig, oh nett, a little bit of figure skating for all you guys that are looking forward To winter rc, capades, Musik, dude niceyou can hop right over this. Give us a jump! Oh suspension, suspension! Oh schön! Well done Music. So this axial scx 10 3, which is the most updated version at the time of this filming, has a lot of clearance.

Look at that easy, Music Laughter. I lost a headlight cover now what we're gon na have to put actual lights in there? I think it looks better with a headlight cover going like it's blinking at you, not as like it's winking, like it's winking at you, nice lyle, with the hill climb when it's extra wet from all the snow. Oh, he hops over the hole and then is denied two tires getting stuck in a rut back here kind of like the story of life eh. Sometimes you get stuck in a rut. You just got to pull yourself out and try again yeah keep working there. It is oh almost oh, i loved it good job. Oh ja, lyle's currently in the lead Music got to stay away from that hole. That is what she said there. Es ist da. Es ist da. It is Music. Oh you know what you should do. Lyle, here i'll be the internet. Have you ever considered putting any weights in the wheels not on this truck? Nein, have you ever considered adding weights to the axle housing? Did you ever consider adding weight up top? How many gig you got in that memory card? Can imagine hundreds of millions of views the amount of suggestions, we've thought we've had that say, have you ever considered dot dot dot? Oh ja, absolutely like the the weight is the biggest thing rotating mass is about the only one i right now. Ja.

Add all the weight. What do we mean by rotating mass, though wheel weights are weighted, wheels themselves yeah a high mass wheel, which are great for a slow crawler, but once you get into something that's, half ass, bashy like these are yeah that's, a rotating mass. You don't want you're, snapping, pins and axle shafts there. It is and you're also destroying your bearings yep explode a lot of weight on the bearings that they're not waiting. It is okay on the side for this side hill, oh denied accidentally triggered lyle's going for the treacherous side hill before beside the water, relic nemesis that's his worst thing, great crawl, aisle no problem at all. Oh, i almost missed it. Yet you stayed just in time. Bro they're, all in he goes with the submarine out the other side, a little brisk for a dip wouldn't. Du sagst: gut, i couldn't back up, but i couldn't pick it up with the camera. On with my hand, so i had to go forward. There was a little option. I could do just a black cloud of sludge under the water. Look at it creep under the water hilarious, Alles klar, my turn to go in the deep here's, the side hill, doing good, making it lots of articulation not too much. I have too much articulation. It'Ll drop, my suspension down and shift the weight. Center of gravity looks like lyle, and i are now even Music. I'Ll attempt it right here, sir lowering myself into the water ice breaker.

What do you do for a hobby? I literally break ice polar bear run straddling those rocks a little bit of wheel. Speed goes a long way. Music come on. Buddy i'll shut her down, wait for you. I love those lights loud. They look great. Oh ja, Oh ja, there it is there. It is no problem for the beast or, shall i say, relic, yeah the open wheel every now, and then she likes to go flippy yeah on the hill climb, no match yeah power, wise there's, nothing much more powerful than what's in relic it's, a teak in rock 412 2300 KV, mit einem 11 tooth on 3 solids pure torque. I would agree with that i'm running the hobby wing uh ax system, mit dem 2300 KV, also on 3s, mit einem 15 tooth pinion nice, so we're pretty close, shall we that was a great run that not bad at all, gar nicht schlecht. It was a good day if people will be back here again. If people want to follow your channel.