Now a lot of the guys around the shop we're asking me Rick in years past, you told a joke: you did a little bit of singing you're, not gon na go through all that kind of nonsense. Again this year are ya, and I was thinking about it. Yesterday and I don't know, I mean a jokes kind of a fun thing right, so let me tell you a little joke, and this is one of my favorite ones that came from last year and it came from a viewer. There were two snowmen out in the front yard I'm left with a righty cuz. I know the punchline. There were two snowman standing out in the front yard and one leans over the other and says: Hallöchen: do you smell carrots? I thought that was great anyway about the singing part. Natürlich, I'm gon na sing on the first day of Christmas drone Valley gave to me a brand new teller drone. Ich liebe diese Drohne. You guys have heard me rave about it. On the channel it's been out a couple of years, but it's still my favorite drone to fly in the house. Now the pneumatic mini came out so I'll be flying that one as well. But this drone is perfect for somebody that wants to get into droning and doesn't really know if they're gon na, like it or not, fly there tell in your house, take it out in the backyard fly it and light wind you're gon na have a lot of Fun with it, the drone is incredibly smart.

It'S got Intel technology inside there, it's got DJI technology inside there, it'll it'll stream, 720p video to your phone it's got 13 Minuten Flugzeit. It took 100 Meter. This thing is unbelievably cool, so we're gon na give one of these away. Just like I said in the beginning, I don't care where, in the world you live, it's open to everybody, you'll see a link down below just hit that link enter your email address. What the heck, that's good and out I'm trying to do a clip in here anyway, put your email address in down there we'll pick a winner after seven days. We'Ll put this thing in a box: we'll ship it to you and again I don't care where you live. You could live in Timbuktu. We'Ll get this thing to you! No strings attached, no shenanigans! We just love giving this kind of stuff away and trust me when I tell you this drone looks small but it's mighty it's, a wonderfully fun drone to fly around the house and with Christmas coming. This is the perfect thing to drive your family and your wife nuts, by flying it around the house and getting a tangled up in the Christmas ornaments, so that's pretty much it for today. Thanks a lot for watching and remember, there's 11 more days coming so get those earplugs out. If you want me here, is Harry singing because I'm gon na keep saying it every clip, and I got a bunch more jokes coming too.

So thanks a lot flower for watching enter the test below subscribe to their channel, so you don't, miss anything.