Welcome back to the 12 Tage der Drohne Valley Christmas. We have an incredibly cool giveaway for you today and it's only day. Two now before we get into this, why should you never build a snowman in Transylvania because you might get frostbite on the second day of Christmas. Drone Valley gave to me a brand new 18 t power, drum wireless charger, that's right you're, getting a whole kit. This is an incredibly cool product, it's, a dual wireless charger, so you connect it up with the power supply in the cable at home. Put your iPhone on the top of it. Put your Apple watch on the front of it and it'll magically charge both of those devices wirelessly. Danke, Nikolai Tesla and the other cool part about it. Is that it's a three thousand milliampere hour battery bank? So if you disconnected from the power throw in your bag, take it with you to work, sit it on your desk. If your phone gets a little bit weak, you can actually pop it back in the top of it, and the internal light bulb battery will recharge your phone on the go it's, an incredibly cool product. Everything you see here comes as part of the giveaway today and, as I say in all the contests, we don't care where you live. If you live in Transylvania, we're happy to ship in there as well, but look below you'll see a link hit. That link enter your email address and, after seven days, we'll pull one winner out of all the entries, we've gotten and we'll get rid of the emails we're not going to hang out of those well notify the winner and will ship this to you anywhere in the World free of charge no strings attached, no shipping charges, no shenanigans, you just get it and you can use it and we're happy to do that as part of the giveaways.

This Christmas over the channel because we've been so inspired by people, sending us emails and subscribe to the channel and asking us tough technical questions. We just love interacting with people out there that are watching the channel. So thank you so much for all your support.