F100 Ghost Drone Review & Flight Time Test

Purchase F100 Ghost Drone: http://amzn.to/2B8PS2P Purchase Bugs Three Drone: http://amzn.to/2ixScFz The F100 Ghost Drone is a Bugs Three with further options. It contains 3 …


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  1. Danke für das video. I just bought one of these today on Amazon for $99. It will be my first drone, and I am excited to learn how to fly….Danke noch einmal!

  2. As a drone expert, my opinion is the camera has too much wobble effect so you cannot use this drone as a filming platform. So I don't know why the stock camera doesn't come with a image stabilization option!

  3. Just purchased this for my husband for Christmas this year. Do you know if you can add a wireless camera on this? Vielen Dank

  4. I just bought a bugs 3 für $55.00 I was looking for a good flyer and that seemed like the one for me Brushless badass drone brand new for $55.00 you cannot find a better flyer for less. This will be my third I have lost two but I had paid $100 for them each Do not fly drunk hhahahaha . I know how good these are if you want to pay more for extra features go for it. I can mount a nice 4k camera and they have there own line of cameras. Even if i pay $45 for a camera it will be less than $100 total and I can get a nice camera

  5. is there a way to modify it to support FPV?

  6. Hell yeah I just bought it for $99 off amazon, price went down!!! 😀

  7. I'm looking for a drone around 100 bucks or so that will help me learn how to fly in ATTI or manual mode. I think this could be the ticket, plus you have the extra battery, cool skins, and not to bad of a camera. I'm also looking at the Bugs 5 but it's about $200. oder so, but it has GPS or manual, Ich glaube, and a built in camera that's HD 1080. Marc Trainor.

  8. The only problem I've had with the bugs3 and the ghost drone is ; the battery chargers go bad. I keep ordering new chargers. Any ideas why this is?

  9. My drone will not turn on I've tried every instruction I can can someone help me with this trouble shoot. Front lights no back lights.

  10. Going to the PI next year and thinking of buying this or the mavic air. Jedoch , I should be more concerned about the potential salt water damage. Jede Beratung? Vielen Dank im Voraus.

  11. Can gopros(the real ones) fit into the clamp

  12. Youre on point my friend! I got this bad boy showing up friday!

  13. Just got this on Amazon with coupon code for $54! Can't beat that

  14. About how loud is this compared to other drones? Always hard to tell from video

  15. best drone .even with the stock camera looks great .love it

  16. anyone know what's the stock renge on one of these?

  17. can you get the bugs 3 skin for it? thanks for the great video.

  18. I followed on Facebook and YouTube and subscribe great discounts on these to!!! I would love to win a drone!!!!!!

  19. I just ordered this exact package off Amazon today for $45 brand new!

  20. Just got one of these I can't get it to fly. The front lights are on but the back is off. And no it's unlocked. Pushed the red button a couple of times. Very disappointed.

  21. Vielen Dank für den Beitrag. I am looking into getting my first drone and I think this might be the one.. I know I should probably get a cheaper less expensive to begin with but I don't want to go that route and end up spending more money in the end.

  22. can you put a go pro in the mount ?
    cause i thought that the quality wasnt that good with this cam.

    Sorry für mein schlechtes Englisch

  23. I subscribed shared & liked fb watched live, private messaged. Oh I would love win my gson one. He’s had it rough I’d like be able give a great gift and these are awesome Ok Gma tearing up. Lol I’ve just seen quite few ppl win and loves FORCE1 Drones. WHATELSE DO I NEED TO DO TO WIN ONE? Bitte.
    Just a nite you have great relationship with your son. He’s a cutie! Merry Christmas 🎁

  24. Did u notice that after the crash one of the props were bent

  25. Hmmm…$80 bucks more for 3 skins (Wen kümmert es)…two $15 Batterien…and a cheap action cam. Nein, danke.

  26. cool drone but im looking into racing fpv do you know any brands

  27. You can run 3s. They should come out with a 3s sportier version. Also they need an fpv Cam

  28. Cool-Drohne! Your propeller was bent (front-left) in the crash but didn't seem to effect flight! LOL Love your videos!

  29. Thanks for the video watched it the other day didn’t realize my post didn’t post super love the drone sending video to husband who’s away right now see if he wants one 🙂

  30. Super Beitrag. Extremely detailed.

  31. Super Beitrag. Would love one of these!

  32. Erstaunliche Drohne! I would love one of these!!

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