Sogar meine kleine Schwester kann die MJX BUGS 3 H Kameradrohne fliegen.! Beitrag & Demo

It is a assessment video of the MJX BUGS 3H with 1080P digicam. I demo all of the options and let my sister take it for a flight.

You’ll be able to seize your self a MJX BUGS 3H with 1080P Digital camera included on the RCMOMENT retailer:
MJX Bugs 3H:
Gutschein-code: N9751 ($20 ab)——for the kind with out digicam
Gutschein-code: C9751 ($36 ab)——for the categories with digicam

RC Second:
Gutschein-code: A3748 (get any order 10% off with this coupon code)

KAMERA: Panasonic 4K Camcorder:
Mic: Rode Video Mic:
AUDIO: Rodelink Wi-Fi-Fachmann:
STATIV: GROßEN Gorillapod:
Touchdown Pad:

24 Kommentare
  1. very nice video your sister was doing good also

  2. Hey what’s happening captain give me a favour tell me what are the differences between the bugs2w and bigs 3h as far as flight character rest X and does the new one come with any of new features I know the 2W is a GPS but is the 3H worth getting or does it just have altitude hold

  3. 2:50Your Antennas are not extended…:
    5:05If you let go of the Throttle joystick it will not will not drop to the Throttle off position and the drone will not fall to the groundThe Throttle stick will remain where it was when you took your fingers/thumb off.

  4. Good teaching and good flying for your sister.

  5. I can smell the fear off dji XD

  6. Always great and good reviews👍

  7. Nette Bewertung; Wie immer. But I will not say that the video is good. it's just quit decent

  8. The video of camera looks like have stabilizer

  9. Great review thanks so much

  10. Thanks fer sharing Capt Drone! I love here Bugs3 drone. Can't wait for the Bugs 3 Pro. Please do a review when it comes out.

  11. Give her the real deal like a mavic or a phantom… lol

  12. Lol Great job on my new subscriber so far really like the content on your channel if you get a sec please check my channel out could definitely use your voice and you have a lot more experience

  13. I suddenly feel the urge to do my Elvis impression of "Little Sister". I'm a former Las Vegas musician and did shows with good friend, Elvis Junior, whom by the way, is popular in Canada.
    "Little Sister Flies A Drone"…..Danke, Danke,… Sehr…

  14. I've just found your channel, and I thoroughly enjoy your videos!

  15. I think our little flying community has its newest member. Nice job Pat! I can totally see that The two of you are siblings when you are both in the shot. BTW I think you are owed a few dollars for cutting that grass.

  16. This Bugs is cool and all, but I think the Bugs 3 Pro is more up your alley. All of the stuff this has plus GPS, Folge mir, point of interest and waypoints through the app and 22 min. Flugzeit. Should check it out if it's available.

  17. Dude you are a terrible pilot so it seems

  18. Wish it has Horizon or Acro mode but it doesn’t. Please don’t confuse people. It was pure angle mode. In the FPV world even beginner flyers do not use angle mode at all.

  19. Remarkable smooth and yello free video.

  20. Yes MJX makes some absolutely great drones and they are considered toy grade drones with brushless motors everyone that owns one of them or give it a great review of never seeing anyone say anything bad about the MJX bug series if you are considering on getting one I would say go right on the head you will not regret it

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