Mother truckers, it is just after 8 Uhr. and I am at the backyard scale park out behind my house. I have been working on this mud run area for days. You may have seen my last video, where I actually extracted all these logs using only my 114 Skala. Bau, hydraulic equipment, Oh ja, but then I had to get in here with some real shovel work put in some elbow grease and I extended my swamp run by 10 Füße. That'S right all around. I laid down the rubber liner, so it holds more water. Then I laid down about two inches of soil in there, which kind of gives it the mud feeling and the effect. If you guys need ideas. Hoffentlich, you can skim them from this video today, but you have to be amazed by the power of a shovel and a little bit of elbow grease. You can dig tons of pits for any kind of truck or a scale truck that you have that you have waterproof or it is waterproof. This is my axial scx10 honcho. Dies ist ein 110 Skala. Electric trail truck on giant 2.2 RC, four wheel, drive rock crusher tires now. These are oversized tires for sure, but for mudding and for tire for getting into deep water. I like having that it's a teak in 35, brushed motor in there with a hobby wing. 10. 80 brushed ESC, so everything's waterproofs a box steering a servo ready to rock and roll and have some fun in the mud.

The first pit just gon na ease myself down in there now. The reason why I've dug so many pits is to give myself variety like I've had this scale park for a few years now you can see the paint changing color from green to brown to purple I've had this trailer park for a few years nowand I Know that I had buncha walls around which was giving out a set trail, but I got ta tell ya being able to go where you, oh da. You go good recovery where you want, when you want, is the key for me, especially during quarantine, what a good shot right there getting in deep a lot of people say to me: oh it's, not a mud pit, if it's not super thick there's way too much Water no degree just depends on what you want to call mud. This is more of a swamp right now, but the longer it sits here today the muck here, it's gon na get oh, I knew I was gon na go over there, but can I pull out of it with some throttle? Ja, some of you may be wondering about my suspension I'm running old, like og in 2g, I mean like original stuff. The MS are ten shocks, I've been using them forever. There are in a completely droop setup in the rear and slightly sprung on the front. So I don't have much body rub with these giant tires, what a beautiful shot things you can do on the cheap, with an RC that normally in full size, would take thousands of dollars and another reason why I like to have so much water and a side Like this is because motors like like brush motors themselves, you can get them wet, but they don't like grit right so having thick soupy mud is great if I'm going to a competition, but if I'm, in my backyard and I'm just kind of hanging out and having Fun: Oh, I want to make sure that I'm not really breaking parts right off the bat let's get a rundown.

This whole swamp lane right here now that it's longer and see if we can get some action yeah into the deep stuff. I love the power just straight up and over Oh literally, over Kenny recover. It is a high high truck, but it does have enough wheel, speed and tire girth to help flip. It back over check it out from pit to pit, and this is only half of my mud pit still like the viewers of the show that know know that I have around the back of the tree still that I'm working on, but this larger extension. Let me know what you think of it: Music Applause still out here enjoying the day Morris, my son isn't. Even up yet he's gon na love the changes. I hope you guys have to drop a light. Click for me today for running the dodge. Hoffentlich, you've been inspired to try out the RC Hobby. Na bitte. So let me know, are you someone that would actually build a backyard trail course or if you have built a trail course, are you somebody that would put in a mud area like this, and would it be soupy mud or would you keep it like a clean Off area like that as well, we love watching tires work, see barely any tire rub when turning full I'm just like half throttle. I really wanted to get up and just back up a little bit in a little bit of wheel, Geschwindigkeit, Oh Music! Gut, there you have it guys, a scene from the backyard trail park I've been putting lots of work into this.

I know lots of people are stuck at home currently during the time of this filming due to the health crisis of 2020, and I want to send a shout out to all the people that are commenting all the positive things to me. Vielen Dank. I do read as many comments as possible, Natürlich, all the essential workers that come here to get a little bit of a break from the everyday. We we appreciate you here at the studio and and thank you. We want to make sure to put on a show as often as possible, for you guys to make sure that you're entertained. We all feel a little bit cooped up right now, but if we all stick together get through it together, we can do this. So if you can't get outside and have fun with an RC today, maybe you want to get yourself one or maybe, if you have one, do some extra maintenance or they upkeep on it. It'Ll, keep your mind busy a busy mind is a healthy mind and we'll see in the next episode of rcadventures.