DJI-SPARK – FREEWELL ND and Polarized Filter Review/Demo

That is my overview and demo of the Freewell ND and Polarized Filters for the DJI Spark. You should buy these filters right here:


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  1. In my experience It's not a spark thing, it's a freewell thing. Freewell's ND filters for the hero 5 black have the same white balance issue, turning everything to orange (especially on the ND 32 for hero 5) . I know Freewell's filters are lower in price than their competitors but I have absolutely no idea why they have to turn everything orange, their competitors nd filters dont have that issue.

  2. hy great video and thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and i will subscribe to your channel,thank you for supporting !!!

  3. Nice and helpful video, Danke. I have Filters for my P4 Pro und my Mavic, but i was not shure if i should buy Filters for the Spark. The colors are much better with this Filters. What about the Gimbal? No Problems with the Initialization and Stabilization?

  4. Schöner test, but IMHO the ND filters made the image orange. If that is the case, there is no point in using them. I think you mentioned that the white balance was set to sunny, I wonder if the same orange effect happens with the white balance set to auto.

  5. Great practical video. The freewells work great on my Typhoon H.

  6. Just watched a bunch of your videos this morning and I really like your style! Klar, easy to understand, prägnante, etc.… Vielen Dank, and I will continue to watch as they come out! Super!

  7. Seems like they give the footage a slightly yellow tint

  8. nice vids very instructive! for a bright sunny day what settings do you have for the vids when you are using the ND filtersthinking of purchasing them but wondering if they are worth it?
    PS: I recognize Petrie Island.
    greetings from 613 😁

  9. I was thinking about getting a set for the Typhoon H and was wondering if you had any experience with them? I hate ordering things from China and was wondering if you know a source in the US? Danke..

  10. thanks for this videos, i had already bought it but i was not sure of the utilisation ! great and nice explication!

  11. Großer Bericht. Couple of things though. The link for the lens has them at 99.99. Amazon has them for 49.95. They should update the website. Also when you do the close up shots stay away from the coffee, the shake was massive lol…..

  12. Do you know if the filter has to go over the mount completely or just the half of the mount?

  13. So use the Polarizing filter and chuck the rest into the trash can.

  14. This is the video I was looking for. Fantastische.

  15. Is it me or did the nd16 and nd32 make the colour look wrong and far too orange

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