DJI Osmo Tasche – Landschaft-Fotografie-Filter – Beitrag

Do not you simply love panorama images! Richtig, take it to the following stage with these Freewell Panorama Filters. You could find out extra particulars concerning the Freewell


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  1. You are in for some really bad weather. Get prepared!! Watch the outside water faucets. Buy wood. Watch the frostbite. Watch the ice.

  2. This would not work out for meMy wife always tells me that I am skating on Thin ice….. 😬

  3. can i swap you snow for 45 degree heat???

  4. I think the Osmo has good picture without the filters.

  5. What a cool place! Never seen so many ice houses together that way before! Neat little community. That Osmo is amazing! Even looked good with no filters, but did look better with them. Great explanation on how these work!

  6. This was really great I'm planning to purchase a Osmo Pocket on Friday so I wanted to see this. I'm amazed at how serious Canadians take their Winter activities. I will to bet these folks would not be on the Banks or sitting on a boat in Summer fishing as well. Here we would very much be in the boat or on shore fishing during the warm months. Maybe Northern Wisconsin or Minnesota but not this far down. The ice really just froze over hard enough to safely be out on it and its supposed to be in the 40's by Saturday again. We saw a family lose 3 members last week when a dad took the car out on Storm Lake and the Ice gave way, very sad indeed. No way I'd be out there. You have a whole Store sitting on the Ice there. Just another great glimse into a different life. Great video can't wait to get my hands on the Pocket!

  7. Another😍AWESOME & GREAT video from CAPTAIN🚁DRONE, Thank you Cap.💪🏽😉✌🏽🤨👊🏽

  8. Wait did you say they live on the ice??

  9. I would have liked to have seen a similar review but with polarisation filters. Sky should look more blue with these as well.

  10. Yep I love landscape photography too. Where's your hat? 😊❗

  11. hi captain drone can you do a video to how to do quality audio while flying a drone? please thanks. i love your reviews and your page.

  12. Thank you Captain! These types of videos are so necessary. I always look forward to any video you upload lol makes me happy. Also is this the same place you were where you were doing the filters for the Mavic I think? And you said that area would eventually fill with ice fishing huts? Or is this a different place. It's so beautiful.

  13. With summer settings, like forest, you would need 16 – 0 Filter IMHO. 8 – 0 is not that effective.
    BTW, I hope the house on the left at 2:19 is fixed and not on the ice!

  14. $5 for driving on ice do you get a refund if you go through?.

  15. Beautiful scenery, Vielen Dank

  16. Kapitän! I couldn’t stop laughing when at the end of the video you commented that people think you are looking into a “ladies electric shaver”! So funny!! Very nice review in the snow covered ground of beautiful Canada! Bis zum nächsten Mal….😃🛩

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