Heute, some new official photos have come up and some of the specs have already been confirmed. Sehen Sie sich dieses Video an. If you want to see which specs have been confirmed, what photos have been taken and how you can be one of the first to get the mavic mini 2 before the others? Warte: it's dji mini 2 hi i'm paul from droneskiller.com and a few days ago i made a full spec overview of the new dji mini 2.. If you want to see that video, you can click over here or down in the description so i'm not going to go in depth with all the specs in this video dji has an official event coming today with the release of the new drone it's an online Page countdown with no actual physical event and, as you may know, last week a guy called manuel has sneakily bought the dji mini 2 from a best buy shop, and he actually showed it to us. There are some new photos coming from online stores that are officially taken by dji that have just been released. A shop called media market in switzerland also screwed up showing official images of the mavic mini 2, as they posted production images for the mini 2 images that they weren't supposed to publish. You can see the orange tips at the ends of the propellers of the mini 2, another shot with the bag for the drone. Im Hintergrund, which is a special bag, not the official one that comes in the package, it can be bought separately.

Another view of the minitude drone and showing the size being exactly the same as the original mini but what's most important is this image with a standard package and what comes in it? You can see you're getting the drone with the orange endings on the props. A gimbal cover, but what's most important is the complete change of standard mini controller. This one looks almost exactly the same as the one on the air, 2 and that's great. There are a couple more promo shots included now to the specs. Everything confirms to what i said in the last video it's official, that we're getting 4k with h.264 encoding and up to 30 frames per second and by the way, if you want to download the complete comparison between the mavic mini and the mavic mini 2, you can Do so for free in the description, i cover all the aspects from the camera to range and wind resistance there. Another new spec compared to the old mavic mini, is the dng raw photos that have also been confirmed from that site. Jedoch, we're not yet sure if the raw photo capability is coming directly in the drone or will be a later, software update as we've been used so far, and the latest and probably most impactful to confirm. Spec is the ocusing 2.0, das ist erstaunlich, and probably the number one thing you'd want to buy this drone for this and the raw photos. So what does ocusing 2.

0 mean? Gut, how about the 10 kilometer range in fcc mode, which is the united states and 6 kilometers in europe? That also means that it's got a much stronger signal compared to the original mavic mini that only had wi fi connectivity, so even if you're, not flying so far away, you'll certainly feel safer with the new jonas. The signal will be way crisper and without interference. I'M. Going to make two videos after the drone is released, one comparing it with the mavic mini in more detail and the other comparing it with the mavic air 2 to see if the difference in price and weight is actually worth it. The best ways not to miss those is to subscribe and hit the bell notification icon. So how can you get your hands on the dji mini 2 before dji gets out of stock? I advise you to go to this url right here. You can also find it in the description, and i will personally notify you the second, the new mavic comes out just so you don't have to keep an eye on it yourself. Usually dji goes out of stock really quickly after they release a new drone. So many people have to wait weeks before they can get the drone if they miss this first chance. Let me know down in the comments which of the new features of the dji mini 2. You like most, and if you want to support me in a second, just hit the like button.

I would greatly appreciate it next. I suggest you watch one of these two videos right here because it might just be the dji mini 2 versus the original mini or versus the dji mavic air. So you decide what to do next. Let'S not make this awkward you can.