First thing is: if you haven’t seen Part 1, I recommended you to watch that first before this video. Another thing is that my grandfather doesn’t want to be on the camera. So I only can show you the build up prank. If you don’t want to watch this that’s fine. Skip the video forward to this number.. If you want to watch the build up, prank that’s fine sit back And enjoy So last week, video of Part 1 about the drone flying around …. That was yesterday So today we’re doing a prank on my grandfather. Als Erstes: he doesn’t know what drone is, or he never seen it before. So it’ll be interesting to see He might get angry or he might just laugh or might be confused. But I am looking forward to this. So he has 3 fields And they are far away from each other. So I am going to show you His house is down there., So I have to walk on his field slowly quietly to go behind the wall, which is his garden. OW That’s hurts. T You, Okay, H, Ja. I hope he is in there or he might be out shopping. Let’S have a look.. I think he saw us, but I don’t know about that. So I am going to get my drone out ready., So Plan 1. I am going to get the drone to fly over On his garden to see if he’s, walking or gardeningI doubt he’s gardening, because it’s wet on the floor.

. If that’s doesn’t work Plan 2, I am going to get the drone at his door, so I have to ring the doorbell and see if he see the drone. Wish me a good luck. Well he’s, not here at the moment, but the good news is. I could use the drone around here And then, when my grandfather comes, We hide and do the prank. Dramatic Music He’s parking now He’s was shaking his head. He’S, nicht glücklich. So we’re going go around to his front gate. We’Re going to get the drone at his door, then doorbell and see his face. At first. He wasn’t happy and shaking his head, But we will go around and see what he’s like. Dramatic Music. I can see his door but he’s not there.. I have to stay low at the wall. Then I am going to get my mother to phone grandfather, so my grandfather will walk around the back. He won’t see the wall where I will be walking to doorbell.. Gehen. Go HE’S COMING HE’S COMING Sorry, we have to stop this.. Now we will move on to my experience with drone, So that’s part 2 nearly done. Jedoch, I am going to answer people’s questions first Before I finish this video. They asked me about this drone through my instagram story. So here are the questions. Ich weiß es nicht. I just want to try it out for a different experience, Weil, as I never had drone before and not many people has tried it as well.

So I thought that would be a different experience. I like taking picturesand I like taking videos of it, And I also like to explore a bit more about my area and other places that people cannot go high or fly up in the air and to see what’s the whole landscape look like with this drone. Sie können. That’s why I decided to get this drone.. Definitely I definitely recommended it.. I had so much fun, It’s different experience. I would definitely recommended for people who lives in the countryside or like to travel and willing to go somewhere. That is quieter area where you can take decent pictures, and you can see the nice landcapes. Another words for this. Ist es wasserdicht? Nein, definitely not waterproof, Because you got some holes inside of the drone. Also, if it’s raining and if it’s catches inside the drone it might damage it might cause faulty features in it.. Jedoch, you can buy a feature with it, so like a equipment to cover up the drone while flying in the air so that’s just to protect the drone from getting wet.. If you are going to use this drone on the bad weather conditions, I recommend to try avoid it. So if it’s heavy raining, definitely don’t take it out.. If it’s really windy, I recommended not to take it out So just hope for the best weather conditions. So you can use this drone.. This drone cost me 419.

It is expensive., But there are a lot of other options that you can buy. This drone a lot cheaper.. There might be some different company, not the DJI drone., But the reason why I gone for this drone it’s because they are very common. A lot of people brought this it’s very trustworthy and it’s has 4k Camera, so that’s quite rare, for to get any drone to have that decent camera.. This drone will last about 31 minutes in the air, so basically half an hour.. How high can it get It? Can reach up to 500 meters That’s pretty high up.? Jedoch, if you do not have an account for this drone to access on to it., It might limit it to lower height for the drone to fly, so it might shorten it to 30 meters or a 100 Meter ist es. Just depending on your area. Good question: Ich, like the camera, Das Beste. es ist, because when you’re flying you can adjust your camera to follow to an object.. So for an example. If you are flying forward And the camera will be looking straight forward, If you see something like an object that you want to stay on but to fly over, you can control the drone to stare at the object and when you fly, you can adjust it camera At the same time, going forward and looking at the object at the same time, so it is clever piece of technology. And the rest of the questions.

They are stupid, Honestly it’s, nothing to do with the drone, and you know what a lesson for you guys.