DJI-MAVIC-LUFT – Night Navigation Lights

On this video I present a really cheap product for the Mavic Air. Night time Navigation Lights.

You will discover this product on the HOBBYINRC web site right here (take a look at the coupon): time-Navigation-Searchlight-LED-Lighting-for-DJI-Mavic-Air_MU2415669.html

10%off coupon code【hobbyinrc4】

Hobbyinrc Fb web page


BLACK MAVIC AIR ON DJI STORE: http://Klicken Sie auf = Hyperlink&als = 0005&ch=MAVIC AIR

KAMERA: Panasonic 4K Camcorder:
AUDIO: Rodelink Wi-Fi-Fachmann:

27 Kommentare

    I can't believe DJI hasn't made quiet propellers for the Mavic air yet……

    I remember when I tried it out and eventually returned it. It was so loud even at 200 feet up in my neighborhood everybody was looking up

    Crazy how annoying and Loud that thing is..

  2. My mavic air hovers uncontrollably at night

    seufzen !!!

  3. Yes it is pretty cool. Always need to be aware of what's legal to do with your drone wherever you are.

  4. There better than the headlights on my car 😀

  5. Those lights look like they add weight.

  6. Which batteries and how long do they last ?

  7. You could see them pretty good from the height. Cooles video.

  8. Very cool review, Danke, just toobad they don't make them for the Mavic Pro.

  9. No way would I put stupid crap like that on my Mavic Air.

  10. I like flying in the day time, because Im afraid of hitting a power line at night time owned by DWP. They will probly throw me in jail. Do you know a safe place to fly at night in LA los Angeles???

  11. The ones I see at night used by the Government to spy on citizens.

  12. Should have made a bracket that can take any light between 0.5" to 1" radius

    I guarantee there are plenty of lighter, MUCH more powerful lights than whatever those are that come with it. I can pretty much guarantee anything from Olight, surefire, Fenix, etc is brighter, leichter, longer run time, etc..

  13. Cool product and as always great video! One complaint I still have with Mavic Air is how loud and annoying sounding it is. I wish they would release a low noise prop to possibly mitigate some of thathmmm mavic air pro.

  14. Kapitän-Drohne, what would you recommend for the best portable done with avoidance? We are planning a trip to Petra and would like to have a drone follow us though the canyon. AUTEL EVO? Doesn't it have the most/best avoidance?

  15. My dude, have you got some social media links?

  16. Prima! I use one of my cubes and even when is heavy is great for just short trips.

  17. Colour them port-red and starbd-green for orientation?
    I'd first try red and green marker board pensdry wipe in case it was no goodthereafter some coloured plastic?
    Also for camera effectsfog maybe the lights wouldbe intrestingor adding a nighttime glow under the view?

  18. I saw your video that Canada will not allow drones to fly, Is sad that those people sitting behind a desk and making this rules and laws don’t have a clue about our hobby

  19. Rules are what I don't keep in mind, flying has been a lot more fun that way. BTW I really like the GDU Premium 1.0, have wanted it since I first saw it, the reviews I've seen have all been good but there really isn't very much info anywhere about them

  20. I really don't see the need, I can see my Mavic by just it's standard leds from a long way off. I think those were I live ,would just give someone a better shot with their rifle.

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