Looking for a mascot logo design something cool like the flight test, gremlin logo, I really like that one with a bot Grindr logo. A lot of these guys have their own sort of mascot type logo and I'm. Looking for that on my channel, I want something cool that kind of you know goes along with fpv or flight or aviation or the camps in general, think drone camps, but also think aviation and fpv and the logo, and something kind of very easy to print and Print out make sticker slaps hats, t shirts, whatever just to have a little more fun on the channel with you guys and spread that love around the community. Also, to give back to the designer I've got a four hundred dollar Holly Bros in a loop with the DJI air module on it, it's all ready to go. You can win this one by the end of January 2020. If you want to post your submission down at the link below on our Facebook page, Sie können das tun. Other people might comment on your logo design, but have fun. Get creative and I'll. See you at the end of January. In 2020 new decade, new quad and a new mascot logo for drone camps, Nochmals vielen Dank für die Beobachtung Jungs, I'm Justin Davis. Please do share the video.