Beworbenen Board Mini S Review! | MicBergsma

Boosted Board Mini S Assessment! This is an in depth evaluation and unboxing on the brand new Boosted Board Mini S mannequin simply added to the household! It is fairly totally different

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  1. Hallo, Vielen Dank für den Beitrag. Where do you live? It looks tropical.

  2. best of the best reviewer here, you are the first one who really shows us the tool kit in a detailed way. Love !

  3. Epic, amazing review on a Boosted board! You demoed the board well in regards to appearance and what it can do. No one has done them as well as you did with this one. Boosted should sponsor you.

  4. Großer Bericht! Love the Bloopers 😂

  5. How tall are you? I'm not that tall, so I'm considering whether the Mini X will be better for me, than the Boosted Stealth.

  6. Wirklich tolle Bewertung. One of the best I've seen.

  7. Hey Mic which do you like better the mini or the stealth?

  8. Best and most thorough review of the Mini yet. Like how you tested the range between remote and board.

  9. Waiting for my Mini-S I'm obsessed with any videos uploaded about them, this is by far the best and most informative – Danke!

  10. I like the end of the video haha

  11. So glad i found your videos! Im Deaf Hard Of Hearing, raised oral with hearing aids, so many people forget or even dont know! I recently took up scuba, and its amazing a fun to tech other divers sign language, i started learning ASL about 6 vor Jahren. You're so inspiring in your videos! Cant wait to watch more!!

  12. Your so cool 🤓 best review ever!!!!!

  13. Super Beitrag! What's the hill grade on the steep hill that you tried to go up?

  14. Your review is stellar my man! Thanks so much for putting in the time to do a helpful, informative review!

  15. Well it’s definitely durable from that beatingnice in-depth review 👍🏻

  16. Easily the best review of this board so far, tolle Arbeit

  17. Sehr gute Bewertung. Halten Sie die gute Arbeit.

  18. ok Im just watching 2 min and I have to say. FINALLY some nice unboxing and review. Ausgezeichnet. SUSCRIBEDDDD

  19. Probably the best review so far ! Thank you 👍🏽 you are awesome !

  20. Such a good video bro! It goes through all the basics without teaching anyone how to suck eggs and then shows anyone who has ridden their boards before exactly what we have been wanting to seeSomeone genuinely thrash the thing around! You look like you had fun! Qualität!

  21. brilliant video Mic! I like your little animations (anotations and bluetooth.. etc.), the small detail works so well!

  22. Had one thought. You could put your iphone on the hill at the steepest part and use the level to tell us the grade of hill. : ) <3

  23. Tolles video. Hilarious outtakes!

  24. Finally a good size board I was never a fan of the bigger ones I wanted something closer to my regular skateboard cool video and info thanks dude

  25. Tolles video, loaded with allot of good info.

  26. So cool !! I wanna one 😎👌🏼

  27. they are so cool!!!! one day I will get one!!! but saving for an Enduro Motorcycle

  28. I’m going to be receiving my mini x in about 6 weeks and I can’t wait!!!! Now hat I saw your review I’m even more excited to get mine. Thank you and keep up the good work!!

  29. This video is perfect for first timers like me. Review and Tutorial on how to set up and awesome tips. Im so mad coz my boosted board didnt ship yet but good thing i watch your video. I learned a lot and i think im ready to ride my board soon:)

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