Seeing you know machines like this and fake ads on facebook and other places like that in fact, i'm going to put the price right up on the screen. There it is now everyone knows what the price of this thing is. You can find them online, multiple, different areas, all metal machine, absolutely insane and crazy, and look at this here is a crazy, joe 110 Skala, trailer that he used to make and uh just some normal trail truck tires on here. I thought we would have a look at what the bulldozer would do to these tires. So let's start it up. That'S, better it's. All hydraulic i'm gon na need some better tires than the one i have on there, because that ain't moving 63 pounds right up on that trailer right now insane. I love how the weight just makes it sound, so authentic and, of course the trailer has zero damage to it. Extra strong this thing can take a ton of weight, look at that unbelievable Applause, Applaus, Applause and a little bit of destruction around the property. Here not too bad, just a couple of cardboard boxes that i wanted to kind of crush down, see how this would do it's amazing, the structural integrity of those cardboard boxes. Nein, i kid you not 63 pounds of weight, all metal right here. Uh you get what you pay for guys, it's going to be like three grand if you're looking for something like this us.

If you see anything online offering you an all metal, uh hydraulic rc for anything less than that you're simply being scammed, i'll put it that way, so the trailer on the bottom is a lesso trailer lesu. I did not do a build video on it, but it is absolutely fantastic great for my cabelco excavator and there, so you guys know the price uh. You can basically find it online. You have to look uh like for eagle machinery uh. They do a lot of this stuff. You can find it on aliexpress. You can find it on rc. Four wheel drive a few other sites out there. Hopefully this has been some help to you. Hopefully you're inspired. You don't even need to get this expensive stuff. You can get the smaller brooder pro plastic, stuff and huina comes out with some great stuff as well for a fairly cost effective dollar under a thousand dollars. You got to check it out. Do your research guys that's? All i can say thanks for joining me in today's rc adventure and as always, get outside and have fun with rc or, if you're like me today, stay inside and have fun with it.