12S MONSTER Drone! – 50V of power!

So i brought a drone that offers three times the power it's a 12 s mini quad. That is too much. It is not too much. What are you gon na do with all that junk? Try this bad boy out, Oh Gott, it's so heavy. It is what is this six pounds? Ich habe […]

Switch to 6S LiPo on your FPV drone? Longer flights?… More Power!?

Two sixes: what is s you might ask specifically they're talking about how many cells in series there are in that battery. Every cell of a lithium battery is essentially a four volt battery, so as you combine them together and you wire them in series, you're gon na multiply that four times. However many […]

PARROT BEBOP 2 POWER-Reichweitentest & Auto Waypoint Missionen

PARROT BEBOP 2 POWER Edition Bewertung – Teil 2 – [In-Depth-Flugtest & Urban Range Test]

Parrot BEBOP 2 POWER EDITION Review – Teil 1 – [UnBoxing, Inspektion, Setup & AKTUALISIERUNG]

GIBT es mehr POWER?! Thrasher V3 befasst sich den Damm – Jet-Boot Bashing! | RC ABENTEUER

Streamline RC has been constructing and designing their "Works First Basher Boat" für 3+ Jahren.. und ihre neuesten 2019 Modell (die v3) nichts Spektakuläres zu wollen. ABER – Ihre Declare von 20% zusätzlichen Schub.. hat mich fasziniert. Jährlich (Jedes Modell) Ich bin zum Kanal gegangen und habe versucht, meine Methode, die Gegenwart zu kämpfen. If […]

NEUE Treiber MOE geht “PRO” Modus – Ein wenig Schlamm macht: TRAXXAS TRX4 SPORT Trail LKW

I LOVE BEING A DAD! My son helped me movie this video previous to a surgical procedure I had just a few days in the past. I’ve been in loads of ache, so enhancing this video has been an exquisite distraction to share with you! Maurice is now 5 Jahren veraltet, and he has been […]

Übersicht: Nitro engines (the OS55AX)

A lot of individuals have actually been asking about nitro engines for RC model planes so I figured I 'd do an unboxing of the OS55AX engine and chat a bit concerning the distinctions between nitro and also electric. If you have questions, or want to adhere to a "nitro construct" on this network then […]