FAST Ford F450 DUALLY RC Rennwagen

CHEAP RC UNTER $140! Welche gefällt Ihnen BEST? | RC ABENTEUER

My son and i and then i brought in four other models because there's been so many people that say rc sparks. Could you please cover some more cost effective radio control, hobby vehicles? And i thought you know what with christmas coming up, and you know a lot of people asking me all the […]

klassische Fliege chevy LKW Liebe | RC ABENTEUER

Liebe hier bekam einige geschnittene Reifen. Wie immer. Look at this just enjoying the slow crawl got a a whole leaf spring suspension in the front in the back totally sprung, set up. Look at the the view in the background of calgary downtown area. Just what a backdrop it's this shot that i come […]

8S LIPO – UNBOX & TEST: BLAU Losi Super Baja Rey 2.0 – 1/6 BL RTR Smart Desert Truck | RC ABENTEUER

Das ist direkt aus Horizont Hobby. Der neue Super-Baja-Strahl 2.0 Äh. Das hat sich herumbewegt, but i can't believe i've got the blue version. I was able to get it look at all the stuff that's on the box, already an led up top an led in the front grill […]

6x6x6 OPTIMUS Tracked SEMI Truck Rescues Bumble BEE-ST | RC ABENTEUER