Drohnen-Boarding!! – Skating hinter einem 16 MOTOR-DROHNE!

Was haben Sie heute für uns? Das ist 16 Motordrohnen. Warum? Warum? Weil ich es kann, Ich denke schon., Musik. Also haben wir 16 der Rotor Riot Blastermotoren, die 6s können, but we're going to run it on 4s, mit 7 Zoll-Requisiten. Ich habe es ausgerechnet und […]

Community Spotlight! November 2020

Kann eine 7-Zoll-Drohne Freestyle? RIPPING ein BIG FPV Kwad!

Eine typische 5 Zoll Freestyle Drohne kann nur für zweieinhalb fliegen, maybe four minutes and that's, weil diese Drohnen nicht für Effizienz. They'Re designed to pull the energy out of a lithium polymer battery quickly and put power down they're designed for top speed and crazy acrobatics, […]

5 Arten von Freestyle – Welches ist am besten?

You want to make an fpv freestyle drone video that's, the best type of drone videos that's. Wofür wir hier bei rhoda riot leben. Aber was genau sollten Sie tun?? Wie soll das aussehen?? Sollten Sie ein bisschen tun? Vielleicht sollte es ein wenig mehr wie, or maybe you really […]

Community Spotlight! September 2020

SIDEWAYS Power Loops mit Erodyo und Bubby FPV – Trick-Serie

Yo Music – diese Jungs sind genial. They'Ve both been featured on community spotlights and actually erod was on a on the previous episode. Where we went to the phosphate mine, we all did some freestyle. He absolutely crushed it every time i watched that episode i'm jealous of some of the lines he pulled […]

Was ist Freestyle FPV?

Plastic FPV Drone Frame that’s UNBREAKABLE?

Go hi, guys welcome to rhoda riot. This is the raggy frame drew built it wrong, we're going to fly it crash it destroy it. There you go it's making some noises. There was another piece and i deleted it like i think there was see how thick this is there's another one and i […]

Die Phosphatmine – MEGA BANDO FPV Freestyle!

We knew this wasn't Florida he's never made so happy, he's Devin, so happy to be in Florida, his life. So this is Edwin aka you Robbie! Oh, I finally know how to say his FPV name. We featured him on community spotlights and other row to ride episodes and all of his videos he's […]

AQUACOPTER! – fliegende Drohnen über Wasser…

We are out on some Lake you're flying over deepwater. How do you make sure the quads don't sink cuz? Das letzte Mal habe ich die meisten Drohnen überprüft, aren't buoyant science. Junge erklärt Auftrieb: Drohnen sind dichter als Wasser, so they sink Music well way that you can make something float is to make it more […]

Langlebigste Prop??

Schauen Sie, wie seltsam dies ist diese. Diese Requisiten sind wie sie sind eigentlich die neue Puppe. Faltbare Requisiten heute mit mir, i've got josh aka, glatzköpfiger Mann, fpv und auch bei uns ist shawn. Aka let's fly rc sean. Was halten Sie von Floppy Proppies? I think they're dumb. What have you even flown […]

Nach oben 10 Tips for DURABLE FPV Drones!

The wires fix that up with some solder and some electrical tape twisted it back together. Now a permanent fix, but it'll get us going for the day, take off flying grass and tennis gone and ten is gone and the cameras cracked for that matter and oh yeah broke another arm. Quads used to […]