100MPH BEAST!!! – HGLRC WIND5 LITE Fpv Racing Drohne – BEITRAG & FLÜGE ?

This little guy is set up with tvs, Crossfire. It has some dji cadets vista on here with the nebula camera we're gon na check that out, in the view it's a little bit close to twilight right now, so it's going to look a little different in the air, and i have to say […]

FASTEST Fpv Racing ESCS? – Neu’ REDUX AIR Raven 5 with REDUX32 ESCS Review ????

Heute, we're gon na see how these escs from my buddy lewis, over at redo air redux air, redo air. We do air.com, you can check it out. The link down below i'll put it down there. This is supposed to be a game changer for racing, and these escs are super heavy duty. Sie […]

CRAZY MOFO! – Catalyst Machineworks MOFO Premium Race Quad – Beitrag & Flüge ?

I have a treat for you today. This is something new from catalyst. Machine works it's been a while, since we had a catalyst machine work squad on the channel. But if you look back maybe over a year ago now we reviewed catalyst. Machine works, America rig and it was similar to the spring. […]