Navatics MITO Solar 500m Wireless Underwater ROV Review – Teil 1 – [Unboxing, Inspektion, Setup]

This company is a sister company of B propulsion. If you remember my propulsion motor on my little mini boat, it's kind of the same company and manufacturers as that go ahead and check that out, I'll have it pop up here and it's, pretty cool video on my mini boat. I also have the […]

Navatics MITO Solar Underwater ROV Submarine DroneMaiden Ocean Dive Review with Pros & Nachteile

Schließlich, our ocean test, we're gon na see how it does in the ocean. I mean I'm just on the shoreline, but this is where I test a lot of my drones underwater subs. I should say for our Ovie's and this one did super awesome in the pool just the most precision one I've […]

Geneinno TITAN T1 Unterwasser ROV mit CLAW Bewertung – Teil 1 – [Unboxing, Setup & CLAW CRUSH TEST]

Navatics MITO Solar Wireless Long Range Underwater ROV Bewertung – Teil 2 – MAIDEN Tauchtest PRECISION

Gladius MINI 4K Unterwasser FPV ROV Bewertung – Teil 1 – [Unboxing, Inspektion & Setup]

GLADIUS Pro Edition ROV – Erstaunliche Hawaiian Meeresschildkröte CLOSE Begegnung

QYSEA FiFish V6 Unterwasser Drohne ROV TREASURE HUNTER Review – Teil 1 – Unboxing, Inspektion & Setup

Lassen Sie sich von meinem ausführlichen Unboxing, Inspektion & Setup für die neue 2019 QYSEA FiFish V6. Get it right here Get it right here Extra data right here To date so good. Wenn die Freiheit der Bewegung wie angenommen funktioniert, glaube ich, dass dies. Subscribe and don't miss out on the next […]

GLADIUS Tauchpumpe ROV Drohne Review – Teil 4 – Eingehende Ocean Test + Funkreichweite Test

Genießen Sie halb vier der Gladius-Bewertungssammlung. Get the Gladius right here Ipad Air 2 I exploit right here Let's discover the ocean, nehmen Sie ein Blick auf variieren und Fähigkeiten! Hervorragende Schildkrötenbegegnung und Verfolgungsjagd! Nachdem der Gladius ist eine ertrunkene Mavic-Drohnenrettung! Abendliche Ozeanerkundung, ocean deep water take […]

GLADIUS Tauchpumpe ROV Drohne Review – Teil 3 – Lichter & Controls in the Pool ?

Take pleasure in half Three of the Gladius assessment sequence. Get the Gladius right here Ipad Air 2 I exploit right here That is the way it seems and controls underwater at night time. Vary check within the ocean is subsequent! The subsequent video would be the full thorough dive check assessment with commentary, Linie […]

GLADIUS Tauchpumpe ROV Drohne Review – Teil 2 – FPV unter Wasser fliegen – Pilotes Ansicht ??

Erfreuen Sie sich in der Mitte 2 of the Gladius evaluation sequence. Get the Gladius right here Ipad Air 2 I exploit right here That is the way it appears from the FPV pilot's view diving underwater with a cellular machine. I left the buoy on the shore for this take a look at till I work […]

GLADIUS Underwater FPV ROV Drone Review – Teil 1 – Unboxing, Inspektion, Setup

Holen Sie Freude an die Hälfte 1 of my in-depth evaluate sequence for the GLADIUS! Get the Gladius right here Ipad Air 2 I exploit right here The Gladius appears to be the world's first reasonably priced client 4K lengthy vary semi wi-fi succesful ROV. Right here's Half 1 Gladius unboxing and setup Right here's Half 2 […]


Appreciate component 4 with SEA TURTLE FEEDING CRAZE for this 2018 Underwater Drone ROV Qysea Fifish P3 4K ROV submarine testimonial. Info below Obtain it right here This is my 2nd ocean examination with a more recent "Near Final Production Unit". I'll be doing much more with the Fifish P3 including a river examination searching […]