Speed Dial EP 21 – Jerry Calverley

Can a DRONE chase a ROCKET?!

Fpv drones are an amazing tool for getting video clips. Unlike anything else, you can use these drones to get really dynamic shots, re chasing objects as they're, speeding down the road or flying through the air. We did a shoot recently where vanover chased an arrow flying such a great shot. It was so […]

12S MONSTER Drone! – 50V of power!

So i brought a drone that offers three times the power it's a 12 s mini quad. That is too much. It is not too much. What are you gon na do with all that junk? Try this bad boy out, Oh Gott, it's so heavy. It is what is this six pounds? Ich habe […]

BEST BEGINNER FPV RACE DRONE für 2020 – Geprc MARK4 225mm 5″ Fpv-Drohne – BEITRAG & FLÜGE ?

If you're looking for a 5 Zoll-Rennen, Quad, maybe you're. Auf der Suche nach Ihrer ersten fpv Renndrohne. Dies ist eine tolle. Quad to go for now, I don't recommend this to start out with, you want to start out with something like a micro like a tiny Hawk to start with tiny, hawk s […]

FPV Wellness – Persönlicher Check Up – Vol. 1

Ich möchte die Dinge etwas verlangsamen und über einige Dinge sprechen, die in den letzten Monaten in 2020, it's kind of a crazy year. I know a lot of you guys are doing the stay at home order and we're getting kind of stir crazy, stuck in our houses, […]

Self-Isolation: A Rotor Riot Retrospective

Sure many of you are spending more time at home. Now than ever. This global pandemic has changed the world and things simply aren't normal. Now it Rota right, we've been fortunate enough to continue our business operations and orders are still shipping out of the warehouse. Everyone that's been shopping with us during this […]


Dies ist die Art von Anfänger Einführung in fpv droning im Allgemeinen. Dies kommt mit jeder einzelnen Sache, die Sie brauchen Sie, don't have to buy anything extra in order to get up and running with fpv goggles with the controller and the little drone all in this package. In one box for a great […]


Welcome to the van. I have a five inch quad here sitting with a GoPro ready to go. We'Re gon na try to line of sight power loop and this might be the start of a game of quad between DC RC and bak Reiner, see if he wants to do the Q out of […]

Kann ein Cinewhoop RACE und FREESTYLE?

Whoops and usually the answer is a five inch is much more capable of an acro and racing, and the city whoops are going to be slower, more docile and more just like cinematic flying. Aber was, if you take a scintilla and try to really spread it anyway? Music it's one of the main […]

200mw Brushless Micro Vtx – FULL SPEED FSD-TX200 Testbericht

Ihr Gastgeber, wie immer heute, ist Montag, 2. Oktober, und wir wachten heute Morgen wieder zu einer weiteren Tragödie von Vegas auf. Es gab ein Jason Aldean Konzert und es gab einen Schützen oben im Fenster des 32. Stocks auf der anderen Straßenseite vom Konzert, und es gibt mehr als 50 deaths and […]

Beitrag: HolyBro Kopis2 HDR (with DJI Digital Air Unit)

I promised you a review of the new holy bro, Copas, 2 HD and indeed in this Kari, and I said she wrongyou can fit these in the carry case with the props on good. Oh schau dir das an. Fantastische, so ja, Wenn Sie, if your backpacks like mine and you really don't, […]

Racing Drones with a FUSECURRENT = CRASH!

So I assume I'm getting some tutorial there like Cory. Are you gon na race, pour it you're racing Cory? Okay? So I guess we're handicapping him. This is the easy money ance you think it's a chance of keeping up with you. No not at all it's gon na be easy money where's the […]