Ich habe eine Frage für Sie: drip you've been building quads a long time. Alles klar. tun Sie? If i ask you to give me some tips for how to build a quad good, you could give me some tips right. Oh hell, Ja, you know you got ta use a hot soldering iron. I don't want to hear this that's. Not why we're here today, we are here to give you some tips for things to do. If you want to build a quad, badly Music, how to ruin your drone build. There are some things that you might want to watch out for out there. Weißt du. Sometimes these things they were tried with the best of intention. You know little ideas that someone had to reduce weight or make the build easier, but when the actual props hit the air some of these things, we found just straight up ruins your build you're. Probably doing some of these things now and you might even think some of them are a good ideawell you're wrong and you're about to find out yeah on my channel i'm, all like what's up guys, it's justin bardwell. Here then, i come over and wrote a riot and i'm like yeah dude. Can you smell it? Sucks let's get started, drew nylon standoffs, so most drone frames are built with pieces of carbon fiber. You tend to have, like your main, build your arms and your your bottom plate and you have a top plate and separating that you've got standoffs and those standoffs really need to be a hard metal like at least aluminum right.

Maybe steel, aluminum for weight. Aluminum is a little more likely to strip out, but they need to be metal. There was a trend to do these nylon standoffs because it's so lightweight. There were a number of frames that shipped with nylon standoffs, but then what actually happens they strip they break your first crash. They break in half, they melt them with your soldering iron. Oh ja, that too, essentially it just makes your drone explode. You'Re, ruining your quad. If you put nylon, stand outside, Sie, don't see it too often anymore, but there was a. There was a minute where a lot of frames were shipping with nylon standoffs this i'm. Tatsächlich, speaking from personal experience here, i think this was the third drone frame that i ever bought. Was it that one with the spoiler on the back? Nein, it was the one after that, but it came with nylon standoff, so this was like the third build. I ever did and the first flight out just absolute explosion. I was like very disheartened, so nowadays you don't too often see drone frame itself being made with nylon standoffs, but something you do still see a lot is the stack being assembled with nylon standoffs right yeah. No that's a terrible idea if you use nylon standoffs in your flight control stack, you are ruining your build and the reason is that it they will they'll break and they'll fall apart, not as fast as if they were frame standoffs.

You need to use solid screws. All the way through, and what i would like to see is for electronics manufacturers to stop, including nylon standoffs, specifically the real problem. Child here is the female male standoff. So when you're screwing together these individual bits, the problem is in a hard crash. The male end will just shear off and then your electronics are just flopping around and if it's your flight controller, you're gon na have a lot of problems there, because now your gyro is flopping around and you that means your quad is just to be erratic and Crazy, what you really want to do with the stack is use female female nylon, standoffs right where it's really more of a knife, basically all the way through yeah spacer, that's right, that's, more of like a nylon spacer with a long metal screw. So this is something that more and more electronics manufacturers are doing, and i really hope that it just becomes the standard where, instead of getting individual nylon bits, you get a set of long metal screws and nylon spacers. That is going to hold your stack very securely and it's going to be very durable, that's not going to break in a crash like i, i don't know if i've ever really seen that fail. That actually brings me to another way to ruin your quadcopter build, and i hadn'ti hadn't even thought of this until this very moment, but putting a spoiler on the back of your quadcopter really bad idea.

Now i know what you're thinking, who would do that? Why would you put a spoiler on the back of your quadcopter? Gut, so you might be a boy racer kind of auto enthusiast. You put a spoiler on your car seems like a good thing. You put a spoiler on your quadcopter i'm, not saying it's, saying it's a terrible idea, and no one should do it. Let'S make that let's call this a reasonable category. How about let's call this unnecessary 3d printed parts that's a good way to ruin your bill. That is true, it adds weight, may actually take away from function, i'll admit i'll, admit joshua isn't, just making things up back when i was just first getting into this, i was getting into fpv and 3d printing at the same timeand i was always looking for Cute ways to intersect them and being an automotive enthusiast, i thought it'd be funny to put a spoiler on the back of my drone. So i actually 3d printed a bunch of plastic, spoilers and i'd put them on to my drone every time and they almost always got broken when i would fly so, i would have to every time replace this. I don't know why i thought this was a you need the extra downforce for grip. You need grip. Die Sache ist: i've, never actually put a real spoiler on my car because i'm, like no that's ricey. I would never do that.

But when i came to my drawer i was like oh yeah let's just lean into it, but you know what, before you guys get too on my case for doing something: silly with a 3d printed, spoiler or whatever we've all done that we've all done silly things! Uh joshua, mr know it all himself guru of drone education. He used to use a wood block to angle his gopro i'm, not even kidding he actually used a wooden wire. Zuallererst, that is not correct. It was a mobius, not a gopro. Oh that's, Richting, that's, so much better. I couldn't afford a gopro back then i don't, i don't, think i don't think too many people are using wood because i also had wooden bumpers on the front and back to protect the bottom plate. But i would the thing is this was number one before 3d printers were even invented, i mean they probably were invented, but no one had one and i definitely didn't had one and i went out to the barn and i just looked around and i said i Need a freaking up tilt for my camera, and i just i got on the on the saw i mean come on up. You do deserve the credit for using what you have right, Hack, it slash it make it work, stacking pin, headers stacking. You know what i'm talking about stacking pin headers, where on one of the one of the boards, they got pins coming out the bottom and one of the boards.

They got like a socket and they stack on top of each other. What what's wrong with it! So conv it's, so convenient you've got your four in one. You'Ve got your flight controller and you just you just marry them together and it's great you don't have to do any wiring if you ever, if you ever have to service your flight controller or if you ever have to service your journal, all you've got to do. Is pull the flight controller off it's, just so easy it's, just it's very easy to maintain here's what's wrong with it number one. They have no give for vibration if there's any vibration, those sockets those receptacles wallow out the pins, stop making contact and then your vtx. Your flight controller and it's so hard to troubleshoot because, like it'll kind of work, Aber dann, as soon as you take off your quad just falls out of the air. Your video cuts out. It always happens eventually. The other problem with it is especially with with smaller flight controllers, where they don't have the pads broken out. If you decide like you, shear a pin, and you want to direct solder, it there's like it's, very hard to find anything to solder to. If you wanted to so yeah, i fully agree with you. I'Ve tried out some stacks that had this and i've always had a bad experience. It it either breaks and it basically renders the components useless or yeah.

It creates weird problems where there's intermittent connection, or i mean even just the fact that it translates more uh vibration to the uh, the flight control. If you've got your flight controller soft mounted, but your four in one esc hard mounted, you know all those vibrations are just going to get through that rigid connection. But you know i got to say this is one of those ideas that you know seemed like a pretty cool, innovative idea: it's it's, one of those things that was tried that that could make your build a lot simpler, a lot easier on paper. It seemed pretty clever, but in reality it created way more problems than it solved, so there's no harm in trying things. I love seeing manufacturers trying out different things, but ultimately some of them just ended up not being such a good idea. Okay. Okay. Hang on hang on, though tiny caveat. There are some 20 Millimeter und 16 millimeter stacks where this kind of works, and i think it's, because the light the mass of the board is so much less, and the mass of the quad is so much less that it kind of seems to work. Yeah yeah that's that's worth saying: hey if you're flying around like a tiny whoop class drone, i know like the beta fpv drones. They stack their vtx like that and i've never really seen it be a problem on that. So on the smaller drones it's. Not so much of a problem, you want to know what else ruins your build ribbon: cables, Okay, ribbon, cables between the esc and the flight controller.

The ribbon cables do not deal well with shock and vibration. They wear out, they tear it always happens so essentially, don't use the header, pins don't use room cables. Just i stick with the good old wipes, the wired, Steckverbinder, good old, Drähte, yeah plastic jst connectors direct solder. If you really want it to be tough yeah but i've, never i don't really have too much problem with the jst plastic connectors right, that's, fein. That seems to be they're good. Gut, the next way to ruin your drone build is the slammed build, and i know it's so cool where you just try and get the bottom plate and the top plate as like close together as possible, like it makes the drone just look awesome. It does make the frame itself pretty durable, but the expense is that build is a pain in the butt you're trying to keep everything as slim as possible and you're going to have to compromise somewhere and it's very likely that you're going to end up shorting. Something out carbon fiber is conductive and when you're keeping things that close one little solder ball, touching the carbon fiber and you fried all your electronics having a low profile. Drone certainly has its advantages. So when we're talking like 20 millimeter standoffs, vielleicht sogar 15 millimeter standoffs, i could see why you want to get that low cg, but i've seen builders attempt to use like 10 5 millimeter standoffs go for that, like ultra low profile thing and as cool as it Looks just kind of ruins your build yeah.

Ich stimme voll und ganz. I'Ve seen people jump through all kinds of hoops to get their flight controller in their esc, so like one micron away from each other, they could fit it into some ultra slammed frame and like just because you can do it. Doesn'T mean you should you're way past the point where the cost benefit is. The ratio is way off, you're, getting very little additional benefit and it's a huge hassle and the chances of short circuiting. It are much higher and uh. The maintenance is just a pain in the butt. If you like, building ships in bottles, more power to you, build an ultra slam, build yeah, i guess that's, something i mean it's, all about like enjoying the hobby it's like cars. You know some people when they modify their car. You want to lower it i've lowered my car. It makes it handle a lot better and then some people they want to slam that they cut springs. They move purchase whatever they got to do to basically put the frame on the ground and it looks cool but go over a speed bump wrong and you've totaled your whole freaking car 15 millimeters that's. What i say absolutely that's your minimum 15 mil that's. The number 15 millimeters absolute minimum, Okay. So what else you got you got anything else. How else else can you ruin that's kind of everything i can do you got something titanium motor screws wait, Nein, but seriously what's wrong with titanium ones.

That'S really. The titanium is really lightweight, it's, really strong, and i mean if you skid it on the ground, it sparks right. Why wouldn't you want titanium motors it's, not strong, it's, not strong, it's, lightweight titanium is pretty tough. I thought titanic i mean. Offensichtlich, there are alloys of different metals, but titanium is not as strong as like a high grade steel, so titanium screws are okay for standoffs, but definitely not for motor screws. Huh, um, you'll break the screws and your motors will come flying off. I don't know it's not worth the wait because titanium, i am not a metallurgist, but my understanding is that titanium is like it's brittle in a way like you could even have aluminum motor screws and like aluminum kind of bends and deforms but holds on and titanium. Will just like i don't know all the metallurgists metallurgists in the comments are gon na. Tell me why i'm wrong, but titanium motor screws they will crack and break, and your motor will come off. Steel will not. I didn't even really know. This was a thing. Ich vermute, if you built your drone with titanium screws ruined, you drew it, build a 5 inch quad under 250 Gramm, ruined yeah that's, a that's, a trend right right, that's kind of one of those new things that you're seeing more and more of that 250 Gramm. Benchmark has kind of become the cutoff point for where a lot of countries say, regulations do or don't apply if you're under 250 Gramm.

A lot of the regulations that countries are starting to impose on drones, don't always apply. So people are trying to find ways to make it lightweight. I mean i've i've, never even been one of those giving up way too. I mean i'm impressed with the fact that people are doing it. I hope that i don't eventually live in a world where that's what i have to fly, but they are so fragile, but how do they fly? I mean i've, never even flown into these things like does it? Does it even feel, like a true five inch, feels like a bigger three inch? If that makes any sense, how much does it go pro even weight isn't a gopro like 180 grams yeah gopro? Nein, you can't have a gopro on it. If you're lucky you'll get a cadx vista, then once if you're not carrying a gopro what's the point of making it five inch yeah exactly that is exactly my question. You build a five inch under 250 Gramm. You give up so much to get it there. Meanwhile, you could build a really damn good flying even a four inch, but definitely a damn good fly in three inch and have plenty of power and weight to play with, i guess at the risk of back pedaling. You know we're lucky that this community is full of people that want to try things that want to innovate, that want to try and figure out ways to to meet the ever changing rules that you know are are being thrust upon us so i'm.

Glad that there's people trying thingsand maybe there is a future where you could have a good performing sub 250 Gramm, 5 inch quad and there are performance benefits. I guess just right now: it's not really there. If you're building a droneand you want to ruin iti would say at this point: Sub 250 is a great way to ruin your five inch drone, but maybe in the future, don't stop innovating. But if you're looking for build tips don't, you know what it's like drew it's like those solar powered cars where they do these solar endurance, races and the car is like it. Doesn'T. Even look like a car and it's got these solar panels on top and it can barely hold one person and oh, i drove for 10 Stunden und 500 miles i'm driving with the power of the sun right and it's. Like okay cool you did it good for you, but i ain't taking that thing to the grocery store, ruined. Okay, Alles klar! Gut, i guess we're! I guess we're done here yeah. I think those are the most common ways. I i see people screwing up their builds and having a bad experience. I can't really think of anything else that someone might run into this yeah i'm. Just looking at my build here trying to think of like obviously i don't do anything. Was ist das? Oh Gott? What is that on the arms? Was? Oh, Mein Gott, what is what am i looking at here? It'S electrical tape, it's red electrical tape, that's, my signature, all right guys so that's gon na? Do it for six ways to ruin your drone build again? These are just some things that you know they were tried with some good intentions, or maybe they could turn into something viable in future, aber im Moment, if you're building your first drone, you might want to stay away from some of these things.

Davon abgesehen, this is all done in the spirit of good fun. Please nobody take it too seriously. Äh. I would hate to think that there's somebody out there who is building their first build and is like no rhoda riot, hates us, Nein, no it's. All in good fun and uh, hopefully it's taken that way, i'm sure that no one in the comments will misinterpret this video at all. Leave your frustrated comments in an orderly fashion. If we upset you make sure to dislike this video, if you enjoyed this hit the like button and subscribe to find out about more things that you're doing that, we think is dumb. Oh, the shade is real we're posting episodes every monday hope to see you next time. I'M ladrib, i'm, Joshua, bardwell we'll, see you next time on road riot. You know what i don't like and you're gon na hate me.