So i brought a drone that offers three times the power it's a 12 s mini quad. That is too much. It is not too much. What are you gon na do with all that junk? Try this bad boy out, Oh Gott, it's so heavy. It is what is this six pounds? I have never actually waited. I think it's. Tatsächlich, i don't want to know at that point. These are running seven inch. Props on a 2812 Stator, Äh 900 KV, and i took these esc's, which are apd esc's, which are generally made for like x class drones, so like zoey flies these on our x class rigs, two 6s packs in series, and then they both plug in at the Same time, but if you calculate the 900 kv up to uh 12s voltage, it actually has a higher rpm than like 4s 2700kv. Really just the idea of seven inch props, spinning at a higher rpm than five inch, Requisiten, that's, already right a little scary, but because of the high voltage and the huge stator, the motors actually stay relatively cool. Okay – and it can actually kick those props up to the high rpms, so it is hilariously fast what's. The total voltage, then that puts it at 50. Volt 50. Volt 15.4 is full. That is that's a lot yeah that's that'll shock you when you plug it in it's like uh it just kind of pops. Every time you plug it in it's a little it's a little sketch nice now, i'm also noticing there's two other batteries back here.

You'Ve got two one cell: are these just like tiny what batteries yeah? So this was just like an afternoon idea. I was like i'll just build this quad with 12s power, and i didn't have a way to step down 12s voltage to 5 volts on hand. So i literally just took two tiny weight: batteries put them in series and then powered the receiver, Videosender, camera flight controller, all off of that and then all the motors and uscs are powered off of the 12s okay. Now this is a terrible build again. It was just like an afternoon so like the vtx is there and then the the atx antenna just goes front into the carpet. You use the smallest video transmitter, it's, not the biggest spot. I have it's just like a tps unified nano. Das ist, this is a very interesting build. I could definitely spend a lot of time just kind of dissecting everything you did here. Let'S. Take this awful build to the resident drone builder see what he thinks about. My beautiful beautiful work here. Give us a full critique on the build. I like the solder jobs, nice and tight wow arms are beefy. Yeah wire could be a little bit nicer by hand. I mean yeah i'm sure this is a prototype right. I threw it together in like an hour. Yeah let's let's go with it's a prototype it's supposed to be that way. Inzwischen, aber, look at how immaculate his stuff is, you know it's, just like oh that's, so pretty all the wires are on this and then that's just like.

I just stuffed two batteries in the back, so you just threw the wires like. So if you want a real build, quad get it from this guy here at rotor. Gut, i like how you hacked it together. If you guys are interested in seeing more about exactly what paul did to put this together, he has a video on his channel, where he really walks through everything that he did all to experience to make this fly yeah all the experiment. I love watching a very real look into the experimenting process, that of making something like this possible check, the link in the description to paul's video, aber heute, we're just gon na fly this thing, we're gon na see what this thing can do: we're gon na get It up to high speed, we're gon na try freestyling it around some proximity just up front like how mad are you going to be if it gets broke like how much the only thing i'm really worried about are the escs, die sind 100 a pop okay. I'Ll show you the plug in process. You guys are going to love this pop sound here in a second listen up, listen up! Oh Gott. I don't know if that's going to translate on camera, but it really it sounded like you know those uh, those little snap. Pops, like it's that loud like that, what who wants the flappers edwin you want first crack at it. Stepping up to the plate here here.

Come here ready for thisoh my god that is so cool you're only going to really have like a minute left on these back batteries. äh. This is your arm here. My gosh get the radar gun all right, Ansonsten, don't kill me yeah i'm gon na run along the black thing. Are you Music? I ready that battery's already done, because i watching that it was not accelerating it wasn't as loud. If i could get like some more camera tilt, i think that would uh. Oh, you want to go faster, ja alles in Ordnung, ready for scary, sound again yep. It sounds like uh i've heard it. I heard xt smells like a freaking firecracker Music, Oh ja, Oh ja! Coming in hot Music, all right flip, your floppies, then Music so feel the motors like they're warm but they're, not like blistering, but that's 50 000 rpm on a 7 Zoll-Prop, which is absurd. I wouldn't say this is hardly any warmer than my motors on my five inch quad, but your motors on your five inch quad are running 2400 KV 2500 Jetzt gerade. Batteries drained already just oh yeah there's a couple of passes, yeah that just sucks them right out. Just i want a shot at this yeah. I got one more set that pop dude i'm it's, like a snap pop every time, look at the breaking on these esc's, though this is a really great tune. This is really well tuned, betaflight stock.

Nein, what it's the esc's they're proshot 1000 Beeindruckend, and they just have those amazingfeel really really nice. So it definitely has that kind of drl racer feel where you don't get the rpms instantaneously. You have to spool into them yeah. I said it felt like flying a turbo. I really feel the size of it. You know you always kind of think like what's, going to make it feel big because it's the same camera, but you can just feel, mögen. I know i'm flying a big quad and i can feel it sound does it for me. I just like hearing that thing: Musik, Musik. I wonder if this is going to get stuck in spanish moss or if we finally have something that can just cut through it. Oh dude, my heart is like i love this feeling. I love feeling like something you know what i mean like i've, been flying five inches for so long that, like it doesn't, i don't know like it. Doesn'T have oh i'm into moss. Yeah it's just cutting right through it um it doesn't. Have that dangerous thing to it. You know i just feel like yeah i'm flying my quad. It feels so normal by now. This has me going like dude we're doing some stuff all right through another v Music. Oh ja, you just cut the moss down right. There got the power loop got the awning loop. I need to feel what an inverted yaw spin is like that is so nice nerf that is so nice.

This is momentum it's, so like give it a full punch before you go into that, and you'll still be moving up. Yeah that's still going up now, you're falling it's, exactly what you're saying well hold on. Tell me when i start falling i'm, just going to give it up it's hard to perceive it with the fisheye Music. Like i feel like, i can actually do five inch tricks like that wasn't a good one, but it was a juicy flick yeah. I really want to do a canopy dive, but i know i'm not gon na make it go. You want me to do it you're at the end of the battery. Are you sure you want me to do it? Yeah just tell us where so we can put a camera at it i'm going out. Oh nobody! Oh i made it though. Oh mein Gott, are you kidding me dude, it seriously snowed out on me. I had no video. This is why we have dvd. I had no video, and i just was like: Naja, Go for it.. I mean it'll, just power through the oh that's water. All right bring it in. I don't want it. That'S, probably the end of the day i'm, not having too much fun. I don't want it to end. Oh, the battery's, probably like it's it's, like that's, really the disarmament, because he forgot what it was when i fly when i fly bardwell's beast class when he tells me it's time to land i'm like okay it's over i'm glad to bring it in.

I didn't want this to end. I just wanted to. I just want to keep playing isn't it. I just want to keep playing it's so really really fun, because you just have that right. It'S really really teleports all right, it's time for another florida man weather report, florida man. What are we gon na have today what's the skies. Looking like no we're, fine we'll be fine there's. Nein, i hear thunder no in that case no. What am i hearing it's over there it's over there it's over there it's over there here, we're in a strip of yeah we're we're in the cone of silence, i only have one set of seven inch props. Why did you only bring one set? Did you just only own one set, Es war, Ich meine, like literally like i was walking out. The door was like ash, bring that i just threw it i'm glad you brought it no pressure bubby only flown five inch mini quads, so you've never flown wait. You'Ve! Never even flown like a six or seven inch. Nein, have you flown even six s before yeah, Oh, Meine Güte, so he's going straight from going from 4s to 12 you're going straight to the turbo beast. Are you scared my heart's like pounding out of my chest? Oh, Meine Güte, your gimbal tension's, so tight i'm, not even worried about the quad loose gimbals i'm, just like shaking let's, see he cranked up the power.

Oh i mean the quad feels fine, but i hate the radio, nichts für ungut 1200 Radio. He complains about it yeah. I Music know Music it's, so scary, wie oh, Meine Güte, Äh, it's, so scary. I lost video, i lost video, i did video went out this video went out. Oh maybe the tiny little batteries died. Ja. I think the tiny batteries are just dead. You know like flying big drones, usually like it's cool, like i feel, like i'm doing like a thing, but i don't really enjoy the flight that's it i don't enjoy the flight experience. I enjoy like the exhilaration of like oh i'm, flying a big drone, big expensive, schnelle Drohne. Now i feel, like oh i'm, flying a big, teure, fast drone and it shreds that was fun, i'm, so stoked with how this this thing turned out. It exceeded my expectations, so you got the exhilaration of flying a big heavy. You know expensive machine yeah, but it also had the capabilities of doing fast moves and smooth moves and the tune was crazy. I couldn't you said it was just the stock that's funny. Yeah i'm, pretty sure it's better flight stock tune. Maybe i tweaked it a little bit but, Wie ich denke, for the most part it's those pro shots. Ja, it's like a step it's, just like a faster communication, so it's not even faster, faster yeah, but you need like special hardware and that's. Why those esc? I thought there was like diminishing returns, aber, like you know because aren't they clearly, Ich denke schon..

The drone has the uh the punch out of a five inch, but it's got the weight of a beast class almost so like it just carries that momentum, which i i know it doesn't necessarily make sense, and i get a little bit of flack for this, but I'Ve kind of always thought that there's something to having a heavier quad for freestyle it's, just always felt to me that a little bit heavier allows me to kind of flow and toss momentum in a way like you've ever tried to freestyle like a three inch like Just super lightweight yeah it just doesn't have the same kind of like fluidity. Ich mag es, maybe it's just what i'm used to, because my drones tend to be heavier i'm, really glad. I got the flat, maybe i'll, i'llthink about getting my rigs up to success, because i am still just chilling down here on for us, but thanks for putting it over there, it was just it was an experiment with what, if we just took it a step Too farand i don't think that it's still not too far, though right let's keep going baby, aber ich meine, like the point of like you're, Sprichwort, there's diminishing points of return, so like it's, not that much better but it's fun. I think it's fun so guys hope you enjoyed this episode, seeing what's possible with a 12 s high powered out of control drone. If you want to learn more about putting it together, like we said, there's a link in the description to nurk's channel where he walks.

Sie, through all the different things he tried to get this thing hooked up and get it in the air. It was not easy and i'm glad that he brought it over here, bereit, sealed up ready to go, so we just got to enjoy the the best part which is flying.