This uh we’re gon na be talking about my favorite one, so probably gon na go a little bit more in depth and probably show a lot more flight footage because i literally play this one almost every day, which i should probably start playing liftoff and maybe a Few other ones a little bit more, because this one potentially could give me some bad habits, but we’ll go over that here in a second uh on odyssey. We are sitting at 42 followers. So if you want to follow me over there, you will get lbc coins, which is a cryptocurrency, and if you want to follow me on any of my cryptocurrency stuff uh, the link to uh my cryptocurrency channel is going to be down below in the description now. On youtube, uh, we are sitting at 1040 subscribers on youtube. According to the analytics over 80 percent of the people who watch my videos are not subscribers, so i’d. Very much appreciate it. If you liked subscribe commented all of that good stuff. Now we are going to be talking about a simulator, so before we jump into that links to these two things are going to be down below. In the description i use the fr sky xsr sim usb dongle. This is basically a receiver that you can plug into a usb port, so you can use your transmitter wirelessly wirelessly right. A lot of people, especially when they’re playing sims are sitting down, and so you’re gon na be putting your controller, probably on your lap.

A lot more than you would when you’re out in the field, flying if you, if you stand up while you fly – and this is going to allow you to make things a lot more realistic number one, because if there is any delay uh, i mean i’ve, never Had any delay and you’ll see that here in a second, but if there is you have this and then it just allows you that you can. Actually, you could stand up if you wanted to make it more realistic, you can sit down, you can do whatever you want, that’s. Why? I love this. I think, if you’re going to be playing simulators on your computer specifically, i think this is a must purchase and you know in the long run, it’s going to end up saving you money. If you can play your play, your simulators consistently. Next, i use the taranis qx7 transmitter. I do have the beta fpv light. Uh version transmitter coming in i’ll be doing a review of that soon, as well as the tango 2, which you know is on back order actually they’re, both on back order, which really sucks. So we’re going to be seeing uh how those are going to be when we get it but i’m going to be doing an unboxing and everything in that now all right. So the the simulator i’m going to be doing a review on in this video is dcl. The game uh dcl stands for drone champions league uh.

This is a professional drone, racing league and it’s based in europe, and actually, if you are good enough at this game – and they do this every year they have trials, they have a competition online through this game. Uh that’s, how confident they are in this game. Being like the real thing that, if you’re good enough at this game, you could be invited to have a contract and be a pro pilot for dcl or possibly they do do this, sometimes where they invite people just to certain races into race. In certain races, especially like local pilots, like that, so there you guys go so let’s get connected to this. So you do connect online. You don’t have to uh, be connected online to fly, but so first off here’s. What we have here. So we have dcl winner trials. This is what i mean. They have competitions like this, almost every single week that you can put times for so you can actually see all of this. All of this is through steam. This once again is a steam game, so you can go to fly, which you have events and then you have time attack. So events are like what’s happening right now on. You can actually win different things, which is money within the game, and that gets you different skins to put different skins on your racer. Personally, i don’t really care about that. Just because i don’t see my drone anyways, then you also have team trials which you have to have a team to fly for, unfortunately, i’m, not part of a team right now.

But if you want to comment down below, if you do play dcl right now, if you want to comment down below and possibly join my team it’d be very much appreciated. Uh. You can also see your profile and you can actually see your world ranking right. So my pilot world ranking right now is 455. uh, so it’s pretty cool but i’m pretty proud of this uh in the us. Specifically, i am in the top 100, so at 4 55. i created, i created a team fpv daily, just because daily mint is my crypto channel, but if you go to, if i go to ah i don’t know what’s going on yeah. Usually it lets me switch. I think there’s something going on with uh yeah. This is weird, but you can’t change stuff up. You can switch to teams. You can do all of that really really cool stuff, so let’s uh close that let’s see if we can see it again, pilot leader boards, so i’m number 455 in the world i’m in the top 100 for the us. But now we can go to and like you can invite people to your team, etc. Stuff, like that, you can put all of this kind of cool stuff. You can put all your social media stuff. You can put your twitter, your your all that, so, if you want to get recognized when you’re good enough, i mean a lot of people get a lot of stuff here.

So now we can go to customization, you can like do different skins. This is what i mean. I don’t really care about any of this um, but yeah you can do different skins here. I just go with the blank because i don’t care about that. Then you can go to time attack and these are the different tracks. Some of them are really cool uh. In fact i mean i actually, i think all the tracks are really cool, so that’s, not even like a thing uh but we’ll just erase this one track and then we’ll go over a few more things here, so i’m, probably not going to talk while i’m flying Just because i notice that, while i’m doing that, i start sucking so so we’re going to erase this one track and i’ll show you guys so on this i’m i got my time was 13 seconds, because this is this is the easiest track, so there you guys Go let’s try a different track for you guys, so you can see that now. One thing is that you could actually go back to uh. You can actually see spectate. You can do free flight where you just fly around the track and then you can actually retry. So let’s go back as you can see. I’Ve got all the props for each one. You win different props and you get money for in the game that once again, i’ve never spent we’re gon na go back to the main menu we’re on lightweight i’m gon na go to this normal one and we’re gon na go to the we’re gon na.

Stick with the easy tracks, just so that you guys can see let’s go with the lax flight, one right, and so if we go to race, you can actually choose how you fly, you can choose acro mode, you can choose the different modes. You can even change your camera angle as well, which you’ll see here in a second so uh. Since this is a racing, i actually have a 50 camera angle just because we are racing now. Normally, if you you are doing like freestyle, etc. You’Re, probably gon na do like 30 or below, but because this is a racing sim specifically, i have it super super high. So let’s go with this track now, yep. Do there you go, you can see my personal best was 32 seconds uh or just above 32. I need to beat beat that which i got pretty close, but unfortunately i didn’t do it, but let’s try one more time: let’s go to a different track. They do get progressively better uh. The tracks start looking really really cool, but you can see how it says. Like flight mode, so you can go to settings, you can go to like visual, so you can change this. You can even change the track. The track lines i like to leave those in that was that purple line the fpv camera field of view. You can make this a lot wider, a lot bigger, fpv camera lens fp camera distortion, uh, directional, help mist gate help.

I pretty much do all of this. I might start turning this on to see how anything goes. We can have the crosshair. We can go to customization. These are the different skins. When you go to fly, uh let’s go to uh time attack again. We’Re gon na check pick an intermediate track this time, instead of a hard track and let’s go with um. You probably like probably like this track. This is a pretty cool track and then you can even manage like what view you are in, because this this sim is actually like, i believe, on xbox placed in playstation as well, and you can play in arcade mode where you actually use your like playstation controller Or your xbox controller, so let’s fly so there you guys go. Everything is ranked everything is ranked here. So this would be your like normal world ranking and then this is your ranking just for this track. Right me, i know who i am obviously i haven’t flown. This track in a while, so you know as you as you learn the track right, you get better at it. I know who i am disguised, uh nope, you guys are watching me, probably the worst demo track that i could possibly have thought of. I know who i am all right, so uh we’re just gon na i’m, just gon na turn the microphone off and do a few more tracks. Just so you guys can kind of see this, but the fact that you can kind of change everything you can do.

Acro mode angle, mode stability mode – i believe you can do stability mode as well, and you can even see on these different rankings. You’Ll start seeing more people doing arcade mode, especially on what rank you are when you start ranking higher. You start seeing just almost all acro mode, but when you’re, newer, you’re gon na start seeing a lot more people where it says arcade mode and that basically means they’re flying uh using like an xbox or a playstation controller and then trying to record. This is kind of messing with my computer it’s, not that it’s powerful enough to play all these games just fine, but when i’m trying to record and play these games, my computer starts kind of going wonky but that’s. Probably why it’s not kind of pulling stuff up? But i’m gon na go back to the main menu i’m gon na turn. My mic off and i’m just gon na apply a few other uh levels and you guys can just enjoy the flights Music um. I know who i am. I know who i am me.