Seven frame, seven inch uh quad, here i’m assuming dc, stands for dead cat. I haven’t looked into it. I also don’t really care um. I just really like the frame i like how it’s shaped, so i got it and i’m using seven inch, flash three blades 70 40 clear, um, gem fam, our gen fan and then the green ones as well. I have noticed that they don’t sit perfect on the motors, so there’s some wobble in them. I think i need to either rotate them on here and yet let the nut do its business but i’m, not really sure yet so either way i got the props. The frame dc7 by iflight um i’m using brother hobby 2805 or 2806.5 1300 kv, with uh six cell lithium ion 3000 milliamp battery plan on doing a parallel six cell six thousand milliamp, to see how much i can get out of it um. But for the for this flight video, i was using a five cell 2200 milliamp battery and it did really well um. I tried doing one roll. It is not very good at it. It felt like that this side was taking a really long time to roll, which i’m sure it was. I also have crossfire on here, as you can tell, and then for my flight controller and esc i’m, using the iflight f7 stack, that’s meant for the digital and then for my vtx i’m using uh, the dji air unit with a 64 gigabyte sd card and then For my antennas i have some true rc uh antennas that were on discount, so that’s.

What i’m using i plan on changing them out and going with here with some long ones. So i can get some longer range. I did notice that just at 200 meters away, i started getting signal loss just from five bars down to four or, if it’s, four down to three, so i wasn’t very happy with that i’m gon na upgrade this and make it further out. I also just did the uh 1200 watt or the 1000 milliwatt power out thing mod to this, with an nacl text file, um, that’s, that’s, the whole that’s. The whole thing these motors are really nice. I really like them. I didn’t think i liked them at first, but they are really nice Music, that’s, it nice and simple. I also have some different props to try got some two blade props, not sure how that’s gon na go. I don’t think that would do well with the six cell battery the lithium ion, but i think i’ll do just fine with the lithium polymer but i’m gon na give it a shot. I’Ll do a review on it. We’Ll see that’s it for this one uh right after this is the short flight, video, Music, Music super quiet.