Can you look out the window and let me know what you think the weathers gon na do tonight. So she looked back at him and smiled pulled back the curtain and said well. It looks like rain deer on the ninth day of christmas. Drone valley gave to me a brand new rm75 fill light from our good friends over at small rig thats right, its an rgb fill light and its beautiful. Now this is such a new product im, not even sure its available in the market, yet but small rick sent it to us and said: hey, do a review of this and i said well were having this christmas giveaway. Can you send me a second one? Ill? Do the review and ill give one away as part of the 12 days of drone valley christmas and they said sure, well, send you a second one. So ive got a beautiful fill light right here now you might look at this and think whats the big deal with the fill light well for starters, its tiny and its incredibly powerful it charges through a usb c port. It can last a couple of hours on full brightness, its an rgb as well as a white where you can adjust the temperature. You can adjust the brightness. It also has a companion phone app where you can adjust those things remotely from a distance, and you can even pick a color palette thats standard. You can take a picture zero in a spot in the picture and turn the light to that particular color.

Its just an amazing product, the cool part about it, too, is its magnetic. So its got magnets on three sides, so you can stick it to something thats metal on the bottom. On the other side, if you want even on the back of the unit, its totally magnetic, which means, if you have a couple of these, you can clip them together and you can control all those lights from the same exact application. Its like a mesh network that it sets up so its a brilliant light in so many ways now ive been playing with it. The last couple of days honestly, i couldnt put it down the minute it showed up. I charged it up and ive been playing around with it and i just love it so youre getting the whole kit – and this is a fantastic fill light to use for taking pictures or for a youtuber out there or again, if youre, a tic, toc or doing Dances. This is the perfect light to light up your studio. You get the light. You get the lensing system on the front. This is sort of a filter that will knock down some of the shininess of the light you get a charging cable, its a usb. A to usb c again, this charges over usb c really quickly and an instruction manual and everything here is part of this giveaway and it couldnt be easier to enter. Like i say, every time down below, youll find a link if you click that link itll, ask for your email address and your username on youtube, and i only need those.

So i can find out who you are when you win the contest and actually ship you. The product so after seven days were gon na put all the names in a big tall top hat and were gon na pull one out at random and were gon na. Send that person an email saying, hey good news, you won the small rig fill light. Send us your address and well ship it off to you again. Theres no shenanigans here were not trying to do anything. Funky were just going to put in a box and send it to you. No shipping charges. We dont need anything from you except your address. So i can send it to you and again i dont care where in the world you live now, ive come up with a couple of funny names. One of them that really made me chuckle was a town called ding dong, texas, thats, right, ding, dong, texas. I cant imagine talking to somebody else from parts of the country going well ill. Send you that thing? Where do you live? I live in ding dong, texas. What kind of conversation does that start? Now i apologize to anybody living in that town, im sure its a beautiful place, interestingly its in the county of bell and its just a coincidence, its nothing to do with the county. It has to do with the general store that we started with two brothers. I guess that were named belle and the sign that was painted for the front of it had two bells on it, with the words ding dong coming out the bottom and everybody just liked the name so much.

They named the town, ding dong texas. So if you live in ding dong, texas man, i hope you win this one, because i i could send it to you as an apology, but i think thats, a great name, probably a beautiful town anywhere anywhere in the world, is fine. You could live in uh. Europe, you could live in uh, south pacific. I dont care where you live well, put it a box and ship it off to you. Im just happy to be able to give this back, and i cant thank our good friends over at small rig enough to say to them look. This is a big deal for us to be able to give back to our community every year, and the fact that youre willing to sponsor this with a product means an awful lot to me. So i promise you ill get on this review in the next day or two and have it up here a full review and ill make make sure. I point out all the cool things about it, but thank you so much for sending this to me and for all the folks out there that have been supporting the channel all this time im overwhelmed by the amount of support i see every year from the people That are watching the channel the comments that are posted, the questions you asked, which are really nerdy digital questions. I love those kind of things and i feel like were trying to do our best to give you really good information about drones and other high tech gear and im inspired by what i hear back from you guys.

So what that means is youre enjoying what were doing, which means were going to do a lot more of it in the new year. So weve got three more days. Left uh lets see 10 11 and 12 and then weve got a big mystery prize coming up at the end, and i may have a couple of special guests in those last couple of clips so keep your fingers crossed on that anyway. Thats it for today.