I said humdinger anyway, before we get to this. What nationality is santa claus? Well hes north polish, that was sent to us by a viewer and the minute. I read that i started laughing, so hopefully you enjoyed it as well anyway. On the eighth day of christmas, drone valley gave to me a brand new set of accessories for the beautiful mavic 3 thats right were giving you everything over here, youre, not getting the drone or the controller. Those are staying with me, but youre getting these essential accessories for the mavic 3 and it all starts with a landing mat. Now, im not going to hand launch and hand catch the mavic 3. I wouldnt recommend you: do it either because its essentially a cuisinart in the air so im not sticking my fingers up anywhere near those propellers thats, why a landing thats so important and this ones super special because its spring loaded. So when you open this package, stand back because its going to spring to life, throw it down to the ground and youve got a really nice place to land. Your drone, nice and dry and its a safe place to put the drone down so were including that were also including a range extender. Now this is a yagi uda wave shaping range extender, which means it essentially takes all of the signal that goes out from the sides of the antenna and shapes that into a wave and points it downfield towards your quads youre, going to get like a 30 to 50 percent signal boost just by snapping this on the top of your controller.

It works really well theres, no tuning, no fiddling just snap it on there youre going to enjoy better signal, strength and thats great. If youre flying around a lot of obstructions, youve got a lot of wi fi noise in the area thats going to fix the problem, for you were also including a lanyard kit for the controller. Now this is really nice. It snaps on your controller, comes with the lanyard. You put this around your neck and that way, if you have to do something with your hands, you can let this drop its going to hang right around your neck and when youre ready to fly again, you pick it up and start flying plus. It looks super cool, so anybody seeing you wearing it is going to say whered you get that i got to get one of those things so were including that and the final thing were including, which is one of my favorite devices. Is this hydra cable – and this was put together by the team here at drone valley and were really proud of this product? Essentially, what this does is a charging cable. That is a usb a connection on this end that you plug into any standard charger. The minute you plug that in these three usb c connections become live and you can charge three devices at the same time, so you can plug these into your controller, the drone batteries and even your phone now, if youve got a phone, thats, older or youve, got An apple phone youre, probably thinking rick, what good is a usbc going to do because i cant plug it into my phone.

We thought of that were including two adapters, so if youre an apple guy or an apple lady, you can plug that on the end of it and if youve got a micro usb connection, maybe youve got an older phone or some other device that needs micro usb. Just plug it in right here and youre good to go, but then youre thinking well, rick ive got the newer chargers thats a usba plug thats, no good. For me, we thought of that too were including a usb8 to usbc adapter. In this end, you snap it on and boom its a usbc, so you can pretty much go from usb to usbc to any other connection on the other end and charge three things at the same time. So were pretty proud of that product. Its heavy duty. Look its got the drone valley logo on the side of it too, so wonderful product. All of these are included in the giveaway and heres. The best part were giving away two sets so theyre gon na be two winners for this contest now to enter the contest. It could not be simpler down below theres a link, just click that link a form will pop up fill out the form it asks for your email and your username on youtube and youre thinking. Why do you need that stuff? I got to get a hold of you if you win the contest so enter the contest. Put that information in there now after seven days were going to take all the entries close our eyes and were going to pull a random one out that persons going to get an email saying, hey good news, you won the accessory kit.

Actually, two people will send us your address and well put it in the box and ship it to you. Now theres no strings attached, we dont charge for shipping. I dont care where in the world you live theres, no shenanigans involved. You could live in youre, not going to believe this. You could live in idiotville oregon its up near portland and if you look it up youre going to find out that its a ghost town now. But it used to be a big mining camp and it was so far away from portland and civilization. That people would say anybody that lives there has got to be an idiot, so it became idiotville which sounds like a place. I would probably live, but anyway you could live in idiotville or anywhere in the world. We ship stuff all over the planet, so no worries there enter the contest and maybe youll win something. The last thing ill say – and i say it in every clip, because if you havent subscribed to the channel youre going to miss out a lot of really cool stuff, i have a lot of really nice things coming up for these last couple days of christmas, giveaways And if youre a math nerd like me, were three quarters of the way through, i just did the math of my head. So weve only got four more days left after this plus we got the huge giveaway that mystery box that were going to do right after the christmas holiday.

So you want to enter these contests so subscribe to the channel. If you havent done it already its really simple theres, a drone valley icon right down, there, click on it and youll be able to join the drone valley family. And that way, when i put up a clip like this, where its really cool and you need a good boost in the afternoon, make you laugh a little bit because im being goofy youll get a thing on your phone and youll know: hey theres, a new clip Over at drone valley, let me go see what theyre giving away today and thats pretty much it for today now ive had a lot of fun. With these clips im getting a little bit tired im going to take a cup of coffee before i get into the next one, but we have four more days to go: 9. 10, 11, 12, 4 more days to go and ive got some amazing products coming up. So if you watched up to this point, youve entered the contest. Please pay attention to these last four theyre going to be really cool, so thats pretty much it for today, thanks so much for watching. This is a great time of year, im so happy and so joyful and im just im im glad that i can spread some of that joy to you guys as well, and i hope youre enjoying it.