Today is the first day in our 12 days of drone valley, christmas, giveaways and boy. Have i got a cool prize for you today, but first, what did one snowman say to another snowman: hey uh. Do you smell carrots now i know thats an oldie but a goodie, but i promise you if you tell that joke at a christmas party, every kid in the room is going to start giggling once they figure it out because its a bit of a thinker anyway, On the first day of christmas, strong valley gave to me a brand new tello drone thats right were giving away a tello. Let me show you how cool this drone is. You can launch it just by tapping a button on your phone. Look at this. Oh boy. Oh boy, thats pretty close to the ceiling there. Let me bring that guy down hold on uh land land man come on down, come on right here, come down there. Applause isnt that awesome. This is hands down. My favorite drone to fly in the house now ive tried to fly bigger drones in the house and lets just say it didnt end well. So this is the drone i use all winter and on rainy days to keep my stick. Skills sharp its the perfect drone to teach kids how to fly or, if youre, in a backyard flying your drone and youve got kids with you and its not too windy out bring out a tele.

Let them fly around the backyard theyre gon na love. This drone. It takes 1080p video, it charges through micro usb its also programmable. So if you have kids that are involved in the steam program, they can actually program this drone very easily to sort of lift off fly over here. Land itll chase things around its a really beautiful drone, and i just have a ton of fun with it throughout the year, so were giving away a brand new tello drone completely wrapped and again, the contest could not be easier. We try to make this super simple. For you down below youll, find a link, click that link itll ask for your email address, put your email in there. I promise you were not going to spam you, but after seven days were going to look at all the emails. We got randomly pick a name out of that group and were going to send you a brand new tello and again i dont care. Where you live in the world we ship worldwide. I can ship a t in south korea. I can ship it to you in saskatchewan, canada. If you live there so for me, theres no strings attached from our end. We basically put it in a box, send it to you, you open it up and you get to fly a beautiful drone. So make sure you enter the contest. I also want to ask you – and i said this in the announcement video if youve got a christmas joke, please put them in the comments below, because weve been doing this five years and im running out of material that joke.

I just told was actually an old joke that i told a couple of years ago, but i like it a lot, so i tell it often anyway, send me your jokes and i promise you weve gotten a couple already that were really good, and the group here Has been laughing really hard and we find one we like im gon na use it in future clips, so you can watch the clip and go hey. I said rick that joke isnt, that cool so anyway put your jokes below and well go through them. We love laughing here at the shop, so if theres, a good joke in there were gon na get a lot of mileage out of it and thats pretty much it for today. Thank you so much for all your viewership and your support throughout the year. Now, if you havent, joined the drone valley family yet and subscribe to the channel hit that drone valley logo down there, because we got 11 more of these to go plus the big mystery box were going to be giving away. And if you join that by subscribing you get a little ding on your phone and youll be like well rick, just put another clip up, i better get up there and enter that contest. Every contest is separate, so will you enter for this? One tomorrows contest will be another one. The third day will be another one make sure you enter all the days of things that are interesting to you and again, if its something you cant use dont enter it.

I dont want people to win and sell it on ebay were trying to do this to spread a little bit of joy out there in the community. So if you like drones – and you really think this is a cool drone – enter the contest today and i promise you nothing makes me happier than put this in a box sending it to somebody and knowing theyre going to enjoy flying a drone.