This is a development thats been going on for quite a while, its located in a small area of telford called dosely. Now this is the second third phase of this development. Now and as we come up, you can start to see um a little bit more about this site. This is the top northern end of the site. Now one thing thats interesting about this site is its actually been built on the site of a former um concrete manufacturer. They used to make concrete pipes and stuff, and all this whole area has been regenerated by david wilson, homes and theyve, created this um, unique, um, sort of garden village. That was the ethos of when it was built. The development on phase one were quite substantial: the houses and obviously has the development has as carried on theyve introduced a lot of smaller houses. Here, part of the site has been sold off to um to barrow homes, their sister company, but um well lets just have a look at the house types anyway, so were just at the northern fringe of the site. Now now i think the site looks very very good. Theyve got some nice house types here and, as we come up to the top here, this is the elevated section of the site. You can see some of the larger house types there, um look like holden and a few other house types um and theyve got this kind of. I dont know kind of a duck: egg green sort of style cladding on the houses there they dont look overly.

You know when you expect a david wilson, as you expect it to have the bells and whistles dont you um, but we dont seem to have this, but we still just have that classic georgian david wilson style dont, we um, which is which is really good. So a lot of the site is complete, as you can see its nice to see the areas completed and it has been a very, very popular site um over the years i mean, i think, its probably started in around about 2012 – something like that, but its going Really well um theres a lot what i like about. It is theres a lot of choice for different um for different pockets. Really, you know from the twos and threes to the fours and fives that youve youve got a bit of something for everybody here um and you can see this is your typical house with some three bedroom semis um on there. You got these corner houses here, but interesting. The landscaping is, is rather exceptional as well. Youve got this lovely metal railing, fencing running down the side here, which looks nice, so youve got some houses here. Weve got some rendered ones that are theyre, just breaking up the breaking up that street scene, so heres another one of those little cul de sacs here, um completely all black pavered and its sort of the same thing here got a couple of um semi detached hoses. Here etc and obviously youve got the same amount of affordable houses as well.

So that looks like a typical sort of two bed that does plenty of parking here. But there is a lot of tarmac and theres some parking courts at the back, but at least every property does have a driveway and thats really good isnt it so im coming down to the bottom end of the site. So you can start to see those big david wilson designs coming up now, um and on the sort of left and right. Youve got these sort of town houses here done in a sort of victoriana style, its very nice um. How theyve done it um – and i think this is one of the only apartment blocks um on the development, so were coming just around the back now and theres this sort of woodland fringe here. On the left hand, side, this is actually exact route of the old canal, the cobra day, alarm of the canal, which way it went and um its uh its it. This sort of bit of the road gives way to some really nice walks around light, more etcetera, but you can see a lot of the bigger houses at this end and theres, a particularly big one, just on the right hand, side here on its own little plot. Really a nice and its actually got a stream running through the garden, but you can see some of the big david wilson designs now here. You just got all sorts of bits and pieces here its quite its quite nicely landscaped, as ive already said, um, but its nice.

They have tended to sort of get the landscaping done as they go along rather than a lot of developers. They just wait until the end and get it all done. So the bit now were seeing on the right hand. Side is what we call um. This is a kind of public open space here, so a nice little sort of kick around area, but look at the theres a lot of detail. Look at the purlins in the um in in the just coming out from the rafters, so youll see now were coming into another cul de sac, some nice big houses here and the that beautiful l shape theres two of them together there that l shaped house there Doesnt that look beautiful its such a lovely design and they dont build that too often, but it is a stunning design. This is a really nice little cul de sac to live in isnt it here its quite nice. It just is a lot of paving and not a great deal of grass actually in those sort of communal areas, if you like um, but it is a truly nice development. This is and um theres still quite a few um houses up for sale here and im sure if you come down and have a look at the show homes, youre gon na get the uh the pick of the plots um. Well, i hope youve enjoyed having a quick look around with me and uh join us again soon, steve from new homes historian.

So now lets take a drone flight over the site.