We are looking today at the darwin 75. This is a 75 millimeter, tiny whoop drone. It uh has darwin branded 1103 motors and they’re 12 000 kv it’s got gem fan four blade. Props it’s got a pretty decent camera. The caddix ant it’s got a 25 watt, uh 25 milliwatt. Sorry, vtx it’s got an all in one board, darwin branded, and it is kind of like a greenish, yellow and pretty easy to pick up in the grass. A lot of people were saying that uh, you know it’ll be hard to find, but that’s not true i’ve been flying this for a little while it’s been pretty reliable and uh. I haven’t had any problems with it. We are using 450 milliamp hour, uh 2s batteries and they’re they’ve got a bit of weight to them. Uh it’s a little windy today, i’m. At my spot, you can see the trees are blowing around but uh with a little extra weight, it’s, not too bad. It does get blown around quite a bit though, but uh. What can you do? Eh so let’s get a battery in there. Just slides right in you can use the smaller 1s batteries and stack them up, but i’ve got these 2s single batteries, so there’s there’s little bars here you can just snip them off and then these will fit in. Otherwise you can just use the two single um. 1S batteries and stack them up for 2s. You will have to do probably make yourself an adapter because it just comes with the single plug it.

Doesn’T come with two like in some of the smaller tiny loops it’s, not a big deal. Um it doesn’t come with a receiver. Unfortunately, so it’s still pretty cheap. You know 89 and you buy a receiver for maybe 10 bucks. It barely fits in there, so get the smallest one you can, but i was able to get it in with a little bit of finagling. You can get it in. This is a great radio. The fly sky i6. I love this thing: it’s still working great, but if you’re gon na get one this was only 50 us bucks. I would recommend getting the fsi 6x it’s the same radial, but you have 10 channels. This only has six channels so for the sticks and then i’ve got this and this channel working. You can upgrade this but i’m i’m waiting on uh the data cable to uh, put it into the computer. I’Ve got a simulator cable, but it’s not the same. So i haven’t been able to update this, but once you do that, basically the same radio as the fly sky i6x, but why not just go for the x version, it’s, the same radio with more channels all right guys enough talking let’s, take it for a little Line of sight see how she flies, although i’ve been flying it, for i don’t know, i’ve probably done about 20 packs through this thing, so uh fire, the radio up that’s my beeper there i got it set i’ve got uh stability mode is on the bottom.

I’Ve got angle full or sorry full acro and then i’ve got the beeper set up there. I don’t use horizon, and this is my arm let’s just check it. Yeah she’s armed we’re, going to take off right in in acro mode, all right guys, let’s, take it out for a little line of sight. Flight she’s in acro mode flies really nice. These are the stock stock. Pids no stability. Here i am fighting a little bit of wind. Do a little punch out, Music and away. She goes let’s bring her back all right, nice, very nice let’s do a flip. If we can get a little bit more wind. Now there we go there’s a little flip. Let’S try another one see if we can do a better one. There we go little sloppy. All right, let’s try another one guys there we go that’s better, getting a little disoriented i’m, not so good at flying acro in line of sight. Yet i’ve been practicing it at all, but i got the flips. Does nice flips? Okay let’s bring it back, hover’s nice all right! She has landed okay, guys let’s, take it for a little rip. Uh fpv see how she does all right guys. Let’S take it for a boot. I got my goggles on got my fly sky, ready to go i’m, getting a lot of uh camera noise. For some reason i wasn’t getting this earlier, but let’s. Try it out, see what happens Music.

Okay! Here we go Music, acro mode, Music, yeah i’m, not sure why i’m getting this much, maybe one of those crashes did something to it. One of those crashes that you guys didn’t see, but i did crash a few times. Let’S see maybe it’ll cool off, hey guys. I’M, that guy in the park now sitting there looking at nothing looking very blank let’s do a let’s. Do a flip let’s come over and hey guys whoa. It is a lot of fun guys i got ta say it looks like the it’s clearing up a bit. I got an ant on my head. Anyways let’s go let’s, go over here and see how the vtx – oh yeah, it’s, breaking up a bit now it’s only 25 milliwatts and i’m kind of sitting down in a in a bit of a ravine here or like a gully come back down. Doesn’T seem to clear up when i get closer a little bit. Yeah see that’s nice now let’s do another flip yeah she flips pretty good. There is a little bit of a weird reaction, though uh after the flip i’m, not sure what that is Music. You could hear that one nice and close hey guys, keep playing the fire Music and you got ta watch what’s behind you, which i did not all right. Let’S take off again sorry about my butt there, all right, let’s take it for another boot, not sure why the vtx is uh, not as clear as it was before it was.

It was clear all right, still rolling, yeah, still rolling whoop ouch, okay, guys. That was not my fault. It was some kind of weird reaction there. Maybe the pig tuning needs to be changed a little bit but uh overall, it flies pretty good. I mean it’s cheap. What do you want right? 89? Bucks? If you just fly it around they’re doing crazy acura, it is kind of windy today too, so maybe the uh pid tuning needs a little bit of adjustment. Try another flip yeah, not bad. Breaking up a lot, though, wasn’t breaking up quite this much Music before hey guys, Music, okay, let’s go for another quick little flight, my battery’s almost toasted here land! Now, oh damn it let’s bring it in Music, okay, good enough, all right guys, all right! So that is the darwin uh 75 tiny whoop, pretty good for the money. I mean 100 bucks. You get this, get it buy yourself, a receiver put it in get a 50 radio, get a like 80 pair of cheap goggles it’s, a pretty good all around combo, and this will teach you how to fly all right guys all right thanks for watching darwin fpv. I also have the darwin uh 79, that i’m gon na be doing a review it’s a three inch, uh freestyle race drone. So keep your eyes peeled for that guys. All right! Darwin 75.