Obviously a copy of the nano long range design from dave cfpv, but they’ve done a little bit something different here. This is obviously from darwin fpv, and it was before these 18 650 lithium ion batteries. Um the original one that came out was the recon three, and this one looks uh very, very closely resembles this one um or that one and uh i think the three. This is obviously 3d printed. I forget the name of this film as some sort of nylon, filament, i’ll uh put the name up here on the screen at first. I didn’t think it was printed, but it apparently is it doesn’t, look like it, but it’s a very strong but somewhat flexible filament. It does give a little bit so you can see it. Does flex doesn’t really show up in the fight footage or anything like that, but perhaps it’ll be better in crashes i’m. Not obviously didn’t crash this one uh, because i know that this bottom section here will probably break in the crash and shatter uh. But this filament does seem like it’s, less prone to shattering versus uh the pet jeep filament. That was on the recon 3.. You know on the arms here are not carbon fiber, they’re 3d printed and the original design, i believe, was 3d printed, but the battery tray was purchased. This whole thing is 3d printed, so even the battery tray is three frames it’s, like one giant top piece here.

You don’t have to buy a separate battery tray, uh, it’s, all sort of one print and then the bottom section is one print. So i don’t know this pros and cons that i guess, if you break an arm, you’re gon na have to get a whole new frame, but um uh yeah, i i don’t know i guess we’ll have to see how people do with this in the future, but Uh, obviously different parts in this one they didn’t go for the bigger motors they went for smaller motors here. These are what are these 1103s? I think you know. 1103 12 000 kv obviously running on 1s it’s, just for cruising around no real acro or freestyle or racing, of course, caddix ant camera. I think that’s the same. The electronics are totally different, so this is sold as plug and play only. You have to add your own receiver there’s, a small plug eft that’s connected to the s bus on uart, one just cut that off and then i started up my own receiver here. A little tiny, d16 receiver there’s a little bit of space here in the front and a little bit uh underneath or between the video transmitter and the usb port. Here the usb port is accessible, but if you have a connector that’s a little bit fatter it might, you might have to use a different usb cable to get to that connector there that’s a little bit recessed. The vtx is right here.

Instead of in the back, the antenna connects right there, but it goes all the way back through here and comes out in this whole hole so i’m thinking that they probably should make this a little bit longer and then make the antenna come out a little further. So you get a little better reception if you’re gon na be flying further away because it can get easily blocked by the battery and the quad. Now the flight control they’re using here is one that they, i think, they’ve used in some other products, it’s a one to three s: board 15 amps per esc. So a lot more than the recon three that i think that max out at five, but again for something like this five is going to be. Generally enough. The video transmitter uh does go up to 400 milliwatts. I think the one on the recon three only goes up to 350 and i think in terms of the differences that’s it and quite a few actually in the frame, the motors electronics are all different uh. The way it flies it comes with the platoon out of the box, it flies pretty similarly you’ll see that here in the flight, footage and it’s narrated footage. So don’t really need to hear me talking about this too much. You can hear me talk about more when i’m flying around the flight time is going to depend on the battery using so um. This is how much it weighs about the battery 59.

6. This is the male xl 18 650 cell. That has the same battery that i used for the um uh recon 3 flight, so put that in here and we’re up to 105.6 grams, so i’m, imagining the flight time is going to be pretty similar, um you’re going to be going to be able to take It down to like about 2.8 volts, um and then it’s, going to probably going to have some problems with the video cutting out and stuff like that, like i did with the recon 3., so i’m saying i’m thinking it’s going to be similar level in terms of Flight time about 10 minutes of flight time is what you’re going to want to fly it up to before you um consider landing, because you don’t want to push it too much and then have a voltage, sag and then end up just crashing, because your video goes Out so be aware that i think that’s got the same sort of limitations, that’s pretty much it it’s a lot cheaper, 118 dollars, i think so on aliexpress um, i don’t know if pyrodrone is going to be picking this up or not. I’Ve heard that surge is not interested in this model, so i think aliexpress is going to be probably their only please pick this up. So i’ll pick put that link down in the description. I know that a lot of you guys complained that this was too expensive from coming from recon three.

I think it was like 150, and so i don’t know 30 dollars cheaper. Is that more reasonable? For you guys? Let me know down in the comment section below: should it even be cheaper? I mean i don’t know some people were saying that the parts are only worth like 50 bucks or whatever so i’m like okay, maybe it’s, not cheap enough. I don’t know. Let me know what you guys think down in the comments below talk to you guys later. Okay, so i got a little bit of an update here for you guys that may have purchased the darwin 129. The 7 inch, if you’re having issues with the gps, not getting a lock. It has something to do with the this little sma extension, the pigtail that goes from the video transmitter to the um vtx antenna, and apparently it needs to be longer for what i’m exactly a technical reason. Why? But so they sent me another one and it’s right here. You have to obviously take these screws off in the back, the two top ones and then two on the bottom, and you can pull this whole bottom back section out and then you can replace the sma connector with the new one. If you’re having problems with gps lock, so they are offering it for free. If you want, if you bought it from pyrodrone contact pyrogen, they will send you a replacement if you bought it from aldi express which is their darwin fpv store there.

You can contact them there and they can send you a replacement if you’re having issues with getting a lock on the gps cells. I i i wasn’t really paying attention in the first video, because i wasn’t really going to test the gps because it wasn’t set up out of the box. I just basically flew it out of the box, but it turned out that it wasn’t getting a lock on any of the flights. I wasn’t really looking at that. I was just because it wasn’t really set up, and i wasn’t testing it so but later on, when i did test it, i wanted to see if it was going to work, because some people were complaining that they weren’t getting a lock, and i was having that Same problem as well, and then once i replaced it with the updated uh, sma pigtail, the problem went away and gps rescue works after i set it up and also getting a lock is pretty quick within about 30 seconds, and i said, as i mentioned in the First, video uh: there is a video on how to set up gps rescue, as in the original video, so check that out. This, i think, is in the video description of the first video. So, if you’re having problems with that that’s in another video on how to set up – and i just follow those directions and set up for this one – and it works fine – so that’s a little update on the darwin 129 in case – you purchased that and are having Some issues all right so it’s a bit windy.

My osd has disappeared. That’S strange, i oh, i must have the wrong setting for the camera interesting so i’m, not going to know exactly when on. My voltage is going to be low but i’m not planning on flying. This for the full battery it’s pretty windy right now. This is an 18650. I think i’m expecting similar flight time anyway to the other recon three um that’s gon na it’s gon na be like a 10 to 12 minute flight. Just want to get a feel for how this flies and it flies pretty similar, it’s it’s, overweight for the power setup, so you’re not gon na be doing any kind of flips or rolls with us for acro it’s for cruising around. If you want to go long range, you’re going to probably need a better receiver than i’ve got in here, it’s, just a d16 receiver, nothing special! The video will go up to 400 milliwatts, which i think is a little bit more than the recon three. So might be able to get better video, but yeah. You can see i’m, not that far away, i think i’m, only on 200 milliwatts. I believe right now and the antenna is a bit on the short side. So so uh. If you want better video, you’re, probably going to want to get a longer antenna and so it’ll stick out the back a little bit more, this wind is definitely having a effect on the flying i’m.

Fighting the wind a lot here, but it’s pretty smooth. I mean it’s analog so for what it is. It flies about the same as the other one, which is expected, even though it’s got smaller motors i’ll uh actually measure the resting voltage of the of the lithium ion pack. When i get home with a multimeter and that’ll, give me an idea how much uh capacity i’ve used up plus um, i don’t believe i charge this all the way this is only charged to about 4.1 volts. I think, because i you know again, i wasn’t i’m not intending to fly this for the full battery. All right, let’s see if i can do a couple of rolls here. Oh, a lot of of loss of power there at the end, it’ll go almost full throttle to not crash. You can do it. Oh boy, yeah! This isn’t really meant for that kind of flying. Just want to see. If we can do it, it can of course, Music if you get low to the ground here all for the way a lot of stuff is in the way and get more video interference. Let’S go up a little higher here, relatively clear video here, so yeah really nothing unusual or unexpected. Here it is a fair amount cheaper than the recon three about 30 bucks. I think so for some of you guys that were complaining that the recon three is too expensive um. This is probably a better price compared to the components that are in here, so something to consider, but um yeah, you know they.

They did kind of an interesting thing: they combined the battery tray with the frame all together in this print, so it is not exactly the same as the original design, if i’m not mistaken, but pretty close, pretty pretty pretty much right now spot on all right. I think uh i’m gon na go ahead and land. I think you guys get an idea how this flies.