Well, i knew i was expecting a 3 inch, but this this could never be a 3 inch. I mean look at it. Its so small, i even got small hands, i mean no way turns out. I was wrong. This is a darwin fpv baby ape were gon na be talking about today. Is this really the budget fpv drone? You should be flying right now, knowing it comes without the receiver, so thats an extra cost there im going to show you what you get in the box were going to take a look at the drone itself and were going out into the field and fly it On 2s on 3s, 300 milliampere and 650 uh, even though it isnt meant for that, were just gon na try to see how it goes. I also put an insta360 go 2 on it. Youll see how it did in a bit and to round up ill tell you what i think of it and what i broke or what didnt break so lets see what you get in the box. You get some cards saying thank you for supporting darwin fv. Well, darwin fpv, thank you for making this drone a bag of props, which is already empty because ive already been flying mine. These are the gemfan hurricane 3016, three bladed props. We got a goodie bag lets, see whats in there nuts and screws. Some zip ties a sheet of stickers. We get a battery strap, which is actually more like a cable tie, so this will not hold on to your battery, so were not going to be using that one, because you get a lot of rubber bands and these do hold on to your battery.

So i recommend using these and they also weigh a whole lot less than this big battery strap and, of course, we get the drone itself and well take a look at it right now. This is a three inch with a carbon frame. Its arms are replaceable just by removing two screws. You can actually take out an arm and replace it with a new one. If you got one broken but keep in mind, there are nuts on the other side of the frame, and these are not pressed into the carbon. So if you would uh change out the arms, you would have to find a way to keep the nuts in place that are under the fc there. So thats not going to be a very easy arm swap, but it is possible and arms. A set of four will only set you back about eight euros on manga very cheap. I think there are twelve dollars on darwin ffv. I dont know why they cost more on darwin, but hey um, so yeah, overall, very good design, and i really like the design of this thing. I know its subjective, but its a true x, which i really like um, because it gives you the same response on all axis well, depending on your rates of course, but it also reminds me of my five inch and it just just looks like miniature: five inches. Its really awesome, the carbon frame, has 1.5 millimeter plates overall top plate bottom plate camera protection, except for the arms which are 2.

5 millimeters. Its got not branded motors. These are just generic motors. There are 1104 4300 kv, so lets take a look and see whats under the hood. You just got ta remove four screws, so the top plate comes off. The vtx is connected to the top plate, so be careful when taking that off, i already unplugged it lets. Get that out of the way the vtx is rated up to 200 milliwatts thats, okay, its not bad. The all on one board has a f411 processor. The gyro is an mpu 6000. The escs are rated up to 15 amps constant and a peak current of 17 amps. They run blheli as firmware. The fc will accept 2 to 3s batteries and, as you can see, lets take a closer look at the at the soldering. This is pretty good soldering. If you ask me the pads for the receiver, which is not included, i soldered a rxsr to the only one board. The pads for the receiver are actually already tint. If you use an s bus receiver, if you want to use a crossfire style receiver like an elrs or a tbs crossfire, you will have to tin the pads yourself, and these are located right here. Dx1 and rx1 are located here. If you want to swap out the camera – which i already did, i swapped the original camera that comes with this drone, which is a 700 tv line, camera which was not that good its flyable.

But i would recommend going with the baby ap pro, which has the cadx and installed already. If you want to swap out the camera, those pads are actually underneath the wires of the vtx, so thats a little bit more tricky to solder. If youre not experienced with soldering already, i recommend going with the baby a pro and also for the price points for only 10 euros more. You get a pro you cant get a calyx and for 10 euros. So yeah go with that. One. Just save yourself! Some trouble and go with that one one more thing i want to say about this: only one word is actually the battery elite is very long, its easy to plug in and out your battery, but its not secured to anything. So i actually secured it to the antenna holder at the back here, because when you crash and your battery ejects, it could tuck on the wire and it could actually rip the pads of your all in one board. So be careful with that. Secure them to something. Also something i wanted to mention about the frame i forgot to tell you earlier: the frame posts are actually plastic, so dont go crazy when you tighten up your screws, but i do recommend you tightening your screws when you get this out of the box, because practically All of them were loose, so uh yeah check your screws. Darwin fpv also added a nice feature here.

Weve got leds on each of the arms which are programmable in vida flight. Now these led strips also act as race wires. So you havent got any wires running across your arms, so they cannot get chopped, which is a nice feature to have, especially on a drone that only costs 80 euros. The props. These are the gem fan: hurricane 30, 16, 3, bladed props, and you only get one set of these. I didnt want to break them, but even after days of flying this thing hard and fast and crashing so many times i havent broken a prop. Yet i got one bent prop uh. I just bend it back till the flies good, so yeah gem fan really great props. This drone is also very light for a three inch with the props on and a cadex and comes in at 73 grams and with a beta fev, 300 milliamp hour power 3s battery. It comes in at about 99 grams, so yeah its very light for a very small package. So i think this thing is going to be quite fun. Lets go and check out the flight footage. Okay. This was my very first time flying the darwin fpv baby ape as you can see, theres a lot of junk happening in the middle of the screen. I was trying to configure my osd in the field with my smartphone, but i could not place the osd elements where i wanted to so they bunched up together in the middle and yeah just ignore that i started flying with three s: 300 milliamp hour batteries immediately.

It took me by surprise, because this drone really is fast, its fast, its agile and its got enough punch to get you out of power loops to catch you. When youre diving, you will have to adjust to the lack of weight it has, but once youre used to it and you power all the way through your power loops, its actually pretty nice, its also a very quiet drone, especially if youre just cruising, you can definitely Fly this in your backyard, without disturbing your neighbors too much or in a park. It still is a very fast drone on 3s, so yeah take notice of that. If theres a lot of people around be careful with it, so i came home and immediately replaced the camera after the first day of flying, because its really the one thing holding this drone back now putting in a cadets and isnt really straightforward, because the original camera In the baby, ape is 16 millimeters wide and a cadets ant or a nano cam will be 14 millimeters wide. So youve got to have something to fill in the space. Ive used a rubber standoff for a tiny bit board cut out the middle part, and i used what i had left as spacer, while taking it out. I had the opportunity of weighing the original camera, which came in at 2.9 grams and the cadx and only weighs 2.3 grams. So if you save a little bit of weight there and you get much better image quality, so go for the pro version, at least or if you got one lying around, swap it out yourself.

This was the next day. As you can see. This is the cadx and camera which, in my opinion, is a whole lot better than the camera you get on the stock baby ape. This is also my first flight with 2s batteries. It still has enough speed. If you just cruise around, you do get a lot less power in punches and when coming out of dives. So if youre a beginner – and you really want to take it easy just cruise around for a bit – are not trying to do freestyle right from the get go going. 2S is a good option for you, although i would actually advise not to buy two as batteries. Just by 3s batteries put a trouble limit on your drone. You can even put it on one of the knobs on your radio, so you can really dial it into the power you want once youre ready for it. Just put it on full power and grip. Im doing a split s here, its still its still fast, but youll definitely notice a difference going from 3s to 2s and heres one of my crashes. This flight was with some older 2s batteries. These are 300 million per hours and they lasted about two minutes. Two minutes 15, which isnt really that much, but i also tried to do some some punch, outs and stuff like that. So if you want more flight time yeah, you can always go with a bigger battery.

If you look at the bottom left corner of the screen, you can see the trello position, so you can actually see how much throttle i have to give it to uh crews or to catch myself when coming out of dives or power loops or stuff like that. Lets relocate once more for the last bit of flight footage im just gon na. Let you be so. You can judge for yourself how good this thing flies. Music, Music, Music cause it feels like Music is Music everyday. I still remember when i was really free and all the things i lived all the time Music. I finally choose Music and we are back at the bench and yes, my 3d printer is still printing im. Sorry for all the noise in the background, so is this budget drone the one to buy well yeah, considering current prices? This is a very cheap and fun drone and because it flies in smaller two as in three as batteries, the cost of batteries is also less than when buying a forest drone and its still plenty fast and very powerful. Oh, and did i mention i even put an insta360 – go to on it with the jankiest camera mount ever, but it flew. It still got a little over two minutes with the 3s 300 mah lipo too bad. I forgot to charge the camera, so i only got 20 seconds of footage. I really trashed this drone from day one and it did surprisingly well.

The frame is still fully intact. Arms are not delaminating um and, i think its because of the low weight. The impact is never very big unless you fly it straight into a brick wall or concrete pavement, you will be fine and replacing arms, although not very easy, is very cheap and yes for those that were wondering what broke well, i bent one of the motor shafts On day, one probably from crashing into a metal pole, but i didnt even notice it until i was at home at the bench and its – i still flew it many more times after that, with the bench shaft without any issues, no decents whatsoever, so yeah, maybe i Was just unlucky, but it happened and i guess, with these 1.5 millimeter shafts youre likely to bend a motor shaft after some time so yeah and of course this wouldnt be square one. If i wouldnt tell you, i already have a few mods in mind. If youre interested in seeing a modded darwin fpv baby ape well leave a comment down below saying you want to see that, and if i get enough reaction to it, i will definitely make a modding video on the darwin fpv baby ape. So, overall, this drone is really tons of fun to fly. It has surprising durability and, if youre looking to get into fpv or even if you are an experienced pilot who doesnt want to spend bucket loads of money on the latest 5 inch, you should definitely consider giving this drone a try.