I i dont have it put together uh, because i havent built it yet obviously, but this is the dabber x frame, uh from in conjunction with ben ayer and uh, deborah x, fpv or the fpv named dabber x uh, so they came together and designed and built. This frame i had it cut and ben – had sent it to me, so i decided i was gon na. Do a little review over it, so yeah lets get to it all right. You guys were here uh sorry, my desk is kind of dirty. I had to switch over to my computer desk because i have a lot of projects going on over on my uh drone desk uh. So here we got the deborah x frame. You can see the oil right thats so awesome. He actually has a mount a session. Mount that has a right up front here that has oil on it and you can see the top plate right there. Its really cool this is super unique ive, never seen a frame like it i mean. Obviously it was made by a couple of guys a couple of good pilots couple of good friends, and so we got the four millimeter arms you can see. Theyre pretty. I cant see this breaking too often actually, and even if it does its just a you know, quick arm swap uh, not bad. Most three inch frames. You see, i have a toothpick three inch frame and uh.

I have another three inch frame: im, not too sure what it is, but its kind of a flat base like this, rather than the uh traditional loop style when it comes to toothpick, uh frames, and so like i said, we got the four millimeter arms and we Have a three millimeter bottom plate, and i dont know if you guys can see this or if my camera will pick it up very well, but theres actually two separate plates and the arms fit in between those plates and uh. I pers i havent seen that since i have an older frame, uh 2014, 2015 frame or so and those are the only frames that i really see it on and that is my strongest frame, my longest lasting quad that ive had and my very first quad uh. So yeah, i im pretty excited about this little guy, its going to be the perfect little park ripper, and so the next choice is motors. I have a couple of flat rats im thinking about putting on there but im, not too sure and in terms of flight controller im going to be throwing the transtech ttk, the transtech, esc and fc from the beetle, and my kind of ideology was behind. That was, i watched a lot of beetle videos and uh. I tried to i want to make this light. You know its going to be sub 250 g im going to be throwing a session on it, but its going to be sub 250 g, hopefully thats.

What im going for so i figured the trans tech would do it some real real, real nice justice and yeah, so theres the dabber x frame by ben ayer, quad, monkeys, fpv and dabber x, so yeah lets get this thing built Music. So here we have the endeavor x frame, really nice its a three inch. I have flown a little bit and it is pretty fun uh, not gon na lie. I ended up with lets. Get the hulking food wear out right here. All right, you good all right! I came in at 207 grams and so with my 4s batteries that i use in my protect it uh its a pretty heavy hit, not gon na lie. I think i came out at like two 270 260 or so, but it will definitely be under 250 grams. With some of the 3s batteries i do own the smaller 3s batteries. I ended up going with the ethics rat 2800 kv motors that i think theyre 1507 uh with i, and i will say with the motors i have noticed back there, but the motors. I have noticed that i guess i should have went with a wider stance. Stator size uh for this, because i it does feel heavy im, not gon na lie in my hands uh. It does feel kind of heavy whenever im flying my throttle, isnt as i dont want to say, responsive because it is responsive, but my my throttle should be heavier, but i guess it would have made a little bit more sense to use a whoop aio board um.

I just dont, like those escs, i like having actual esc board so that way, if one goes out its easier to replace and ignore the solder joints, please so uh yeah, but i also have the true rc singularity on here as well uh, i love grc, and This is my first dji 2rc product and id have to say it serves me pretty. Well, i am running a vista with a nebula nano v1 and i ever they say the nano is pretty bad, but i havent had any problems with it, uh in crossfire. Of course, uh so yeah its a its a fun little quad and its a fun little river. So far i enjoy it. I flown at a lot line of sight and it is really fun to fly line of sight. The weight is perfect for the throw to look at like by eye, so its really enjoyable and a lot of fun so far, so lets go ahead and go out and get a couple of flight videos with this, or at least one flight video. I also have a tbs mambo now so flying this with uh, the mambo feel the hall sensor. Gimbals and stuff is a lot of fun as well uh i feel like. I can push myself a little bit more and i can push this thing a little bit. More because its close to indestructible so so yeah uh, so lets go gear up, lets go get out and uh lets go see how this thing flies all righty.

Here we are here. We are at the spot, uh the usual spot that i come to to test. These things got the dabber x here as well, so i did have to change the props because i i wasnt getting like. I said in the before i wasnt getting too much throttle resolution at all um and i talked to a buddy of mine and he told me that it was more than likely my props, so i switched to a little bit more aggressive, props and ive already taken A flight with it and its pretty pretty awesome its considerably better than what it was on. The s3 props im running. I think jim fan flashes 30, 30, 45. uh, so yeah no its its ready to go its rocking, and i also have this session mount right here as well um. I will have that linked in the bio it, because this drone is made to be uh well designed to be bottom mount thats. What uh benayr actually likes deborah x, uh and quad monkeys enjoy they like the uh under undersong battery um, so yeah. I have the print up there for a top mount battery and there should be. It should be good enough for any 4s battery. You have, i have a decent sized 850, so yeah thatll be in the link down below uh several months later, hello, so obviously im in a different location, uh. I have a bait first of all that flight did not go how i wanted to, but i said, a whole bunch of good stuff uh then that day, so i want to keep that in here.

Um as well as i have a baby, so things happen. So this is just now the time im able to fly so were gon na. Do the flight test everythings the same with the dabber x, i actually had to replace the motor um everythings the same with the deborah x. Again, like i said, were gon na be flying in this beautiful backyard. Everything i said before still stands and lets get this thing in the air Music Music. All right, you guys here we have the dab wreck. Three inch uh see how this little guy rips get it up in the air and im gon na probably gon na rip for like 15 seconds or so just get a good flight in and then ill start talking a little bit more uh. Because i can fly a lot better when im not talking so lets, put it to the test first and then talk about how how its going and were all ready to go Applause, Music, woohoo, all right so so far, its really nice. This is a beta flight stock tune, like i said, and uh so, and its flying really well actually for being stock. Im gon na go in a little cruise mode, so we can talk about it. So its pretty close to indestructible. I have flown it a lot and ive hit a lot of things and nothing. Bad has ever really happened. Uh to it, i havent had ive had to replace a motor but thats, not the frames, fault, um and yeah its a really rugged, really really sturdy frame and thats a super thats.

A really nice benefit uh. When i turn up the camera angle, this thing is a racer and it is light enough im right at with, with, depending on my battery size, im right at uh, 250 grams. Actually, so its a legal non register three inch fpv drone its nice. I also have a session mount for the quad that i have made on tinkercad tinkercad. I need to learn a different cad works program, but that will be in the description. Look at that barely prop, barely any prop wash but thatll be in the description as well. I would say that im going to put my tune down there, but it is a stock tune so but yeah so the dabber x, as you can see, can definitely rip. I have really no problems with it. If you do want to pick this up, i suggest highly suggest a prop that is more aggressive than s3, because i had s3s on this and it didnt work out too well now that didnt work out too well, i just felt like i couldnt control it so Yeah lets go grab the quad and uh summarize this all up all right, you guys, so that was the deborah x three inch. It was a really nice, as you can tell a stock tune on betaflight did perfect. I mean i really couldnt complain at all. I had minimal prop wash. I was able to get a really nice line, going a really nice power loop and such like that uh.

So, if youre interested in this frame make sure you reach out to ben ayer on facebook or quad monkeysfpv ill tag him somewhere in the video but ben quad, monkeys or dabber x fpv, this frame is named the deborah x, so its really fun. So if you enjoyed that flight, if you enjoyed this review and you enjoyed the dabber x, fpv three inch make sure you drop a like comment and subscribe, and i will also have some files down below for the wrx fpv, because its supposed to be bottom mount. So if you want to top mount it like, i did because i just enjoy it. I feel like its better for freestyling. I dont bang up my batteries. This front mount wont work with somewhat standard size, xt30 batteries. As you can see, i have the ill link. These batteries down below to the all line, 4s 850 milliamp, and it fits perfect on there with that amount thats how i made it so thatll be down below, like i said, if you enjoyed this video, make sure you share.