Did i no shut it down shut it down, shut it down, Musik, bring it in bring it okay, so i've been getting a lot of comments on youtube lately, saying that all this show is become is about cheap laughs and us just fooling around all day right. Så i dag, in light of all the haters, i want us to completely act like we're, just enjoying ourselves playing with rc on a mine site where we're mining gold, like any other episode back to work fire it up fire it up glad that's out of the way Lyle morning, sir i've got to say that the conveyors have been the bane of my existence on this show yeah i'd say every conveyor. I get has a problem plug plug this one. In again, if you say soul, boss let's see what happens power on power on. Oh, it works great. I love it smoke, it wait a second. Let me turn it. It is smoking. Look at there's, like there's, literally smoke coming out of the box, smoking something toasted pu whoa. Se lige der! Whoo! Look at all there's aluminum shavings in there that's. Why yeah the motherboard she spurned yeah right there, so where did the shavings come from? It must have been from them drilling this hole or riveting. Look at all that that's totally manufacturer error right there, just gon na open up the second one here just to see if we have those same filings in here yeah, so what's, going on going on over there yeah they're from from whoever drilled the rivet hole already Had the control box on there and a whole bunch of aluminum filings fell into the control box.

Yeah i'm suspecting we're gon na find more in here plastic, not metal plastic. But you know what this board is hot and look it's melted in the same spot. Look at that yeah right and there's no rivets through this one. There is no rivet through this one. What in sand blazes did they do? Those boxes are absolute schweizer. So what are we gon na do to fix this boys? I think we bypassed the box all together. We just run straight 12 volt right to the motor hardwire yeah. Why don't we just hardwire it eh it'll, run it quick, but who cares lyle, bringing it in well right here: drop drop it here, yeah don't drop, don't drop! It please. Man believe me for the cost of these things. You'D think that wouldn't happen, but it is what it is. Thank you matt. You are the site. Strong man appreciate that might as well just go ahead. Snip both of these and run direct what's with the different wires in the harness, though hey it's only two wires going with the ground that's about right. I don't see why i couldn't hardwire direct through that and then we hardwired from a car battery to that motor she'll smoke, because the cartridge is going to put out at six uh, 600 amps or so and i'm thinking, that's gon na just cook. The motor uh yeah the car battery we're using our marine batteries and they push out 1300 cold cranking amps yeah.

So the track don't fly off yeah yeah, but but we are hooking it into like what five machines this, the the trommel, the is the pump. The pumps being run from it uh both of the conveyors, would be run from it. Do you think it's possible that there would be enough draw that we wouldn't smoke that i don't think? No because we use less than a volt put your aim at one of his fingers for the first time get in here. Don'T be shy. This is the real action going on. This is the youtube goal action there. Du går, stick it in the hole. This is definitely a six person event here: Okay, Okay, Ja! You take your hand off that thing. It may go severely in reverse. You know what is it touching the ground because she will run across the garage if this belt's touching the garage? Three two one? Oh interesting functionality let's just direct wire. It does it. Why didn't we do this to start with. That was my idea. All righty boys another day of youtube gold hit it up fired up. Ja, all the way across the mine site, they're, rolling, we're, waiting on the water to come in matt's, still figuring that out. Oh, we got water up here at the sluice. Look at this coming down the gold fox, the omnifox. There we go beautiful into the recovery pan right here, everything's spinning round and round ready for a fresh day of gold, getting all right, yeah a lot of alligators, and this here swap man, good job tyler.

Kig på denne. We have an actual tree growing in the pond this year, unbelievable this is going to be the youtube gold tree it's, going to end up being huge one day. Jeg har et spørgsmål til dig, a question. Ja, Sir. Please hear remotes over here. Why don't you put the labels on the front because the labels are on the back that doesn't answer my question: godt, because why are they not on the front? Well there's, multiple models, so i list multiple models on the back instead of making it all easy, Ja. Godt, you just got to flip it upside down. Kabelco, Jeg elsker det. jeg elsker det. Hey johnson. This is like playing guess who that's right and you get to pick out the battery you want for it where's the battery truck up there. Oh, is it up there perfect, Hej? What are you driving tyler yeah? What are you all doing today? Huh welcome matt. What are you running at what you got live it up now kevin before we get to work. Somebody has suggested in the comments section for months that we should build a small box to push the uh dirt against, so the loader gets a proper load. Would you like to be able to do that with some small cedar sticks, or would you like to just continue loading? The way you are, Sir, continue loading. The way we are, i didn't see a problem with it either.

Did i dig a hole to china man? It would make delivery faster, Hej, who's, running this site, tyler you're filtering out. None all the gold's going out. Is your rocker i'm surprised you missed the wedge. I didn't put this together it's there. Why are you going to monitor your your point? Your plant man? Okay, you got it, you got to monitor it. Yeah that's right, knock! It out, move your beer. I don't know if i have to pay copyright on this, but all of the comments always say your t, shirts are the best. Well that's good. Do you read all of the comments? Ja, i do. What youtube gold baby youtube gold yeah now go back and watch that mine site make sure there's plenty of gold in those loose boxes sounds good. This one doesn't have a wash bar, like our other one. Does i've showed this in every episode, but it's the latest and greatest that we have. This is a fantastic machine. The gold fox omni fox, it goes in it gets washed through a rotating drum and then all the gold and nuggets come down fall into the trap. Here finally, got some pay: Hej, Musik, Music jib is moving on well been a pleasure working here for the mine, but i got ta move on to bigger things. I got ta go back to school, working on small equipment, it's inspired me to work on the bigger equipment. Nu, so i got ta arrange some things.

First before i can commit, school's got ta come first youtube gold youtube gold baby. I can't believe that that's amazing, bro you've always been awesome. Mand, you went from underdog sitting on the rock. You went to all the way up to foreman. You ran the crew and now you're going to school to do heavy duty equipment bro. I couldn't be happier to hear that i know everyone's going to drop a light. Click for that right now, just to see that but they're also sad to see jib go i'll be around i'm sure i'm. Sure i'm sure now get back yeah get back to work. It'S, Okay, i'm glad he's gone i'm, not gon na miss him i'm. Frankly, sick of his Music. That bucket looks a little anemic yeah. There needs to be more gold in there yeah well at least it's. Something to get me started well last episode. The geologist told us to get in and around those rocks i want to put. I want to dig around it enough to see if we can get a couple of dozers to at least drag it out of the way and yes well, there's got to be a way to get in between them. Even if we put a ripper on the 40 på den 4200, this one right here and rip in between everything to loosen it up, i think that's. The way it's got to go back. When i ran a strip club like i used to run all sorts of hoes, so i got experience with a hope.

You'Ve been running many hoes here. I notice that it's no problem at all. You seem to be able to do the maintenance on the hose. You seem to know how to swing the hose around pretty well yeah and you don't mind loaning out these hoes to other guys exactly that's what's funny is they're. My hoes but you're running the show with that hole and that assembly over there yeah well bring in the gold baby youtube gold trommel stopped uh, åh nej, it feels dead. The motor feels dead, it's spinning. It is spinning but there's something wrong there. It is there. It is there, it is yeah. Just came off track, it's going to be awfully hard to see here. I'Ll stay off with you, lyle. I got one screw right here. Screw came out here. Take this mat. So what we're, seeing with the big johnson here is this motor, which is right. There has basically just come off of the transmission, so it's not able to stay on there. There you go so that may be of explaining why we were getting the occasional hop as well. Maybe oh, stop moving it because we don't want to jump that pinion anymore. But what we need to do is take this inside on the table. We'Re, just going to zip a few screws into there, that'll be problem solved, that's the one right there shut it down until next week. Uh, you know what beer break shut her down yeah.

This is the problem right here. Took it out, that's, Okay, it just kind of came apart, so there's four screws, and so this was pre assembled when i got it so of course i didn't go ahead and put any thread lock on there, so that was my bad it's all it seems to Be today is beers and repairs, beers and repairs lyle. I like the fashion statement you're making with the with the sun hat there. Okay, after many brews and many clouds that have come over later, these boys are going to get the 4200 in the hole we're gon na start, ripping in and around those boulders. Last time we were figuring and we're digging getting more gold around these boulders in here and then he's going to try to rip in and around these boulders to see if we can get anything going on more loads out big johnson. Look at that side by side. Both of these machines are goliaths. tak skal du have, Musik, Musik. Oh 4200. In there ripping away breaking up anything it can around these rocks just trying to dig it out. Oh jesus Applause, Musik. There you can see all the larger rocks right here, building up kind of wash it through these grizzly bars any of the mud balls, and then you can just take the rocks and just throw them off to the side. A clear, chute, beautiful one after another. Far less messing around way more digging. We know the season is getting on in age.

Already episode 14 just crossed over four ounces it's been a crazy long, long haul. So far, what's up yes, mand, 20 ounces, 20 ounces. Have you been paying attention to where we dig grams 20 grams would be nice to see at least there's no way i'm going to be able to move this rock on my own, not even with the job it's moving a little bit. Can you even lift it with it like not at all that's, a big rock? That is a big rock two excavators at one time, two hose at one time: that's youtube gold, baby yeah. Let them get a better handle before you lift, lift together hold on. Let them get a good hook. Let them get a good hook ready, gå, try to lift it, try to nothing! Ingen, nothing whoa, Whoa, Whoa, whoa you're, almost okay backing in nice and slow we're gon na get some cables to try to move it back in nice and slow. My options are quite limited. Are you at full throttle, that's it baby 63 pounds of goodness give running to get the pin? We need for the convoy here. tak skal du have, sir yeah. You want to line that hole up right through. Oh, you know what the head is just big enough. Is it no, it fell right through. We need one with a bigger head: more head, more head, jib, yep that's, why i wear steel toes man catch with your hands, other people don't care about their toe safety.

I take it very seriously. You just broke the other one that's, not a good sign. How did i break something? Oh, i didn't use a babaji other rock truck over there. Well him going sideways isn't going to help at all. We just needed a direct pull all right. Gentlemen in three two one pull pull, pull string, stop stop yeah. We only had that one on the side – Hej, Okay! I only really see one option. Then i don't think the small guys are going to do it even with the big dump truck. I don't think the big mine truck's gon na, do it either let's strap it up properly. Uh and i'll bring the truck around and we'll just pull it out with the truck truck truck yeah. Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it with your jeep winch? I have a winch let's, bring out the winch, then let's winch it out Laughter, Musik Bifald, Musik. So good luck, bro three, two one winch, Åh ja, easy sliders are helping too big gold boys, big goals, big gold, godt arbejde, keep the drag on we'll fix the road. We'Ll fix the road; yeah awesome job right. der, Applause yeah youtube gold, where there's a will. There'S a way hey lunch time, guys lunch time, michael, i got ta tell you and tyler that you guys have been making huge efforts here: lyle, Hej, my lovely wife special gluten in a gluten free, bring it on in everybody.

Everyone was complaining that you guys weren't getting enough for food, and so we thought today my wife would go extra special and make her special extra warm spaghetti for you here. Plate take a bowl. Please everybody gets a bowl here. You go bon appetit. Herrer. tak skal du have. Mand, italian special gluten free for you, my dear oh, tak skal du have, my love. Mange tak. Thank it's, always a pleasure to have you in our presence. Thank you for mining my goals. Thank you for lunch. Ja, Selvfølgelig, what enjoy dig in boys that's it? Oh lucky, you guys seems to be getting better by the week. Doesn'T it mcdonald's last week's homemade spaghetti this week, hell yeah yeah. This should really hit the spot. How is it matt? Ikke dårligt, but hot food on a hot day come on a little more sauce. Good again, maybe maybe some meat, no no, no meat. Ingen! Ingen. This is a just just wheat flour for you, it's missing the garlic is that it oh that's, a hair, fyr, sorry about that in your kitchen, i'll get her to wear a hair net next time. Yeah please little gross yeah 40, some years on this planet that this first time i've had spaghetti without parmesan that was fresh, grated parmesan. På toppen, where yeah i think highlighter took yeah i'll go first, it goes right in the middle, took all the cheese put the control box on the on the on the on the conveyor.

Do you see anything in between these that are different? One of these things? Aren'T, like the other, might be one upside down. One right one looks like a face now: Okay, y'all feeling full up. Nu, you all feel lunch full of nice hot spaghetti. Everybody feels better heck yeah this time, it's time to make a serious move on this rock okay, multiple hoes. I need you all to get a grip on the rock we're going to try to flip the rock towards us matt. You need to back up and get your bucket out, so you can teeth into the rocks track battles track battles there you go boys, try to lift it. Three two one go: Åh 4200 is the best one here so far, he's able to have a grip boys. I thought we could do it with the cabelco in there, but it looks like we're gon na have to see what the true power of the big johnson is sirs. Hvis du kunne, please try to move the rock go dwayne. That was exactly why we call it. The johnson, the big gunthis is the big johnson yeah. You need to dig in more come on. Oh these. This is a dirty horse. Ja. You got to use this as leverage man. You got to dig your teeth in there: teamwork, that's, Okay, just try to lift that bugger leverage man does it work. He needs your help. He needs your help.

You need to get in behind and get him help in behind there. Yeah okay boys we're rigged. Everybody big johnson start curling curl, curl, curl man, curl curl, curl, man curl, åh mand, there it is there, it is get in there come on man wiggle it Applause there. It is there's more wedge it in more wedge that stick in more. If you're able nice now kevin yep jim bring your machine over here and push your bucket down on that piece, so we have some leverage yep come on. Get that stick in there. Get that stick in there go go, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, Kom nu! Stick in there get it in there wedge, it get it good good, good man, Okay, that's cool, at least we got a wedge, though come on yeah yeah yeah. Oh it gave out on me. Åh nej, no come on johnson. You got this there we go hold on where's that stick in there, yeah got her up hold on stage. One complete. You have been drinking bro. Where are you going? Are you? Okay? Like seriously okay, Åh ja, back up nervous back up lyle's using the zoom? Oh yeah scissors scissors. tak skal du have, Sir. Okay, back up good man. I want to pull this big top sucker right out of here, ready lifting with me, michael, ingen, not yet ready. Go pull forward, come on yeah! Oh, Åh, Åh, Musik, Bifald, Ja, oh so close! Okay, uh uh, matt you're, focusing on him shoot that way.

Please hold on boys, Musik, ready boys right three, two one: Åh, Åh, ingen, Bifald, Musik. What is that Music? What the what's that? What is that where's, the probe dude, look at that he was right. He was right, damn geologist, jiv, stick it out. Bro Music holy that's got some good weight to it. Holy holy holy um i'm, going to go with a good 30 gram. I dag, holy i'm 135.. Look at that me that's the real deal holy. That was worth. I don't want to hold it anymore, the attempt, Åh, i think you can retire now. I don't think uh. Today'S price is a goal. They might be bloody, healthy. Look at that holy dude, michael tyler, where's tyler, keep it away from tyler you're a good point on that good call, Ja, keep it away from sticky fingers here. How long has that been in there look at look at matt. Look at this i've. Never actually seen that well that's, bigger than the nugget we had dude i'll deal with the size that's way, that's way more that's a good chunk, jesus dude, what the hell under the rocks, that's that's. What that's? What charles was saying last week, we got ta go deeper, we got ta, find more rock holy touch, it i'm, not holding it. For my own good sake: that's cool, that's, cool that's. All you have to say, fantastisk, that's, cool that's, the biggest piece of gold we've. Ever seen, that's incredible: are you kidding you're too gold, baby, that's, Tosset, we're gon na have the biggest clean out.

Maybe i don't even know how much this weighs but listen. Dude it's, like a rock oh hold on to this race. You don't hurt your back holy cow that's, en god idé. Lyle, keep that in your pocket, don't lose it because that looks like it's gon na be okay. I'Ll! Keep that in that terrible pocket. I just bent over us. I didn't know what was going on. I'Ll. Tell you what i almost jibbed, when i saw that piece of gold that was incredible: oh careful, the axles, we might need to shorten up and give them a hand dozer in front. Please dude that's, sick bro. That is insane look how clean it is. That was been washed by something i knew it i'm, like shaking man that's unbelievable. Ja, please please just to know that you were a part of that digging it up for for our mindset that that must just make you feel amazing, hell, yeah it's, pretty good that's, that's prairie gold right there, prairie gold, pure perry, gold, mand, okay boys. This will be one of the most challenging polls, yet only because of the angle that we're at tightening up. Oh there we go making sure you're good yeah pull there. Du går, keep pulling keep pulling okay good! Oh the string came off, oh damn it that's. Okay! At least it's out of there it's right in the road, though we need a dozer to push the out of this.

Vær venlig, oh that's, a nasty squeak dude just to get it out of that hole was insane to see a giant nugget, then i'm gon na say that's i'm gon na have to say it looks at least equal to last year. Yeah dude. Se lige der! That'S super impressive: it is for it to even move that rock michael. You want controls. Selvfølgelig, who's got this rock truck it's okay, we'll get out of your way mike right through the dirt. Look at this that's awesome insane keep going. If you can there, you go boom down. She goes into the road right on the road. Virkelig. Somebody left the water on water off we're, completely underwater jeff dude. We were busy over there. He should have paid attention. I thought you were the water guy. Ingen, i haven't been for a long time when, since we got the new guys, oh that recovery is right. Underwater this shut down this plant. This whole thing is way: underwater jib's right does roll down downhill, shut it down on that one that's done that's like way over flooded. All right, we can't we're not going to be recovering we'll, be starting to suck stuff up into the pump that's. No good it's going to float away yeah, even the recovery sluice. The last one is like underwater partially. Did you get here? I don't i don't have we could build, we could bilge it out, but that's the end of the day anyway get kevin in there with a bucket yeah.

Godt, it is getting to be near the end of the day. For him, is he abusing the out of him today you're pretty much done? Hey yeah, Okay, then shut her down shut her down Applause isn't that a nice feature who would have known that a radio controller box literally could be a a radio control box perfect for it perfect. Oh look at this lyle what's up buddy. Look at this dude! I'M noticing right away, no look at this big chunks missing out of the big chunks missing out of the belt that's it that helps to shake more that's gon na blow out for sure, look at that it's almost split. I noticed we weren't getting a very good cleanup here. It wasn't shaking out no gold down here. That'S good. Can someone shut the pumps off please over here yep? Do you have any goals holy littered, look at the size of those ones holy dude underneath the rock? Oh wow, se på, at. Oh that's, a nice one, holy cow, going to be quite the day, Um. I think we might need to point. I might be over excited yeah. What do you figure right? der? No way, jib, they're gon na say that you planted that there i don't have gold look at that. That is a huge piece. That'S, a good one. In between the hot, the the uh rocks. Hey was like a honey hole, getting more hits, but i think it might be yeah.

It may be because you're getting close to the machine there, but dude that's a huge piece of gold. Yeah that's it it's, Ikke dårligt. You know just sit back. Let everyone else do that to the work you know later. So if you guys see anything at all, like just email me at matt, i cannot believe all the gold in there today underneath those rocks hey. That was fantastic. We have one rock left in there. I wonder if there'll be anything under there, still good, okay let's do this all there in there look at it all in here, yeah all the way down to the creases. Oh, Ja, you moved the trap out of the way very good, any others. Okay, jim gentlemen, the biggest nugget i have ever seen on the alberta prairie at this mine site there it is, and the one that you found in the uh in the tailings that's exactly why we had that garrett carrot. Herrer, can you fire up the table? Vær venlig? Okay, bro start feeding the beast. What do we got for gold today? Yeah i'm, already anxious to know what that weighs. Ja, no missing, i don't know where it went. It went into the bucket. I didn't see it go anywhere extra clean, come on yeah it's taking its time. It should, though that's it yeah, please bastard yeah winner. I felt that oh, i see several pieces they're starting to show their face. That'S right we're, seeing them we're gon na, have a drink here.

Soon, that's amazing, wow gold go go, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå, gå! Look at it! Alle! Dude it's, like twinkling wow, the gold chant worked unreal wheel. Gold boys see what we did today. Uh back is on yeah buckets in place wheel of gold. Wheeling look at that first scoop just starts just starts climbing wow. I know i think today is i'm. Very excited for today how high does the scale boss yeah? Åh der, it is hey, put the clunker in there, the big the sound of it Applause wow, look at the gold trains that's, almost like second wash kind of clean up there sweet there. It is too big to go in the hole that's, hvad hun sagde: i'm fingering it buddy it's, går ikke. Oh, i just went from intermediate to professional finger. tak skal du have. That was good encouragement. Thank you for that. Det var godt, that's surprising did the bucket like. Did it endure that huge, big cracker for clunk, Hej, Ja, careful it doesn't start leaking gold? Then how are you doing you're almost out already hey? That was quite a performance of them on the gold wheel? Okay, så, as always secondary clean here comes uh son. tak skal du have, sir you're welcome. I love the sun. Just came out for this. Okay, Sir. Held og lykke! Oh! What you need! This wouldn't be the first time reel on whoa.

Oh wow wow, oh you're, gon na, have to get that big nugget back in the hole again dude yeah. I did it the first time as long as i have consent. I'Ll do it again mile you got a knife on you. I do cut a hole in that way: Okay, i've, never done this kind of thing. Before careful, don't cut your hand, open nope that's real, so it definitely made a dent in it. Ingen, it should because it's soft and i'm on the plastic table, so i wasn't really giving her they wanted to go flying outside. Okay, shut her down let's bring her out i'm dying to know the weight of this right. Now guess what else i've been doing? What are you even doing to the goals? Whoa? Oh dude, you spilled it all over what a shot dude. I did that on purpose. Åh mand, why would you spill the gold on purpose? Is there any on the gold on the ground on the gold can't? Believe the one right here countdown on that man, normally we do the three two. Do you even have you done this before uh, just the seven times that's a decent haul, except i i think we probably dropped a gram or two on the ground. There grab our two mate wow. That is a huge chunk that one that he found unbelievable guys, unbelievable any guesses on today. What do we think we're way up there? Man without the big chunk i'm gon na say about fourteen fourteen or fifth, with the yeah chunk is 32.

that would be over an ounce. Okay, let's try it. I might be going too high on this one but i'm going to go to 69. ounces for everything. Together grams yeah that's, Tosset, high that's that's, two ounces there. This way we don't have any issues with wind. The gold is now dry. Ja, is gentlemen: anybody who wants to guess what the nug is. Anybody 32, you say: 32 off the bat on the net. Ja, 29. 29. Almost an ounce, 17. 21. 20.7 that's, the biggest we've ever found dude. That is huge heck. Ja, 20.8 gram 20.7. I don't care close enough yeah, either way, almost that. What did you say our biggest day was before 25 eller 29. I don't remember exactly what it was dude keep you there keep it there keep it there let's move this whole thing into the pan. There will ya lyle, Sir. Please come in and note the number i'll start, calling it out if you can hold it right here. tak skal du have. Okay. Her går vi fyre. Kev give call out the numbers. 23. 26. 27. 28. 32. 33, a little more. What are we at 38 point? 38.7 Bifald. We had one or two little flakes fall in, but it doesn't matter that's the biggest day yet. Ja. Herrer, good job knuck, wow, elbows, elbows elbows in everybody, oh everybody, elbows in we're, getting closer to them. Okay, we better find out what the total is then yeah.

I have it right here. This is all like, including all 14 episodes today, sir hold this please over here. I have this in a highly secure, masking tape top so nothing you know happens to it. 37.6 is what it says: it's at right now: Okay, jiff. What do we got? Buddy. 40. 40: 50. 58, 60, 70, 90, 100, 103, 110, 122, 128, 130. 145. 115, Fire, 150 gram, Ja, it's, unbelievable, beautiful! Se lige der 5.27 ounces gold right now at the time of filming. What is it per canadian per canadian so that's like 60? How much u.s per 6 per gram? 65 67, so that's 2 000, just of over 2 000 per ounce u.s. So we have like eleven thousand dollars worth of gold right there that's insane! Det er vanvittigt! Herrer. 5.2. Ounces, mand, Applause guys! You know what to do as always bring it in here that's, together round three youtube gold. I messed that up, but i was still excited about the we are all in tune, so i think it'll be fun.