YH 19HW DRONEA Spark Foldable Toy Drone – Anmeldelse & Demo

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Kuponkode: 9188D

11 Kommentarer
  1. Pretty cool for the price and crash proof! (You play drums too? :-))

  2. Isn’t the model actually YH-19hw?

  3. How do you record to the SD card? Other reviewers on YouTube said this function does not work =/ thanx

  4. What apps the drone use for ios?

  5. the flight time please? also the range for the drone and FPV range? tak skal du have

  6. Is it same with the jd20?

  7. I just got mine a week ago and I love it..super easy to fly and video quality is amazing..

  8. How much cost in Indian currency

  9. Lol dude , this is the best review ever!😂 Loved it

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