Tell you why i think the mavic mini is the perfect travel quad. Now i get this question an awful lot on the channel and it usually comes from somebody that's heading on a vacation and they shoot me an email and ask me rick, which quad should we buy, which one's the best and normally that's a really difficult question? For me to answer, without asking you a lot of questions, i need to understand what your budget is. Are you going to fly commercially you're just going to use it for recreational flying? Do you need 4k footage and all those things together can help me determine which quad might be right for you, the best part about asking a question about taking it on vacation? Is that you've already answered a lot of those questions? I know immediately. You want a quad that's, reasonably priced. You want one that's small enough to bring along with you. You want one that's stable in the air and easy to fly, and the mavic mini fits the bill for all those questions. Now there are better quads on the market. Absolutely there are quads that will shoot 4k. This shoots 2700, there are quads that will fly longer, fly further, have more sophisticated features, men igen, if you're going on vacation all the criteria i mentioned before about portability, price stability in the air and ease of flight. This is the quad. You want to go with now i'm going to go through those individually in a minute, but i fly a lot of different quads and i travel an awful lot with my job.

I take a lot of vacations and whether those vacations are in an airplane to some place exotic or in the car driving to the state. Next to me, i want to have a quad that i can take again that's easy to use that's portable. That gives me plenty of flight time and takes really decent pictures, and the mavic mini is my choice. Most cases when i'm flying especially because wrestling a big hard case into the overhead compartment, just makes bringing a quad along a bigger deal, and it makes it a bigger decision quite honestly, and there have been vacations in the past back when i was originally flying a Lot of the phantom products, where i'd have to make a decision about. Do i really want to bring that case along with me, because it's such a hassle to get through the airport with it and find space in an overhead bag, or if i check it, is it really going to be there when i show up at my destination A smaller quad like this just makes that decision so much easier because it's so small, when it's packed up that you almost forget you're bringing it along. For eksempel, if you buy the fly more combination, you get this beautiful case now. That case is about the size of an average purse. I don't know about that because i don't have a purse, but i can compare it to a pair of shoes. There are shoes that i take on vacation.

That case is smaller than the shoes that i'm packing. So i can pack one less pair of shoes and have everything i need to fly that quad in this case will hold the quad the controller, a charging hub three batteries, all the cables filters, all the stuff that i need fits in this tiny little case. Så, from a portability perspective, it's a no brainer anytime, i leave the house whether i'm driving to a location for a couple of days off or i'm on an airplane flying somewhere else. This guy's typically with me. Now there are quads that are close in size. So you could argue well gee the anafi's about the same size. The mavic air 2 is about the same size. But for me, the price on this one puts it right in that sweet spot for most consumers that maybe haven't flown before, but they've seen footage from the air of fiji or some beautiful location and they're thinking. You know what we're going on vacation we've got a really good camera. Why don't we bring a quad along and see if that's going to be a little bit of fun. So portability is the key. The other thing that's really nice about. It is it's tiny. This thing folds up to be small enough where, when you get to your location, this can pretty much fit in your pocket. If you've got a jacket on or if you've got somebody that's got a day bag with them, they can throw in the day bag.

Everything you need can fit in that and you can bring it along there's, no concern about big heavy batteries or bigger controllers and all the rest of that stuff. So portability in this thing is incredibly good. The other thing i'll tell you about a quad like this. Is that i'm going to talk next about flight characteristics and stability, because that's super important and then i'll talk at the end about some of the cool features that are built into this quad that make it really easy to fly? But one thing i love about quads. Især, nu til dags, where everybody's starting to get into them is the fact that, as terrestrial creatures, we're typically two dimensional. So we see we see things on the ground, but when you get that perspective from 100 feet up those vacation photos and the footage you're going to shoot from up, there is absolutely breathtaking. So nobody and this isn't a secret nobody likes to look at vacation photos. I don't even like to look at my own vacation photos, but somehow, when you put a drone up in the air over that beach or the forest or that beautiful mountain again, people look at that and their jaw drops andand it is something you want to Relive again and again so having that dimensionality to get up in the air and look in an area differently, really changes things for your vacation. The other thing i will tell you is that bringing a quad along on a vacation changes everything for you, because you're going to start thinking about let's, get a beautiful shot of that beach.

Let'S all go out today to the beach and get a shot of the beach, so there's, never a dull moment on vacation. It gives you another reason to get out of that hotel room or get out of that little place. You'Re, staying with the family into the fresh air, put a quad up and just explore that landscape, so it in addition to it being portable it spins up in less than a minute, which is another important feature with some of the quads you don't want to have A quad when you're on vacation it takes you two minutes to spin up, make a connection and get up in the air, because spontaneity is really critical. Så, if you're on the beach and you're having fun you're thinking boy, this is a beautiful location. Let'S put a quad up and get a shot you're going to lose that momentum. If you've got to spend a minute and a half or two minutes spinning something up, so the mavic mini small, portable it's with you all the time it takes that whole decision process about, should we bring it or shouldn't we bring it out of the equation. It spins up quickly it's intelligent, so you can actually do automated shots where it's going to get the perfect shot of you and the family without somebody hanging on to a controller. So everything about this quad from a portability standpoint and a professional technology standpoint really is built into it.

Nu, if you stay tuned, the next section i'm going to talk about is the brains of this technology, Fordi, more often than not, when you get a smaller quad like this, especially one that's as inexpensive as this now i know four or five hundred dollars is not A cheap price for a quad, but you could buy quads for a hundred dollars that you're gon na hate, you're gon na take them on vacation, put them up once the wind's gon na catch them and they're gon na be off heading towards the ocean. This has all the sophistication of larger, more expensive quads built into a tinier little airframe. So i'll talk about that next, but it's incredibly stable in the air it's incredibly easy to fly and people just have a lot of fun with it. So stay tuned and i'll talk about the stability next and then i'll talk about some of the autonomous features that dji has been able to cram into this brilliant little flying machine that really changed the game as far as family photos go another reason you're going to Love the mavic mini is its stability in the air and how easy it is to fly. Dji has taken all of their sophisticated electronics and somehow shrunk them down and put them inside the mavic mini things like an imu unit, gps coordination, compass, positioning vio when it's close to the ground. All of those systems are inside this tiny little quad and i often say that it's, a small quad that flies like a big quad, but the big difference between this and a lot of other models in the market is the algorithm that actually controls the coordination of All those different systems to make decisions to keep that rock solid in the sky, now it's a pretty windy day today, there's a lot of bursting going on with wind and it's fighting it pretty well and that's because of the algorithm.

The other thing that's nice about this is that you know when you take your thumbs off the joystick it's, going to stay exactly where you leave it. A lot of other quads that are based on addy or maybe don't have really good. Gps coordination in them tend to drift an awful lot and that can be dangerous if you're, in a field like this, because you're flying near trees, and if you stop it, you think you stop it and it continues to drift. It could crash into the trees. So i love the fact that it stops where i leave it it's also incredibly quick on the joystick so down and up now, i've got it in regular mode that's, not even sport mode, but watch when i move it sideways watch how it corrects i'm going to Go to the left, take my thumb up to joystick. Did you see how it over corrected? It actually spun the motors differently to actually pull it back. To get to the point where i took my thumb up the joystick, so it did pass it a little bit and it immediately pivoted to get that position there. So that's, really important. The last thing i'll say is because of the enhanced wi fi in the unit. You'Re getting almost instantaneous video feed from the camera on the front of the unit and that's important because i'm down field and i'm getting close to something. I want to make sure that what i'm seeing here is exactly what's going on down there and because of that enhanced wi fi functionality.

All of that stuff is in sync. Så, Samlede, what you've got again is a small quad, that's, incredibly portable. That flies like a much bigger, much more sophisticated quad. Another thing i love about the mavic mini are the quick shot modes. Those are pre programmed flight patterns that, with the touch of the screen, you can actually have the quad fly autonomously, either to circle you or away from you at a distance or straight up in the air, and those are wonderful if you're on vacation, because you don't Necessarily want to be flying the quad and trying to be in the shot at the same time. So this allows you to set up the shot, slå. A button stand back with your friends and get that perfect shot of you and the beautiful background behind you and that's all because of the brains that are built into the mavic mini now. I'Ll show you a few of the quick shot modes: Næste, Musik. Okay, håb! You found that helpful and again a couple of final points about quads on vacation when you're going on vacation you're excited because you're going to some destination, that's, probably gorgeous you've, never been before you'll want to explore when you're there, but every vacation has downtime every vacation. Sooner or later, the momentum of the trip settles down a little bit and you find yourself in the hotel room, looking through a brochure going. What do you guys want to do today? I don't know what do you want to do today? This gives you a reason to get the heck out of that hotel room and go fly the beach and, if you've got kids with you or somebody that's never flown before the mavic mini is smart enough and safe enough, where you can put almost anybody at the Controls keep it low and keep it close, and they can have a whole lot of fun out there and the other part i love about itis that vacations again tend to be two dimensional where you see pictures from a vacation in hawaii or some other place.

You'Re traveling to the grand canyon and it's hard you can't fly into grand canyon, men alligevel, you'll see pictures of those locations and you'll think i can take that same picture. I can take that same picture it's the same picture. Okay, your family's in the picture, but putting a drone up, gives you so much different, a perspective of that particular location, and i promise you once you start flying you're going to be. Like me, it's going to infect you and you're going to start thinking about that location and boy. What would that look like from the sky, and should i be on the other side of it shooting down at this angle, so it's going to change your entire approach to the vacation when you're, taking those photosand the last thing i'll say, is that with the Autonomous modes that are built in don't think of this as something that's going to be labor intensive that you're going to have to put it up and the whole vacation i'm going to be on the sticks, going all right, frank, get to the left. En lille smule. John get over you're, not in the picture it's, not that complicated the autonomy built into this quad again because of the brilliant engineering of dji allows you to put up in the air, hit a button on it and immediately have it circle you and capture that beautiful Vista behind you or do the helix or do the dronie where it flies away.

It builds in the smarts that are needed to take those pictures without a whole lot of effort, and you can immediately edit those in the application and post them to social media and you're, going to blow your friends away when they see that kind of footage. Så igen, i know there's a lot of other quads on the market and trust me. I fly all of them. This is the one that i recommend for anybody going on vacation that needs a simple quad that's, a whole lot of fun to fly: that's, stable and safe in the air. So if you have any questions anything i've covered today, please drop those in the comments below and i'll get back to as quickly as i can. If you're in the market for a quadand you want to check out the mavic mini i've got a link below as well. If you hit the link, you go to dji, we get a little credit for that. So you'll support the channel by using that link, but i love a lot of quads on the market today, but this mavic mini from the very day that it hit my bench for testing, has blown me away with its capabilities, its sophistication and its ease of use And if you're going on vacation you'd be hard pressed to find a drone that does as much as this one does at the price point that they offer it for so that's it for today, thanks again for watching, if you haven't subscribed to the channel.

I say this every time i always forget to say it hit that little button down there in the corner, because i've got a ton of content coming you're not going to want to miss that we're heading into the holiday season. We'Ve got a drone valley, 12 days of drone valley christmas coming up, so you definitely want to stay tuned for those giveaways, because i got a lot of cool stuff we're, giving away this year, but that's pretty much it for today.