I have something again from Aurora RC right here. This is the stick for, if you're looking for something that will freestyle race, whatever you want to do at high speeds under 250 gram. This is a really good choice for that. This quad comes in with this Truex design, ultra lightweight frame that you can get the frame kit for around 35. What I like about it so far is that it's ultra durable it has a TPU top plate mount for the camera on top we've got a cat. Excellent here as the eos 2 – and we have a little tiny right hand circular polarized antenna coming off the back right here with, Jeg tror, a UFL connector to the VTX we've got 30 amp PSC's on here and what's. Funny is that I was just flying these same exact motors. These were the 1507 2700 kV motors from t motor and I was flying it on the Mambu from Aurora RC. That was the cinah whoop. You guys saw on the channel yesterday, but this one was easy to set up. It already had an XM plus receiver in here just bounded up to my radio, set it up and beta flight with my switches in about 7 minutes timeand I was done nowthey also included in the box set on two sets of wind dancer props from Gym fan, these are 40 32 rekvisitter, så ikke så slemt, not too aggressive on the pitch, but the good news is that it does have a smooth tune out of the box, so flight characteristics, a really lightweight the power to weight ratio is through the roof.

Synes godt om 10 til 1 or better extreme punch out, and it feels really nimble. Så, if you're looking for something that has like a if you already know how to fly a crow of course, you're looking for something that has a nice, Hurtig, snappy, responsive and this this little claudus, is it it'll turn on it'll, stop and go the other direction? Really quickly, so if you're racing gates or anything like that, four inch is a Dominator on the course I've seen four inch beat five inch, quads and multigp races hands down. So even some of the the Twigg series from bata fpb have done that on the course down in California, multigp, so very fast quad and it retails for around one hundred and eighty dollars. So you can get a variety of different receivers on this one as well, but let's go ahead now outside and let me show you a little flight demo of this quad and what it can do up in the air out of my one of my favorite locations To fly the the tree farm, so here we go guys. Let'S, do some flying after that we'll come in and give some final thoughts and a little more detail about this quad and oh yeah by the way it's five millimeter replaceable arms on here yeah and over four minutes flight time with a 650 for s 650 battery Around 225 grams freaking awesome here we go all right, fyre, let's go ahead and get to squat up in the air, and you know I'm gon na I'm, not gon na talk too much during this flight demo I'm gon na.

Let you guys watch some of the footage, but if you have never really flown a four inch before, especially this toothpick category I'm, just gon na kind of make a few comments about what the immediate characteristics are of this type of quad. Nu, som du kan se, it's pretty quick on the the snap and the roll rate very feels like a loose tuning on here and the power to weight ratio. Like I said before, it's it's great it's, the punch out, is insane I'm gon na show you a few punch outs in here, and what I want you to pay attention to in this review is the left hand side of the screen where you see it's only Pulling like two to seven to eight amps. At a time I like to have that on the screen to show you guys how much esc s our amps are going through the esc s at any given time, and also just above that is the throttle amount. So watch punch out you'll see that even in some of my most extreme punch, outs, I'm pulling like a max of like 8 amps off these ESC, which is kind of efficient for a 4s quad running 4 tommer rekvisitter. So that's that's impressive to me so that's. What is actually giving us this long flight time, and so I just get to fly this quad and enjoy it for really twice the amount of time. I could fly a 5 inch for there's, not many five inches out there that are gon na.

Give you an upwards of eight minute flight time, so that's really impressive for this quad, so sit back, enjoy the footageand hopefully you in get something out of this video as always, and then at the end of this flight, a couple flights we're gon na come Back in and I'm gon na give you my final opinions on the stick: 4 and here's that punch out 10 amp right there. So a max of 10 amps on that punch out. That was pretty good and I got tons of vertical height out of that punch out so enjoy the footage guys I'll talk to you in a few minutes. Musik. All right, my friends welcome back from the flight test. So what did you guys think about that footage? For the stick for ultralight 4 inch toothpick, I love this trend. I have sort of taken a break from four inch for a long time and it's nice to be back flying four inch because it still feels like you're flying a five inch. You only go down about an inch size in the prop, but you're also able to keep it under 250 gram. Nu, if you are into these ultra lights, there are five inch versions that are under 250 gram. So if you didn't know that now you know, but this one will come in a little bit lighter and give you a longer flight time, so that's the that's, the the great thing about four inch ultralight the 850 battery that I flew the 4s 850.

I was getting in an upwards of close to eight minutes, flight time and that's absolutely crazy. Eight minutes flight time on something that goes this fast is really awesome. So I think, if you're, if you're wanting a long flight time, a five inch most five inches on a four s550 they're gon na get you about four minutes to five minutes. If you're cruising, if you're a hardcore freestyle, it really punching the throttle up to 80 or so you're gon na get three minutes on most five inch quads out there. So the fact that this one can do eight minutes for moderate freestyle, it's, actually pretty impressive. So my battery of choice, again guys I'm gon na put a link down below to some of theseis the 4s 650 batteri, and this one has an XD 30 på her. But the cool thing about this quad is in the box. They also give you a converter so that you can use your xt60 connector batteries or you can convert it down to the xt 30. So this is a nice little addition in the box. I haven't seen this with a lot of bind and fly quads recently. So this is this: is nice from Aurora. So I appreciate this because it allowed me to use my smaller batteries that I wanted to put on here, because I don't really want to put a 1300 size battery on here. You could, but I think at that point you're gon na start to feel the extra weight so keep the weight down and you'll still have keep the flight time up.

Even though it's such a light battery but 650 was my favorite for freestyle. Long flights is going to be the 850 and get yourself eight minutes flight time, but you also have a little spot up here. If you would like to it, has a little Ridge right here and what you could do is you could mount your insta 360 go on top of this little guy and then you'll get nice stabilized, really vivid footage with this quad. So you want to make some pretty sick freestyle videos. This is the one to get for this summer, so I like itand I didn't have any again no problems with this one. If I have any problems with quad on the channel I'm gon na, let you guys know if there's any bugs in the system with a flight controller or something on here has a problem with quality control. I will always let you guys know, but the other thing that you need to know about this one before that you go is that it is a very simple stack to work on it's old school design.