Tianqu Visuo XS812 GPS Foldable Drone

Very effectively carried out Visuo with this drone, I had not one drawback with it, the one con is extra if a request from Visuo. I want they allow you to shut the GPS off and fly solely in


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  1. Shame gearbest don't dispatch faster been waiting a month still not moved yet

  2. Hej, thank you for this video !! I'm from France, so please excuse my english.. I would like to know, because i didn't understand well, is it compatible with an Apple Iphone 6 ? thank you for your answer.

  3. Mine came in yesterday, From GearBest. Reading the manual, watching your video. Can’t wait for better weather to fly . Tak for videoen.

  4. Can this drone be flown by app alone or do you have to use that huge remote control? I was thinking strictly for follow-me mode but virtual controls would be cool for selfies and close in work.

  5. WHat kind of phone do you have that has 5G? You have a Iphone 5 and it has 5G??

  6. Hej.
    Can you extended the height and range with reapeter like in visuo xs809s?
    Im asking becouse in this one wifi works in 802.11 ac.
    And btw. Great Video bro!
    Bliv ved!

  7. Thank you for this interesting video. please this drone can do orthophotos for mapping? tak

  8. Stor gennemgang… how do you enable the satellite map? Mine stays at standard when I select satellite map option. Tak

  9. Big drone flyer77, Thanks for your awesome work, these videos help us a lot to understand the drone world.
    Continue to make more videos on this Visuo 812 gps 5g, I already ordered mine I am anxious that it reaches my hands to put into practice all your teachings, thank you stay with God.

  10. Big drone flyer77, Obrigado pelo seu espetacular trabalho, estes videos ajudam-nos muito a compreender o mundo drone.
    Continua a fazer mais videos sobre este Visuo 812 gps 5g, eu já encomendei o meu estou ansioso que ele chegue ás minhas mãos para pôr em pratica todos os teus ensinamentos, obrigado fica com Deus.

  11. Just like my xs809s 2.0 widescreen camera think it's 720P. The xs809s xs812 it's got GPS. I bet every part in it including the gears the props even the frame itself is the same minus the radio and the flight control board. Won't be long before you can just buy the board and a radio and change your xs 809 s can't be that much difference. Buy some extra Motors in case they burn out. Not bad for the price I've seen parts for the xs809s. no flight control Boards out at this time or are are transmitters. But if you go to RC helicopters. Com you can probably get any part to any one of these that you want. Including transmitters flight control boards and all. They take them apart and sell them individually they used to I don't know if they do today. But it will take you awhile for the parts to come. So buy from a USA dealer and you'll get your parts sooner.

  12. Donnie that’s am impressive drone for the price point. Great job as always my friend ! 👍🏻👍🏻😎

  13. Awesome review bro, Tak for deling. I'm so glad that you like it because I just got one in for review. Now it seems, I finally got a quad that I'm looking forward to reviewing! LoL!!! tak!

  14. It nice these little Mavic clones have GPS now. Nice unboxing and flight test.

  15. I see you thought the same as me matey, i loved this guy! so so good. As always excellent video Donnie 🙂

  16. hey big D, thanks for the review of the visuo. hey i just picked my 812 1080p version and was wondering if you were having the quad drifting sharp left for a few feet before complete stop and reversed for going backwards and then drifting right before full stop? is that normal? thanks for any answers you have.

  17. Great review and flight as usual D!!

  18. That definitely looks like a fun flyer that thing really flies excellent my friend that's awesome flying drone and it's an excellent flying drone does that got brushed motors in it or brushless excellent review my friend what can I say it was spectacular I really was amazing my friend you did an awesome job on it I myself definitely enjoyed it it was really interesting and very thorough and I thank you for sharing it my friend I appreciate it I hope you're doing well it's good to see you again you take care of yourself and I'll see you at your next video my friend cheers and God bless ✌️

  19. Hi Donnie how have you been doing brother. Hope your well. That's a nice little quad. Very quiet seems to handle some wind. Good GPS. Wow looks like a beautiful day there. Here its cold wet windy and crappy lol no flying. Cool review on it Donnie. Be well and bless

  20. Oh man I really like this one, GPS lock was right on, you know I'm a GPS man. Great review Donnie.

  21. Yeah I like it! Good thorough review 👍🏾

  22. good review there mate seems a good drone
    😇got our like👍👍AU 👫🔍complete view🔎

  23. Great review and very nice drone, actually best VISUO model until now and one of the best existimg brushed/GPS quads.

  24. It wasn't that long ago if someone came up to me and said "where can I buy a GPS drone that can fly for 15 minutes for $80", I would have laughed at them so hard and called them insane. How far the drone market has come in such a short time. This looks like a great drone Donnie, Tak for fornyede.

  25. 😃👍Nice review as always thumbs up!

  26. Just so your viewers know, the 3.7v 1800mah. batteries for the xs809S Battle Shark work fine also.

  27. dejlig gennemgang. That's a nice flyer.

  28. Hey Donnie any space in the front of the quadcopter to put a AIO camera with 5.8ghz?.

  29. Visuo just took it to another level, and it's prettier too

  30. Thanks for mentioning 150meter wifi range, im off the fence with this one, ordering now and just subed your channel,,

  31. Great review Donnie. 👍👍👍👍

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