Can it do its job for your lipo's up to 4s lipo's without a lot of clerks let's find out alright guys first things. Først, this thing is only 81 gram, it's kind of like my dream, travel charger here, so let's just get right into it. Now I like how small this little charger is. Not only is it super lightweight. Let'S just put this measuring tape on here. It looks like it's about three, just under three inches close to three and a quarter and wide we're looking at just about two and a quarter inches wide, so very compact, probably even a little bit lighter than the q6 nano that I had on the channel last Week that you guys saw, but this little guy is 60 watt, it can charge up to 6 amp on a 4s battery, so 4s battery maximum size. You could do some type of balance, connector board and charge up to 4 batterier på én gang. Med dette, the cool thing about this little charger is that when you do connect a battery it auto detects, it has auto detection for what type of batteries plugged into this balance port. So it already knows you can see right here. You have to plug in your black lead all the way on this side. You'Ll have negative here and up to 4s but 6s guys this one's not going to work for your 6s batteries, but we do have different charge rates on here, one we have 2 3 og 6 Amp.

We also have lipo la HV there's, just the high voltage lipos. We have Li Fe and nickel metal hydride batteries, which is nice for our C card type batteries. We have an input connector on this side. That is a USB C port right here and it says 5 til 20 volt range. So you could use a 4s like 10000 milliamp and do a lot of charging out in the feel. But you can plug this into various different power sources, and not all power sources are made the same guys. Så, if you're trying to plug this into something like a cheap EDP, a little Android phone AC wall outlet connector some of them have different amp outputs. So you got to pay attention to what you're plugging this into all right guys. I have all of my different power charging sources here for this USBC connector and I'm experimented with quite a few of these to kind of save you some time when you go to use your PD 60, it is a little bit quirky in the power source selection. Now you can't just use anything. I had a lot of failures using this sort of old school Android, a Sewall, app adapter outlet. This one only gives me 0.5 ampere, so this obviously did crash this thing quite a bit and it does have internal power protection on here, and the whole thing will just turn off when it doesn't have enough voltage coming through here.

So we're have enough supporting amps coming from the power source, so that's one thing to consider: there don't even try the older Android style connectors. I did have good luck with the Apple connector here, so just plug this one in that's. The Apple connected wall outlet right there here. That is DT startup tone. Now I can take a lipo and I can plug it in. This is a 3s 2200, so I'm, just gon na plug this in on the bounce connector here and it auto detects. The cell voltage inside here shows me that I have 80 right there when the charging starts it's going to show this little lightning bolt right here. When it's done, it has a little check mark right there with a little green light and when it has an error, you'll see this little sort of caution. Road sign flare up, so you'll have an error and then you have to stop the charge and start it over now long press. This will change the battery type from lipo, LHV, L, IFE, Nikkel, metal and a short press will change the amount of amperage that I'm. Putting into the battery from charger now, one thing I would be very careful about is the fact that this one doesn't have a working internal fan. You don't hear any fan on this one because it has a heatsink here in the front rather than large heatsink, which is kind of cool it's, releasing a lot of hot, but you definitely wouldn't want to use this charger somewhere.

Where was kind of hot, we didn't have a lot of airflow coming through, so not very good for a garage style charger, and you definitely don't want to walk away from this little guy charging. You want to be very careful about that, but blowing press again getting me back to lipo. This side has the little play and pause button right there very intuitive. I can just press that and it starts to charge I'm at 1 amp rate right there. I can increase it by pressing this just a short press up to 2 now up to 3 and up to 6 amp total max, and it seems to be doing it on 6 Amp, but I wouldn't leave it charging on this connector on 6 am because honestly, This one only has an output of 2.5 ampere, so you'll have you'll notice that this will get very hot. If you leave it over time. Charging on 6 amps so be careful about that. You can also stop it and change the charge rate to get it to actually work, and now it should be charging on 3 Amp, but it could fail so be very careful with what type of connector you choose. The best connector that I found for power source is going to be my Apple laptop charger. This one has the USB C. Dette er en 20 18 laptop MacBook Pro, and this one does work actually pretty good, so I'm gon na. Stop that when I go ahead and stop that charge, pull that out and now we could put in the Apple connector here and we get that start up charm and, like I said you guys, can also make an XT 62 USB connector.

They might even have those on Amazon or banggood I'll try to look and try to find some links for you guys, but pretty simple, intuitive and easy to use as long as you using the right power source. Så nu, I'm charging 3m! When I go ahead and put that up to 6 and start that charge process and now I'm charging at 6 Amp, normally I usually charge these around 1 eller 2 amp max honestly, and that keeps some of these smaller batteries that I need for, like goggles or Whatever I've had some of these that work over five years well over five years, if you charge them at one or two hamp, so it's good to take care of your batteries and charge them at a slow rate and also guys. I was kind of interested to do a little test for a nickel metal here. This one does not have a balanced connector. It is a two cell 7.2 volt nickel, metal and we'll just plug this in here with the xc60, and it does not show me any type of information here for how much juice is in this battery. So you will need some type of nickel metal with a balance connector, so it looks like I can't even charge this battery it's gon na give me the error so that's the error right there, that you'll see you have no balance connector plugged into this unit. Så, overall I mean some final thoughts on the PD 60.

I mean I love the compact size and I would like is DT and you our UAV, to work together more to make us a small charger like this. I would really like to see maybe a few more buttons on here for menu, navigation or some type of Bluetooth connectivity. That would be super cool if they had an app with the PD 60. But you know I'm kind of dreaming about the future. Here a little bit, and I would also like to see some type of even just a miniature fan in this, but for the 12 pris. If you want to get something that you can just take out in the field with you on the go using a power bank, you can definitely charge some batteries on a power bank. Just make sure you get a power bank with a good amperage output over 2.5 Amp. You can find them out there if you can find something with a maximum 5 amp power output. That would be even better for this PD 60, but I think overall for 12 bukke. Again I mean it is what it is guys as usual on the channel. It does have a little bit of quirks but it's hella, portable and it's actually kind of cool. Så, just another charger on the market to consider or something quick to grab for a trip or something simple and easy to use. Just again, you want to make sure this one has lots of ventilation.

You can check out the PD 60 link down below guys.