The 85x and the 75x, but i wanted to go a little smaller this time. I recently flown the 85x, and i just wanted to see what this lighter weight format would be like and we're going to play around with 50 megabit we're going to put it up to 50 megabit run at 700 milliwatt on here and we're, going to run a 3S 300 for some freestyle, we'll test it out on freestyle and acro and i'll give you some stability testing on a 450., see how it's, cinemas and freestyles, as always in the videos guys, but please do subscribe because i try to get you guys out of the Backyard and out of the front of the house and take you guys on road trips on my youtube channel to try to get you out there and keep you stoked so let's go ahead and do some flying after that. We'Ll, take a break and we'll talk about some of the specs that beta fpv included on here and the new dk's nebula. Her går vi Musik, the skies Music, så musik, Musik, my Music, okay fyre! Now we can go ahead and take a look at the 75x sort of reimagine with this nebula d cased. So there is no casing on the outside and i'll put the graphic up on the screen right now. So you guys can see the weight difference between the original vista with the case on there and this version of it.

That has been decased and it's funny, because i just talked about d casing this, a while back and having it on a quad. And here we are with a product that has it decased, um didn't, take them long to figure that out did it. But the cool thing is is that we have the 75 millimeter frame on here, and these are fairly cheap to replace. If you need to buy a new frame or if you broke it, but honestly i've never broken one of these frames. This quad is 54 grams and extremely lightweight, but two to three s battery i have a few sitting over here: that's the ones that i'm going to recommend i'm testing out right now, hglrc's kratos batteriesand these are doing exceptionally well. This is a 3s is 11.1 volt on the resting charge. You'Ll get up to 12.6 on full charge and it is not an hv version, so i'm, not sure if this can accept an hv battery, but all the ones that i have here are non hv batteries. I also have the all line series that i'm testing out. These are also doing extremely well, so i'll try to put the links down below for these and my all time, favorite is the tattoo 3s 450 on this type of power system. Dette er den 1103 8000 kv motors here and gemfan 2020 40 millimeter props, and these are the four blade you can also get three blade version of this.

I believe on the bottom. We have a carbon plate and it does look to be around a two millimeter carbon plate. It'S got bracing up inside here with the flight controller. We'Ve got an f4 beta flight f4 aio with 12 amp esc's, as well as my tbs. Nano receiver right here. Just got it coming out: the back we've got the xt 30 here and there's a capacitor right underneath this heat shrink, so it's kind of cool. They incorporated that we also have two 3m sticky plates right here: that's going to keep your 450 size battery on there. Quite snug and the battery straps working well quite well for a 450 størrelse, you probably even accommodate something like a 550 på her. We have two bolts going through holding each motor on, so they have lightened it up a little bit by only doing two bolts on each motor and it looks like they're phillips, head bolts. So these are not your traditional allen, wrench type, hex, bolts, so that's kind of cool and those are usually going to be metrics. So keep that in mind if you need to pick up a set of drivers if you're brand new to it, but we also have our usb port on the very bottom right here and it's a little bit hard to get to, because the power cable you kind Of have to push it down like this, and it helps if you have an extended style tooth on your usb cable, so android cable.

It has to be a data cable to work. Naturligvis, but i think that the canopy is cool as well, because we do have the x night style canopy with the nebula there and you can get from about straight ahead, shot to about 45 degrees angle worth of tilt on there. So plenty of tilt. If you want to do freestyle now, let's talk about the freestyle aspect, i think that it does freestyle extremely well. I think that's really what's so fun about this and why i think it's so great, is that it's awesome to have something so small running like 700 milliwatts i can go. I could go a mile or more out there on this quad and just really send it out there um at you, know under 100 grams it's kind of insane, and i flew all the way down that path. I'Ll put up some of that video. Now we flew all the way down that path and we were able to make it through even the thickest tree canopy through there. It did break up on me, but i turned off the focus mode and i was able to make it through and out the other end to that tree tunnel without just completely losing it. 5 8 would have never made it through there all the way. I probably would have just kind of hazed out and lost my video totally even running a pretty high one milliwatt on analog, so the biggest difference between analog, you guys know, looks like vhs old, vhs tape and the new dji digital, just kind of looks like 1080p, Especially if you put on make sure you turn on 50 megabit and that's going to make it look even better, so um really nice resolution on this camera series now but um, you know the nebula is hit or miss with some people.

Some of you guys, kan lide det, some of you guys don't, but i think the combo that they have going here is just really really good and again you got plug and play motors. So if you lose a motor, the 1103s are pretty cheap to replace. So don't worry about cost. I think cost is pretty good on here, for the exception of maybe your dji goggles to run this system it's your biggest investment, but i've said before on my channel the 500 for dji digital, and this experience is worth every single penny. It is super awesome and uh. It always keeps me stoked, but guys this is a two thumbs up quad for me. Um for beta fpv and uh it's been a while, since maybe i had a two thumbs up quad from them, but here we are again with kind of a cool format and if you want something smaller pick up, the 75x version versus the 85 it's just a Little bit smaller and for like some long distance type of park flying this thing is what i've wanted for at least five years now, i've been trying to build something like this myself and now you don't have to, and i think, it's a pretty decent price. I think it's around 250 on their website, but i'll put links down below for all my battery choices, my props and the quad uh buying and fly as well. You can pick out what receiver you want to put on there.

I would recommend putting crossfire on yours, so crossfire. Nano is the way to go guys thanks again for watching i'm justin davis.