3D PRINTED RACING DRONECan it rip balls? ??

Ever before considered 3D Printing a Race Drone? Will it make it through? Look into some flight testing and also fpv! I additionally links for advised versions for those wanting to provide printing a shot. The Birdbone Quad displayed in this video clip is one of the most effective flying 3D Printed Quads to date. […]

TERO Q215 is a TYRO99 Killer – $12 more but BETTER EverythingCOMPLETE BUILD VIDEO

TERO Q215 is a TYRO99 KillerFULL BUILD VIDEO CLIP and also finishing with a consider off and part by component contrast of both. For an additional $12 other pilots are saying they would rather fly the TERO Q215. What is far better? Practically every little thing. An additional honest introduction and also develop […]

THINNEST DRONE ON THE PLANETJJRC SOL aka Switchblade Drone! – Anmeldelse & Fly

World's thinnest drone with Dagger Motors! Under $50 This drone resembles a dagger with motors! Drone Camps reveals you how the JJRC SOL Drone flies and tape-records video clips. Full Evaluation as well as Flights. Purchase the JJPRC SOL Quad with knife electric motors & controller (Sort) Link nedenfor: Purchase the JJPRC SOL Quad with […]