40″ RC AIRPLANE for $90! – Cessna 162 – Noget godt? ?

Since I was six years old and I started flying multirotors almost ten over ten years ago now so I've been in it since the very beginning, but airplanes are what I started out with and they are my first love. So you see on my necklace right here. I'Ve got the Wright brothers necklace […]


Today I have a new review for you at the drone camps headquarters here. This is the LDA RC king kong DJI DJ 220. Det er en 5 tommer quad. You can do a top mount battery on here, or you can do a bottom mount. It comes in two different versions. It comes in […]


Fourteen hundred dollar prize so go check out our Facebook it's drone camps. Fpv drone community on Facebook join up on that, if you're a graphic designer get your mascot logo and this month, because the prizes have been upped here again on the channels, so we're going big in February for that mascot design, […]

2 til 4S Power-kombination! – EMAX F3 Magnum Mini Tower & Runcam Micro Sparrow – FULD GENNEMGANG

I dag, we're gon na do an Emacs, f3 mini magnum review, for you guys and we're going to do a review on the new runcam Sparrow micro. I just got this yesterday and I had to take both of these and just build you guys, a quad really quick. So I could do some testing […]


You need to get a sinner whoop today on the channel we're gon na check out the Holly Brooke office, and there it is guys it should be in every filmmakers toolkit. You should have a nice 4k camera, a nice drone and also now you're gon na need a nice Center whoop, because this […]

LEARN FPV IN 5 MINS – Emax EZ Pilot Drone

This is my living room right here and what a better day to fly indoors, because I have the new easy pilot from Emacs it's been out for a little bit. But now this is my review on it and perfect timing, because the holidays are coming up and most of us are flying indoors […]

HGLRC HORNET 120 – officielle udgivelse, Anmeldelse, Fly, Fordele & Ulemper

KOBE 140 Fpv Racer on 4S! – [ Anmeldelse / LOS Flight / FPV / & Tips ]

BEDST 2017 QUAD under $150 – Furibee Darkmax 220mm – Anmeldelse

Strålende – Furibee Q95 Micro Brushless – Anmeldelse, DET, & Flight Test

KingKong FLY EGG 130 – JA det er godt! – Ærlig gennemgang Flight

Jeg endelig købt en ny DRONE efter 4 År! DJI MAVIC 2 Pro & “Smart Controller” | RC OPLEVELSER

Der er ikke nogen forespørgsel, vi vil gerne have ny antenne optagelser fra webstedet YouTube guld minen. Jeg forlagt min tidligere drone på en lejlighed, og jeg har skulle købe en helt ny.. og til sidst erhvervede runde til det. The most important issue I used to be in search of in this sort of drone […]