Autel EVO 2 Flyvning optagelser – Download og døm for dig selv!

Så du kan sammenligne den helt nye Evo 2 pro til Mavic 2 Pro og Fantomet 4 Pro mod 2.0. Now I'll film. Alt på 4k 30 frames a second because that's a common format for all three of these and I'll post those files on the web and there's a link below […]

DJI Mavic Air 2 – All You Need To Know

It looks like an incredibly cool drone and it's got some compelling features that really separate her from a lot of drones on the market. So I couldn't wait to put a clip together to talk about it because I know a lot of you are out there. Looking for a new drone with the […]

Hurtigt tip til gendannelse af korrupte droneoptagelser fra din quad

In your drone now here's the scenario it was a beautiful Saturday, you've been out flying all day. You'Ve captured some amazing footage and you can't wait to get home and see what it looks like on your computer. So you race, home, transfer the files to your computer and sure enough, but one file […]

Autel EVO 2 Pro – Oversigt over hænder!

Det åbne og inde var Evo 2 Pro and I can't wait to get this thing up in the air and start flying it. desværre, New Jersey's had some really crummy weather over the last couple of days. It'S been windy, it's been raining like cats and dogs. So I can't fly this and […]

Mavic mini – 5 Vigtige indstillinger for sikrere flyrejser og bedre video

Drone fans Rick here again from drone Valley in today's, clip I'll, be reviewing five important settings for the Mavic mini that every pilot should know about the Mavic mini was built to be an incredibly easy quad to fly. You can pretty much buy this quad pop it out of the box charge up […]

Gratis bugs 3 Drone – 12 Dage af Drone Valley jul gaver 2019

Drone fans Rick here again from drone valley, welcome back to day nine in our 12 days of drone Valley Christmas today, we're giving away another drone to get you up in the air and enjoying this amazing hobby. But before I get to this, I have a bit of a Christmas riddle for you. […]

Free WyzeCam – 12 Dage af Drone Valley jul gaver 2019

Cool technology. Vertrge mooi want hij nooit, you guys dom comeback van de prise as you you for the incredibly pony jobs and the amazing thing: op bio, risico people, kunnen hebben, natural viewer de holiday's, claustrophobic, jullie john magic christmas banen for this christmas stroom politieke familie, ok en nu Whitepapers erp dat, zweer, […]

Free Drone Valley Gear – 12 Dage af Drone Valley jul gaver 2019

Drone fans Rick here again from drone valley, welcome back to day three of the twelve days of drone Valley Christmas and today we're giving away a bunch of really nifty drone valley gear. But before I get to this, what do you call a group of chess players bragging about their best game ever […]

Free AT&T Power Drum Charger – 12 Dage af Drone Valley jul gaver 2019

Welcome back to the 12 days of drone Valley Christmas. We have an incredibly cool giveaway for you today and it's only day. Two now before we get into this, why should you never build a snowman in Transylvania because you might get frostbite on the second day of Christmas. Drone Valley gave to me […]

Gratis Tello Drone – First Day of the 12 Dage af Drone Valley jul gaver 2019

Now a lot of the guys around the shop we're asking me Rick in years past, you told a joke: you did a little bit of singing you're, not gon na go through all that kind of nonsense. Again this year are ya, and I was thinking about it. Yesterday and I don't know, jeg […]

2 New Travel Cases For Your DJI Mavic Mini

Nu, any time a new drone hits the market, we immediately begin searching for all the accessories being developed to support that product and we'll bring a bunch of the men we'll take them out in the field with us and we'll test them for a couple of weeks And really beat them up to […]

HUBSAN H301S SPY HAWK Anmeldelse – [Unboxing / Opsætning / Lipo Mod / Flight-CRASH Test / Fordele & Ulemper]