BATTLE of the CINEMA DRONESSkystars Baby Turtle VS iFLight iH3 – Ærlig anmeldelse

Battle of the Moveable HD Cinema Drones. Which is the higher purchase? The iFlight iH3 or the brand new Skystars Child Turtle 145? The Child Turtle is about $100 cheaper and has a more recent 1080p onboard DVR system. Benefit from the comparability and trustworthy evaluate. Purchase the Skystars $149 HD Cinema 3" Quad $149.99 […]

$169 for 6S and it ROCKS! – Eachine Wizard X220HV – Ærlig anmeldelse & Fly

Cheapest 6S Fpv Racing drone available. Tested and flown by Justin Davis of Drone Camps. Can a $169 6S Machine make a 5 star rating? Find how how it compares to a $500 6S Drone. Købe den $169 Eachine Wizard 6S X220HV (Use Coupon below) Link her : Drone Camps Coupon here : DCX220HV Buy […]

EACHINE guiden TS215 V3 er bedre end de andre! – ANMELDELSE & FLY + MERE AWESOME!

Version 3 of the Wizard TS215 is way better than the others. Honest review with honest PROS vs CONS. See what's new that blows the older Wizards away. Links below to the new X-Lite Version RTF Eachine Wizard TS215 V3 with X-Lite Radio RTF X-Lite Version here : BNF Version here : PNP Version her […]

Diatone GT M3 V2 – 100MPH! Cliff Dives, Fly – KOMPLET ANMELDELSE

WOO! YA! – 100mph 3" Racer! Diatone GT-M3 Version 2. Take a look at the high cliff dives, speed up test, flyrejser, and review. Celebrity ranking included and also links listed below. Links listed below for your comfort: Producent-websted: Suggested Batteries as well as Props for the GT-M3 V2 TATTU 4S 850mah 75C […]