World War 3 – Closed Beta Review & Impressions

If you have any intention to play it, you can actually just buy the game for 15. If you dont want to wait for the free to play version now, because the game will be free to play, that means there will be purchasable micro transactions if you want to unlock the weapons and the […]

Drone Aneh Ga Jelas Episode 4

Ayo kita langsung muka ini, belum, dibuka, Sama, sekali, beneran, sumpah, biar, saya, sendiri, terkagum, kagum, Hvad med, karena, kebiasaan, saya, itu sekali, take off yo harus langsung jadi Oke mulai go kita, cek ini, bentuknya, mirip, Apa, jangan, jangan, Mirip yang kaya episode, 13 terus, makin, gede, Hvad med, bentuknya, Kita lihat Oh beda, dia, beda, […]

Fimi 2022 Makin Mantab Setelah Update Firmware 👍👍

15, Mantap ya, kita, akan, nerbangin, pimi, 2022, Yuk, kita, langsung, coba, sinetronnya, ini, sambil, Nungguin gps nya penuh kita taruh aja di tengah, jalan lah, Oke, tuh, sebenernya, Emangnya, woi, wah, bagus, nih, mataharinya, cerah, Jaiz bentar cannot take off bulan sabit ya, bulan baru, itu bulan, sabit bulan, baru, uh di sana, mataharinya […]

WHY should you boost your drone signal? #4hawks

Some people ask why whats wrong with the stock antennas stick around im, going to show you what youre getting with the four hawks and other antennas Music. All right guys thanks for joining me today, Um! So this is a controller. Ive already opened up the back of it now. This is why some […]


7 k drone the holy stone 2.7 k. Gps drone proves that you do not have to drop hundreds of dollars for a great starter drone. Det 2.7 k camera system features 5g image transmission, ensuring crisp pictures every time the included follow me tap, fly and point of interest modes, allow you to capture […]

Perlengkapan Drone FIMI X8 SE 2022 (Anmeldelse)

exe 2022 ini, barangnya, dari, Cina, percobaan boxing Tepuk tangan, Hei ini, dia, yang pertama, ini, tutup, kardan, The Kingdom of Hai yakni dia, tetap, kardan, warna, putih, untuk, Drone vemmy, X8, 2022. Nah ini dia, tutup, gimbalnya, celananya, ABS, plastik, kokoh, Hai, kebetulan, dia, langsung, saya, pesan, apa, paket, yah, tiga, yang kedua, ini, […]

EMAX TinyHawk 3 Flight anmeldelse | How Well Does It Fly?

This video is not about the specs or about whats necessarily included in the bundle or how to make all the pieces work together. This video is just for how this flies in those in those situations, so lets go ahead and get started with how it flies outside. As well as inside, Okay, så […]

Best Drone For Children or BeginnersHASAKEE Q9s Drone Review

This was given to me from the amazon vine program, im not paid to review any of these products or anything, but i im part of a testing program. This is going to be my honest review of the product. I found my new favorite beginner drone for anyone like a kid or somebody that […]

Drone Footage of a Great White Shark Sleeping? It's Possible.

, Its a time marked by shorter days and the return of colorful sunsets. Its also the time when I begin to notice fewer and fewer sharks along the coast.. But this year is a little different.. I am still seeing a good amount of sharks. Around., This is probably one of my favorite clips. […]

DJI FPV Drone Action Camera Adapter Review

The dji fpv drone uh. You may have seen this in some of my other videos. Ive certainly posted a few recently that ive used its footage, its an awesome device, but its real, its one big caveat, is the camera on this thing. This is not the greatest uh its usable footage, men jeg […]

Mavic 3 Drone UnboxingWhat's In The Fly More Combo?

I dont even know whats in this box. It could either be a drone or it could be. A cake, looks like a cake box doesnt it stay tuned and well find out Music Applause before we get started. If youre not already a subscriber to ready, set droneand you do like drones, […]

DJI Mavic 3 CineBEST DRONE ? Anmeldelse | Obstacle avoidance, for video, 46-Min Flight, RC Quadcopter

1 kelvins video omnidirectional obstacle sensing 46 minute flight rc quadcopter with advanced, auto return, max 15 kilometers video transmission, Musik, imaging above everything with a 4 3 cmos hasselblad camera. The sensor provides a 12.8 stop dynamic range that retains more details in highlights and shadows upgrading your work to a professional level, 46 […]