The Grand Tour Trio VS a Flamethrower Drone in China | The Grand Tour

Aan onze autos zijn zoals, je kunt zien drie strippen met rotjes bevestigd. Op de motorkap op het dak en op de achterbak., Je rijdt over een speciale baan terwijl, je Wordt aangevallen door, vliegende vlammenwerpers., Je scoort een, punt, als je over de finish: komt met een doel dat niet is ontploft. Aangezien. Vi […]

DJI Mavic 3 drone anmeldelse: Cinematic power at a price | Engadget

It would have a large four thirds sensor on dual camera system, along with an incredible 46 minutes of range. Imidlertid, potential buyers were also shocked to learn that it has a 2 200 starting price compared to one thousand four hundred forty nine dollars for the mavic 2 pro, and that goes way up […]

Best mini drone ever!!! (holy stone HS210) anmeldelse

This is the drone that were going to be reviewing today, its all packaged and in the box. Right now so were going to take a look at this drone and were going to review it today and were going to see if its any good or not so anyways lets get right into the […]

15 MASSIVE Drone MISTAKES New Pilots MakeAvoid These!

Looking like this today, im going to show you massive mistakes that new drone pilots make that result in you crashing your drone or videos and photos that just look bad by the time. Youve finished this video. You will be equipped with the knowledge to overcome these mistakes and have a successful first flight […]


Flash So guys vemmy x8se 2020 ini, punya, dimensi, Sama, seperti Ice generasi, pertama dan se2000, 20 yaitu dimensinya, 204, kali 106 kali, A6 dengan berat, 765 G, Coba, aja, perhatikan, dari, desain, dan bentuknya ini, Sama, seperti, versi, sc2020, ini, Kebetulan, saya, masih, pegang, tetap, terasa, Kompakt, Tetap portable dan build tetap terasa, […]

Fimi X8 2022 15 Menit Test Terbang Hujan 😮👍

Guys, sesuai dengan speknya, guys Sigit Andy sini, halo, halo, lagi, nyobain, vemmy, 2022 Hvad med, vs, hujan, hujanan website, Apa, yang akan, terjadi oke di sini, ada bacaannya, masih, belum, masuk, ke mode GPS, kita, cek, dulu, sekitar, lima, menit, oke di atas, ini, awalnya, mendung, fyre, kamu, bisa, Lihat pergerakan awalnya kita cek pergerakan […]

E88 Pro drone 4k dual camera | Good begginer drone Review | Flight Test | Tips |

Pintu batteries, hai hai, sangat, Musik, n key Anang demand, cek monaten Yusuf manual, Musik, Hai, Atau, fyre, sayung up ngapalah hai hai di komp, yo Yan, ambil, bagian, saat Store Google Play Store, hai hai, Hai, Atau, Riskan dan langsung QR Code, pada, moyang, hap, seini, tinggi zaman. Godt, Hands full Drone instructions; yang […]

Nano Size FPV Freestyle DroneGEPRC Smart 16 – Fuld anmeldelse

Godt, i denne episode, i have the gep rc smart 16.. This is a nano size. Drone very light here check out the weight of this with the batteries. It takes two 1s batteries that are at as i look at them here. 380 milliamp hours at 90c rating takes two of them, so its […]

V-Coptr Falcon ce drone ATYPIQUE ! La review complètenKo

Jaurais pu prendre un tout autre chemin en achetant tour tour tous les drones, sortie entre fin 2019 et maintenant mais, je ne suis pas ce genre de crateurs, la facilit trs peu pour moi en toute humilit ce drone ce concept me parle, cest la concept, unique et Fonctionnel qui a russi aboutir lidington […]

Holyton HT02 Golden Mini Drone Setup Flight and Review

I wonder if thats any relation to holy stone, the holy ton, ht02 mini drone and thats, one of them with the controller with the drone inside the little uh. The little lid there and its got flips modular battery three speed altitude hold yeah, looks good man lets, get it out of the box […]

MJX Bugs 16 Pro Drone Review

Heres the folding arms and this folds in it does have a gimbal cover right here that goes on there and heres the case. It came with have an extra battery heres, some extra props and heres your controller, All right. Så, looking at the drone, we have a three axis gimbal. These are not […]

Battlefield 2042 is the Best FPS Game in the World

You got kids on reddit like like vibrating as they turn their computer on dont, say something bad about battlefield. Dude pilot on people just go into town on ea. The guns have bloomed the blood doesnt go to the crosshairs, like people are walking into ea and theyre handing out sugar free gummy bears […]