SYMA X5UW FPV kamera Drone – Fuld anmeldelse – [Unboxing, Inspektion, Opsætning, Flight Test, Fordele & Ulemper]

I hope you loved my full and in-depth assessment of the Syma X5UW. Få det lige her: https://goo.gl/aC08b5 Non FPV model: https://goo.gl/20HL6A TEMPORARY


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  1. I got this drone for my birthday and it was the first one I've experienced. Unfortunately mine just keeps going up and doesn't hover. Do I have to do something with the trimming?

  2. Just got mine today. It came with 2 batterier. I struggle with control. The Manual says nothing about trimming the way you explained it. When my batteries charge I'll try again.

  3. I connect on wifi which is very difficult to wait for long

  4. I just got one can you make a video how to fly it

  5. I have one and I’m watching this to learn how to use it because the instructions suck

  6. Hey will it be delivered to Nepal?

  7. Mine had a battery in it and an extra

  8. I have a white version and my camera can move.

  9. WiFi? Does the wifi control the drone or is it used just to stream the video? I'm guessing that wifi may also control the drone as you show controlling it with the phone, but also can use the controller which I guess uses it's own 2.4G . That would seem a lot of work & power required to Control the video stream & flight direction, along with the 2.4G Just curious how it all works & would I get a better performance just using/buying an X5UC

  10. cant seem to get any of the ph/cam apps to work w/ Samsung galaxy three..any tips from you guys?

  11. I got about 175 feet be for i lost fpv

  12. My controller won’t connect with the drone and I don’t know wat to do

  13. Thanks for this review 🙂

  14. Thankyou you have helped me alot

  15. GREAT vid! Just got mine on Amazon. Watching your vid before I open mine

  16. please can anyone tell me how to find it also I don't have a tracker with it please reply plss

  17. I have the same one but it's a limited edition

  18. we just reviewed this drone as well. we flew it indoors and outdoors. For den pris…We really liked it.

  19. guys i need your recommendations. i have a syma x11 and a attop sky dreamer plus. i rly like both of them even tho they fly different. i like fast and zippy but still stable quads a lot. i dont know what else to get. my price range is 35 bucks so not too much there. something with a camera woul be cool but not a nessecity. but its pretty easy to find quads with cams in that price area as the syma x5uw is around there

  20. just got the black one on amazon thanks for the review !

  21. Another good informative video, on this product!

  22. Looks like it wouldn’t be too difficult to hack it to take a standard battery connector and use decent third party batteries.

  23. After watching this I think I rather buy the non fpv version

  24. I got one of these for Christmas and had almost no clue on how to fly it. I started to get pretty good at it except I could never get the app or the camera to work and had no clue what any of the buttons were except the auto take off and flip button and how to maybe fly around a bit without crashing after I got good at it except I kind of just tossed it aside. I just learned so much about it and now I can't wait to get it charged back up and try out all the new features I learned about. The trimming thing is also where I had a problem so that was awesome you showed how to fix that. This was an amazing review and thank you for all the help. Fortsæt det gode arbejde. I do have one question though. Do you think I can strap or attach a action camera to this drone and still be able to fly with it?

  25. fantastisk video! I just had mine out for a little today, this bird fly's very well, meget stabil. Con's, the camera sucks, and the instruction's also suck. Example: side 8 switching off aircraft method 3: When the aircraft is in flight, press the B button, the aircraft fell to the ground and slowly closed the aircraft." What the hell does that even mean"?…..Anyway's keep flyin.

  26. fantastisk video,Jeg har SYMA- x8hw og tænkte på, hvad du mener om denne model, Jeg ved ikke, hvis du allerede gjorde en video af SYMA- x8hw, hvis du ikke vil du gennemgå det?

  27. WiFi rækkevidde sucks. Ligesom u sagde u skal holde det tæt ved og video nedskæringer i og ud. Ur bedre stillet tilføje en lille kamera til at gøre FPV. $18 FPV på Amazon.

  28. min drone, der er den samme som denne ene , x5uw , og det går 300ft op og 300ft fremad

  29. Er ladekabel har en indikator lys?

  30. Im aldeles tissede fra min SYMA x5uw drone fløj væk på mig 😬😬😬😬

  31. Tak så meget for denne video. Det hjalp virkelig mig med mine. Tak!

  32. Ja, fremragende video for en nybegynder llike mig! Et spørgsmål om den gyro opsætning, Jeg ser i ejerne manuelle begge styringssticks ned og til højre, men jeg kan ikke se, hvor den fortæller dig at også gå begge pinde ned og til venstre for opsætning? Jeg ser pinde ned og efterladt i en hovedløs situation,?

  33. Jeg har lige fået min n er ved at lære de kapaciteter,. Din demo af tilstande n serien er fremragende.

  34. Takket For ligesom du video,S:jeg, dont know app, men tak jeg kender app ligesom mu kommentar bedes

  35. Sådan parres drone og Android?

  36. bare for FYI for andre, hvis du tager ud kamera du vil have skarpere kontrol og bedre udvalg

  37. wan`t to ask for one for Christmas

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