I have something new from Avant. This is the phantom 2 nano little tiny, 2 tommer. 2 2 3 s Ripper. This little guy is super light and the pit 2 non here is a hundred percent dialed in so I got ta, say props out to Avant for really getting a good tune on this quad, no vibrations or flutter in the flight yesterday and I tested it in Super high winds, which is really good for you, guys it was kind when that I normally wouldn't fly any type of say like beta, FPV, 95 X or a 5 X n. Anything was prop guards. This did extremely well in the wind. So if you're, looking for a quiet, little Ripper that can handle a lot of wind like a five inch, can the the vanta nano is actually pretty good. So let's talk about the quad itself, it does have a three millimeter. 45 degree turn carbon fiber unibody bottom plate. We have two screws on the bottom of each motor, so lightening it up a little bit, we're, not using four screws there. Det har en 3 volt top release plate and the top plate looks like about 1.5 millimeter. Also 3k: kulfiber. We have TPU mount up front for runcam Nano 2, which is pretty sweet, TP amount for the dipole antenna in the back. We have a 200 milliwatts PDO transmitter on here. We also have an SI f4 flight controller. Det er en 16 ved 16 stack and I'll just show you that here we also have ESDS.

It seems to support up to around 4 s, but we're not going to run this. On 4s, i dag, it's recommended on 2 Amp 3 s for this little guy, and I think you'll probably agree with me. That 3s is quite good on the Scylla quad. So we also have some motors that are rebranded brother hobby motors. These are Avant, they say F on the front. der 1103 7650 kV motors and we have gem fan 20 23 rekvisitter. So this combo right here is really efficient and actually extremely quiet. No one noticed that I was flying this walking by or driving by it's, like a hummingbird out there, it's really fast, but does great lines out in the fields. So let's go ahead now and let's go out to the field. Let'S, do a little flying with this little Nano and we'll come back in and get my final thoughts on this new Avant super portable micro brushless awesome to fly this one classic body style, really easy to work on and a really great tune. So let's go ahead and get into it here we go alright guys let's go ahead and get the Fanta to nano up in the air. This is the second version of the vanta. I have flown one of these before and I have to say that the original one was kind of originally quickly coined as like one of the fastest quads out there at this scale. So right away, I was, I was hoping that this would have a really nice tune and when I really started to throw this quad around and and give it some hard turns and really give it some high throttle.

I noticed that right away that the tune was really locked in, especially given the conditions that I'm flying out here in this field. So it also does have a beeper in there. You can do a D shot beeper, so I wasn't too worried about crashing out in this high grass, but look at that punch out this little guy has a ton of punchouts right now, I'm. Only flying on 25 guys so you're gon na see a little bit of break up, but you can use the smart audio. It does have tramp on board and you can crank it up to 200 switch channels and bands, Selvfølgelig, to fit your flying needs. If you're doing a race, you got plenty of channels to do a race, but it tracks really really well. It feels like I'm flying at five inch, but such a portable factor low to the ground, vipper, no problem plenty of control and the runcam nano 2 was nice out here in the field, because I haven't flown in this field. Before whenever I fly somewhere, new there's, always things that you can't see they're in a reach out and grab the quad and make you crash. But luckily I did pretty well and now on my second battery. The first battery was one of those batteries. I just wanted to show you guys some punch outs, how well it would do up in the air, and if you have an older battery, it will sag out you'll, probably get two and a half minutes flight time.

Your newer batteries are gon na. Get you up to 4 minutes to 5 minutes flight time on this little guy, but a 3 s. 450. Is my battery of choice and here I'm, just playing around with the nice lines that this quad can achieve and felt comfortable enough to go through the power lines there now we're gon na try a power loop over those two trees here before we in the video. Just want to see how well it tracks in a power loop a lot of times. My first attempt is usually a little bit over power, and I tend to put too much throttle in it, but that's also trying to avoid the treetops and having to shake this one out of the tree. Wouldn'T be good. I dag, those trees are about 35 feet tall but I'm just trying to slow it down here a little bit for you guys and show you how it can be flown if you're, just chillin. If you just takin your time, learning a little bit of freestyle. The cool thing about a small quad like this for beginners, is that it is so small that even 15 feet up in the air. This little guy turns on a dime, so it really can recover quite quickly if you're not quite used to the controls yet, which is really nice, and the nice thing about this frame is. It is really lightweight you're not likely to break this one unless you have off a full full sinned crash into concrete, but looking pretty good here, a little bit of break up 25 milliwatts on that dipole here's, a steep dive, Intet problem, could've even went deeper on That one really nice day to fly you're loving the way the quad feels right now, we're flying with a lower camera angle.

Just because I wanted to test out a little lower speed and you can see the props in this view. If you want to raise up the camera and cut the props out of you, you can go up to about 30 degrees tilt and get rid of the props in view here again like since I have such a low camera angle, like it really just kind of Cruising explore. You can even do some canopy exploration with this quad, Jeg tror, but for the money I think, it's a good buy just because Avant Tunes their stuff and really testing out that tune here got a little too much height out of that power. Let'S see if we can get in a little bit closer, there try one more here back up around those trees, nice snap, really really nice power, Loop, I'm, really feeling that and up close to the 3 minute mark on my 3s 450 now about it all really Feeling the tune on this one, jeg elsker det. She was really locked in and really really smooth so I'm gon na come head in for a landing now hovering quite nice to no crashes, with this little guy, just two thumbs up on the flying side of things. Let'S go back in and do some final thoughts on this little Avant vanta to nano I'm loving it super stoked on this one. Here we go so that was a lot of fun. This quad can pretty much do anything you want to throw at it.

If you want to fly it in beginner mode and stability, just do some slow straight ahead flying this quad has a lot of characteristics for being able to slow way down and be efficient enough for the beginner getting over five minutes flight time with a 3s for 50, the tattoo 3s for 50 is my battery of choice on this quad you're, going to mount it a little bit further forward than you generally would just gives a little bit better CG for this particular airframe when you're in forward flight and doing your freestyle, flips And tricks, I also figured out that it doesn't have a lot of bottom end sag. So this is a fairly old battery and I was still able to get enough power in the dives that the power to weight ratio on this little guy is pretty high. It'S. Definitely intend to on or better, and I had no problem coming out of dives or any type of even power looping. It had no problem, so it'll power, Loop, talltrees it can power lit low to the ground and pretty much whatever freestyle move that you could do with a five inch I'm. Pretty sure you could do with this quad, so I demoed one of their Avant quads. I guess about two or three months ago now, before the hole coated thing, and it was one of the fastest micro brushless I've ever flown, so this one can slow way down for the beginners or for the intermediate and advanced Flyers.

This one is also a lot of fun now also on here. I didn't mention this before, but I have a little tiny antenna right here coming out. This is already mounted up it's, a C 900 which is compatible with Futaba, or it can bind up to an F for Sky Radio, so don't worry about. If you don't see XM, plus and in the website, when you're looking for your RX type, you can also select crossfire Nano. If you won't really want to get out there, they'll put a crossbar nano on here for you, so you can get some extended flights out of that, but five minutes flight time you get pretty far out there and the VTX does actually pretty well on 200. So I think that the they put the right, combo, VTX and and camera on here, the right cam, nano 2 is one of my cameras of choice for my car brushless. So I think this is a easy bet for anybody that wants to get something that's gon na be fast smooth, but also something you can grow into, and the price is right now on the website it's around 125 dollars. For one of these binding fly, you can choose up your rx type on here. I'M. Just gon na see real quick. If I add the AC 900, that makes it, Jeg tror, that's an extra of 12 på der. If you want to add extra props in the cart, you can also do that crossfire.

Nano is about 30, so those are pretty good prices. You guys can check out the link down below and give up on a try. I think you're gon na love.