So that means that i have three batteries. I have my charger right here and i also bought a bluetooth controller with it now im going to go on to the positive first, because i really like this drone is extremely stable. It flies really well its easy to control, so i like it its the only thing that i dont like about it is that its got not so amazing quality now onto some things that i wanted to show you or tell you guys about. So if i turn this around at the bottom, youll see two things right here. These are looking at where the drone is, and these are visual sensors. So that means that you have to have enough light to fly this drone. Now you can see a broken off. Propeller there already you get a set of broken extra propellers, ked af det. You get a set of extra propellers with it, but thats not enough. I found so i ordered four extra propellers for this machine and theyve served me well now. I dont have that much problems with the propellers, but sometimes the drone when it has low light, it tends to drift away and it tends to crash against the wall if youre not controlling it properly. Nu. One thing i really dont like about this drone is that you have to control it via your phone. Now that means that you make a wi fi connection when you put a battery in the drone, its basically going to set up a wi fi connection, so lets do that real, Hurtig, sorry about the focus reel.

So there we go lets put a battery in our drone and now, if we enable the drone there, we go its going to set up a wi, fi hotspot, and now we can connect to that. Wi fi hotspot now lets try and get some more focus into it. There we go so we can connect to that telo hotspot with our phones, but the thing is, som du fyre kender, wi fi is not that far. You can go about 10 meters about 10 meters high. It will not go above 10 meters because its rate limited but thats about the range that you have with it as well. Now you can buy a wi fi range extender as well. You can carry that along with power bank thats all possible, but i just dont like it, and another thing is if your phone gives an error like if youre, for eksempel, if im trying to control this system um and my phone after a while, it will tell Me you have a problem with your internet, theres, no internet connection. Do you want to keep using wi fi, or do you want to try data now, thats annoying, because the moment that pop up comes onto my screen, i cant control my system anymore. So if im flying real fast or if im doing something strange, then it might crash now about flying this system strange it has two flight modes, it has the normal flight mode, which is more like controllable, its easy to fly, and then it has a fast flight Mode as well uh about the features this drone can do quite a lot because, for eksempel, this drone it can fly off into the distance slowly and make it make film.

It can take pictures if youre looking on their phone, the quality isnt that great but its okay, dens, not nothing to write home about lets, say but its quite okay. It can circle around a certain area. It can hover up and down. It can make flips. So it definitely has all of the cool dji features, but the thing is its just not made by gti so thats it about this tele drone. Jeg kan virkelig godt lide det. It got a plus for me because of the price. The price was 1euros for the complete package. Now the controller was separate. I had to buy this one separately and i bought this one for i think 30 dollars, and i can put my phone in here as you can see, i can just put my phone in here and then i can control my system, its a pretty cool controller, As well, it lights up so its pretty nice, but the thing is i just dont like the fact that the phone can give errors, sometimes thats it for this review. Mange tak. I hope you enjoyed and ill see you guys in the next video bye.